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  1. I got shipping confirmation for my Mindstorms NXT 2.0 ($195.96 after coupon) today.
  2. 3D design (like LDD) is one of a class of applications that can take advantage multiple CPU cores very efficiently - only if the application was correctly architected for this in the first place. LDD has to do a large number of geometry calculations every time you move or rotate the model. They could, in theory, offload much of this to the graphics card, but the capabilities of the graphics cards out there and graphics library versions vary so much that it may be better to perform the geometry calculations using the main CPU (hopefully across multiple cores) and offload only the rendering functions to the graphics card. Disk I/O access should not be a bottleneck for LDD as the entire part library can easily be cached in DRAM memory.
  3. Yeah, in this case, the part is available in red instead of old gray and the model looks better with the red frame anyway. It would have been a lot worse if one of the main doors were missing...
  4. And here is the finished "product"... Mother's Day Roses
  5. Here is the LDD model (zipped LXF file) for the rose... rose.zip
  6. Especially if you are working at very low resolution (e.g. few tens of studs in each direction) it may be a good idea to pre-process the image to "cartoonify" it before converting it to mosaic. http://www.photoshopcstutorial.com/photo-effects-tutorials/cartoon-drawing-tutorial.php
  7. Do you know how to upload an LXF file to Eurobricks forums? I tried it yesterday and could not get it to work...
  8. I did spend a bit of time trying to reverse engineer this. It is certainly possible to build the roses without using any illegal construction techniques (e.g. glue) though the actual result is a bit fragile. I was not able to make a complete LXF due to some LDD quirks but you can get most of it done in LDD...
  9. hga09

    RoscoPC's Lego Technic Racecar Stable

    Did you color the front rims of the Lotus 43 and Lotus 79 yourself? If yes, what kind of paint did you use?
  10. Excellent work! Did you consider flipping and rotating the 3x5 liftarm at the top front of the rear fender (32250) such that it simulates the air intake for the rear brakes? A couple of other relatively rare Technic panels (49815/49816) may also work quite well in that area.
  11. hga09

    (Review) 8081 Extreme Cruiser

    This looks quite good actually. It appears to be designed in such a way to make it very easy to modify the outer shell...
  12. This is a very unique model, it is completely different from other LEGO supercars I have seen to date. Excellent work! :thumbup:
  13. Bought LEGO City Police Helicopter (7741) for $8 at Target yesterday. This is an excellent small set, especially at this price.
  14. hga09

    RoscoPC's Lego Technic Racecar Stable

    Those appear to be x1825 tires from 8146 Nitro Muscle on custom chromed 44772 rims.
  15. hga09

    RoscoPC's Lego Technic Racecar Stable

    What a collection of beauties! :thumbup: