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  1. Commander Wolf

    [MOC] 1:48 Pennsylvania Railroad B1

    Thanks for your thoughts guys, I really appreciate it! I really liked the way this one turned out. A couple more random thoughts: I originally thought it was a close call between using red or dark red for the roof, but after building it in dark red, I'm glad I did because I think it's way better than straight red. I'm digging the use of the "flag" piece for small railings. I was again iffy on it at first, but I think it works well even though it's nothing like a railing. Battery still isn't that easy to change since you have to pull the receiver and the associated wiring... but at the same time the geared 9v motor sips power so you shouldn't have to change it much. It's also a good place to put old alkalines that have a partial charge; my A6 beforehand was also a dumping ground for those B1s were originally built as semi-permanently coupled pairs (BB1-3): the side without the deck was the coupled side. Therefore the deck side is nominally the "front", which is good because it's the side where the overhang is greater. BB1-3 had both overhead (AC) and third-rail (DC) variants, but when the units were split, all were converted to overhead power.
  2. Commander Wolf

    [MOC] 1:48 Pennsylvania Railroad B1

    Hi all, wanted to share this MOC as I "teased" it many years ago but did not finish it until now. I started building the B1 in an effort to build the smallest possible 1:48 scale PF model, but ended up building the slightly smaller A6b, and then later on the even smaller EMD Model 40. Since then the B1 has been sitting in a folder on my computer gathering virtual dust. Last year someone inquired about the model and I decided to finish it once and for all, and this is the result: This is a pretty simple model just by virtue of the small size: the build is basically the same as that of the A6, just larger due to the larger scale size of the locomotive. It actually has a lot of volume compared to something like the Model 40, but the shape of LEGO motors and electronic components means that you can basically never fully utilize the 6-wide space in an 8-wide model. The part of the model that stumped me initially was connecting the massive side frames to the body. I had tried a couple times to find a solution over the years, but I finally cheated by cartooning the tanks on the sides of the locomotive with plates such that I could fit structural components behind them. The pantograph can also move up and down! Anyway, here is my video going into more detail about the model, as well as a Brickshelf gallery (when moderated).
  3. Commander Wolf

    (moc) British 5AT Advanced Technology Steam Locomotive

    Another 5AT! I built one of these (slightly smaller scale) way back before they canceled the project... so sad that it never got anywhere. Definitely looks a lot sleeker with all the new(er) curve slopes though.
  4. Commander Wolf

    [GBC] Assorted Modules

    Back with another GBC module: this is inspired by a KNEX set called the "Clockwork Rollercoaster", though there's nothing really "clockwork" about that set or this GBC: Again, I'm not making instructions at the moment, especially when this uses a handful of old parts, but I can provide an LDD file for folks who want to play with it.
  5. Commander Wolf

    [GBC] Assorted Modules

    Ah, sorry for the late reply... I'm probably not going to make instructions unless people are willing to buy them, but I can send you (or anyone else interested) close-to-final LDD files if you want. DM me.
  6. Commander Wolf

    [GBC] Assorted Modules

    Ah, that's just so people with slower connections don't get hammered by trying to load everything at once... sorry if it was confusing! Yaaa... I didn't realize he had done some similar things until after I had made the respective modules. Still, I like to think of these as more accessible versions of what Aki's done. I'm a little torn on trying to research or not research other modules before building my own... on one hand I would like to avoid the influence of other designs in my own design, but on the other hand, sometimes the thing you think is original isn't.
  7. Commander Wolf

    [GBC] Assorted Modules

    Hmm, it seems fine to me, so it might be an issue on your end... unless other folks are having the same issue?
  8. Commander Wolf

    [GBC] Assorted Modules

    Thanks! Was super happy I could use those Bionicle liftarms too
  9. Commander Wolf

    [GBC] Assorted Modules

    Thanks! It was definitely on my mind to try to build both unique and minimalist for some of these while I'm building up the parts inventory to do more involved modules.
  10. Commander Wolf

    [GBC] Assorted Modules

    Hello all, I recently started building GBC modules and wanted to share a few original/semi-original modules. Split-level Stepper Extensible Tower Not-Scissor Lift Some perhaps fancier ones to come soon! Bonus:
  11. Commander Wolf

    [MOC] Simple GBC Train

    Thanks guys, someone asked for the LDD file, so I will add it here: (The heights might be a little off, but they should be easily adjustable)
  12. Commander Wolf

    [MOC] Simple GBC Train

    Something different for once...! Ever since I bought a used 7722 a few years ago, I've been wanting to use 4.5v train/Technic stuff in a contemporary application. Originally I wanted to build an Actual Train Thing, but my Bulleid Leader has not worked out, at least not in a 4.5v context. Recently though, @jtlan and I have been getting into GBC, so of course I had to shoehorn the 4.5v train in there somehow. Anyway the Simple GBC Train has a bunch of mechanical features which are better explained in a video: For those of you who don't know what GBC is: Anyway, I put this in Train Tech because while it is GBC related, I think it's more train than Technic. Furthermore, GBC might be the intended application, but this system could also be used for other automated train loading/unloading sorts of things if you are into that. No Brickshelf gallery as there's not really much more to see than what's in the video, but I can provide a LDD file if anyone is interested. Otherwise have a nice day!
  13. Commander Wolf

    [MOC] Miscellaneous Train Projects

    Dunno if anyone is interested in this sorta thing, but some commentary on drive train revisions on older MOCs... been doing a lot of this sort of thing in the last year. A lot of times when I do a new build, I don't know what the issues are until I run the engine more often and for long periods of time, and only then can you even start to debug or make improvements. Building a new powered tender for the T1 Changing the gear ratios and motors on the QJ Have a nice day!
  14. Commander Wolf

    [MOC] 1:48 Southern Railway / Bulleid Leader

    That would be too easy
  15. Commander Wolf

    [MOC] 1:48 Southern Railway / Bulleid Leader

    That is indeed my T1! ... it's roughly the same scale. You can see the original thread from 2014, though it has been updated a bunch since then!