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  1. plans to return soon.

  2. General Redwater

    La grande armeƩ

    Ah, thanks, I should get a few of those. - Redwater
  3. General Redwater

    La grande armeƩ

    Your Bluecoat army is truly a sight to behold! I just have one question, how did you make those bearskin hats? I've never seen those around before. - Redwater
  4. Please forgive the lateness of this reply.

    Yes! I would love to be a colonial era military historian. Sadly, where I live, the goverment has been letting go jobs at historic sites, and even closing down some. Just to get a job in one would be amazing, but this economy has made everything so hard.

    Happy Holidays!,


  5. General Redwater

    ToR - Holiday Special - (sign up)

    I shall be honored if I was to be included in this feast. Thank you for starting this. My sigfig is all needed for body. Accessories can just be a sword. I would bring mashed potatoes, with my grandmother's gravey; my favorite dish. I am indeed a Redcoat. - General Redwater
  6. Yea, I'm sure those red things sticking out of it saying: DYNAMITE HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE!, are nothing to worry about. Just some extra spices.........

    Want the first slice?

  7. Yea, thanks for checking. :-) I want to become active again so badly, but mostly school has taken away my time. I always check in, but mostly for a few minutes at a time, sadly. :( During break I should have some time to come back.........hopefully.

  8. In the words of Homer Simpson: "And a ooga-booga to you too!" :)

  9. I want to major in history, but I don't want to be a teacher. I want an outside job, not the confines of a classroom. There still are many options, but we still have to see how things turn out. :-)

  10. Very hard my friend. Very hard. Being the last year of high school, I have to do everything to get ready for college. From essays, to asking for reccomendations, and other things that take my time away from this amazing site. The rest of my time goes to TBH, but I do check in here.

  11. I am a bit late to reply, as I am not as active these days, but I do reply. :-)


    May we put down our fighting ways to feast on this delicious turkey! I took away the forks and knives to make sure........

  12. I dressed up as a cheap, dumb, bumbling Bluecoat. I got drunk to make seem more real

  13. General Redwater

    Eurodina - Day 3

    I survived. Good thing I spent last night working on my bike. Brave Shaun, I never knew he could fight like that. - Red
  14. General Redwater

    Eurodina - Day 2

    In personal life, my close relative died. I am serious about this, I do not joke about such things. - Redwater
  15. Thanks. Everything is getting better. :-) Yea, I'm sure everyone is shocked to hear that. :pir-laugh:

  16. General Redwater

    Eurodina - Day 2

    That is preposterous! I didn't say much in the beggining, practically nothing, but I am innocent. Only now can I be active again. if we single them out, we will probably be killing our fellow townspeople. - Red
  17. General Redwater

    I'm Leaving! I'm Coming Back! Do it all HERE.

    I'm sorry I've been gone, and inactive so long. Many things made it almost impossible to go on for a long period of time, my cat died, a relative was in a car accident, and sadly passed, my job has been very hard, and I've been getting ready for college. Most of my free time went to moderating Brickhope, I feel it's my duty to get on there at least a a hlf hour a day. But, I think I can safely say I'm back. I missed you all. - Redwatrer
  18. General Redwater

    Eurodina - Day 2

    I'm so sorry I missed so much. I promise to be more active. No deaths, that's good............. - Redwater
  19. General Redwater

    Eurodina - Day 1

    As everyone is saying, we need evidence. Remember, in time, they shall slip up. Their stupidity is their weakness. - Red
  20. General Redwater

    Eurodina - Day 1

    I agree with Police Woman Carrie Price, we should wait one more day until we get solid proof. If we accuse, we will tare each other apart, suspecting everyone, trusting no one. It will destroy us from the inside. If we wait, they are bound to slpi up, and then we get them. - Red
  21. General Redwater

    Eurodina - Day 1

    Whoa. We are already accusing? I wake up from that cold floor on the bar, and I find this when I go outside for some smokes? I hope to find out why. *Picks up Newspaper, and opens to page nine* - Red
  22. Good luck with the hunt. Must feel good to be out in the wilderness. I love camping in the woods. :-)

  23. General Redwater

    Dinner With the Islanders by Azaghal Gabilzaramul

    Funny MOC! At first I thought you posted this because that fig looks like Commodore Hornbricker. - General Redwater
  24. General Redwater

    Eurodina - Day 1

    stupid dead sheep shoes! I missed the begining, my darn bike was out of gas. It seems the goverment hasn't caught everyone. Do we not pay our taxes!?! - Red