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  1. Cabby

    The "Avalon" Attack Cruiser - A Microspace MOC

    Excellent ! The color scheme is really good. Very nice SNOT feel to it, too ! *y*
  2. Cabby


    Very nice work ! I especially like the shield and rifle you came up with. *wub*
  3. Cabby

    Another joins the ranks!

    Welcome MicVash, welcome to The World of The Childish. :-P
  4. Cabby

    Jesus goes LEGO

    They could just raise funds for a PAB order. :-) They just have to wish all bricks yellow the same after that...
  5. Cabby

    Jesus goes LEGO

    Hmmm they'd need new bricks only to have it look any cool, wouldn't they ? I mean what if they end up with a multi-tone yellowed white Jesus ? Or would that give the statue a vintage feel ? I guess they'll come with something like "the colour variations show the diversity in our community" if they get a remark on their statue.
  6. Cabby

    Red Samurai outpost

    Absolutely cool ! Superb scenery design and those goblins sneaking in are the icing on the cake. *wub*
  7. Cabby

    Where is TLC heading ?

    Sure, that was not the best example. That was just an example. Of course some people see further than others. Some invested in Microsoft. One said "all i want is the rights on merchandising for my movie". Some spot weak toy lines at first sight. All are adults. That was my point. Now imagine 10 year old kenny in the LEGO aisle: "It feels like a pretty short-lived theme to me. I think this is, in part, due to the setting of it on Mars. There is only so much that can be done with a specific known setting like that. Whereas a generic Space line would allow for exploration of different planets (with different styled vehicles) and allow for more potential factions and sets". 8-
  8. Cabby

    Where is TLC heading ?

    Exactly. I must confes i was thrilled by the first pics we saw of MM sets... :-$ and check out how *yoda* was excited to review them... it takes a longer time to see it as a "disposable theme" than just walk in the TRU LEGO aisle. :-$
  9. Cabby

    Where is TLC heading ?

    I'd say it's definately going the right way with the pick-a-brick, the Indy theme and so many nice additions to existing (not for long for some of them) themes. A question haunts me however, every time this kind of "will they care about AFOLS" questions rise: what share of LEGO turnover is made by AFOLs. I don't mean adults buying for their kids. I mean actual AFOLs. |-/ I think this would be the answer to most of the questions regarding "disposable themes", "UCS castle", the 100th police station: what is the attention / time span of a 10 year old and his parents when it comes to toys ? Only AFOLs have buying strategies. Kids and their parents buy when needed. TLC need money all year long. :-)
  10. Cabby

    Favorite Stand Up Comedian

    Eww cool, i wasn't aware he was doing the original voice ! This is gonna be hilarious ! Just checked the trailer now. *sweet* Thanks for the note *yoda* !
  11. Cabby

    Favorite Stand Up Comedian

    Ladies & Gentlemen please welcome... JERRY SEINFELD ! *wub*
  12. Cabby

    Octopus Brine

    OK, does it transmorph, then ? :-P
  13. Cabby

    City House

    Wow very nice ! Especially gotta love the turntable. *wub* Being myself a turntable freak, i'll just make one as yours to put on my desk *sweet*
  14. Cabby

    4958 Review

    Thanks for the nice review. It's butt ugly to me but the motors + IR control seem pretty neat ! Even at that high price, it looks like a good parts pack ! *sweet*
  15. Cabby


    Really nice one, keep'em coming ! *y*