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  1. I only need President Business, Where are my pants guy, Panda Guy and William Shakespeare.
  2. JeagerEX

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    That Solomon Blaze from this theme is a same guy from Galaxy Squad? Like Dr. Brains from Power Miners who appeared in Atlantis.
  3. How about famous real world people that died like Abe Lincoln and Elvis Presley?
  4. Here's my NOT to feature list: 16. Boba Fett (We already have a Boba Fett Minifig in Star Wars) 15. The AT-AT from Co-Dependent's Day episode ( :thumbdown: ) 14. Sundance Kid 13. William Shakesphere (Since we already have a better normal one in the LEGO Movie series, but why would have to feature him in this series?) 12. Abe Lincoln (Same as above) 11. Lady Gaga 10. Charles Darwin 9. Isaac Newton 8. Spongebob Squarepants ( :thumbdown: ) 7. Peter Griffin ( :thumbdown: ) 6. George Washington 5. Fidel Castro 4. Frank Sinatra 3. Ludwig van Beethoven 2. Bill Clinton 1. Adolf Hitler The thing that I would like to see in this series are Lovejoy, Mayor Quimby and Prof. Frink and I am sure this series is only for original characters in the Simpsons, not some real world characters who made a guest appearances in the show.
  5. When I checked the missing pieces at I saw a parts of the Toy Soldier minifig from the chracter encyclopedia. Anyways is that Toy Soldier is featured in this series or just an accident?
  6. JeagerEX

    Legends of Chima 2014

    The Mammoth Tribe is kinda reminds me of Ganesha.
  7. I hope this series will include Reverend Lovejoy, Professor Frink and Mayor Quimby instead of putting few real world characters that appeared in Simpsons. Just like Abe Lincoln and William Shakesphere in the LEGO Movie series.
  8. The yellow box in the right of the Simpsons CMF Series is possible to be Series 12?
  9. JeagerEX

    Legends of Chima 2014

    Is the Phoenix tribe are allies with Laval and the rest of the good guys?
  10. JeagerEX

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion Found a promo tin set, but there's some problems with the minifigs. Wyldstyle's folded hood is missing and Batman has no cape and there's Vitruvius, Bad Cop with Good cop face and President Business from the evil lair set. Instead of buying this kind of rare tin, I will go to bricklink to get Ice Cream Jo, Wonder Woman and the rest since I already have Emmet and Wyldstyle from the specific sets. Also I have Gallant Guard too by customizing those ones from the 2013 Castle Forest Ambush set.
  11. Missing LEGO Movie minifigures Emmet (Tuxedo as seen in Emmet Awards) Wyldstyle (Formal Dress as seen in Emmet Awards) Benny (Blue Tuxedo as seen in Emmet Awards) Vitruvius (Prologue) Human Metalbeard Michelangelo the Artist Traffic Enforcer (A modern UK Cop, not the one from S11) Colt Carson Jr. Odd Ollie Wild Will Male S6 Surgeon (not a current female one) Unknown girl that is seen in the trailer along with Mrs. Scratchen post and S2 Surfer A Farmer man that is similar to Hank Haystack
  12. JeagerEX

    Official Lego Movie

    I should go to see the movie on Feb 22 or on March.
  13. JeagerEX

    Future Disney princess sets.

    Disney Princesses theme does not feature any villains according to brickipedia. And it focused for older girls.
  14. JeagerEX

    The Lego Movie Events Schedule

    I can't rush myself to watch the movie on the 7th of Feb, but I will watch the movie on either 22nd or behalf of March.
  15. JeagerEX

    The LEGO Movie Video Game Discussion

    Lloyd Garmadon and the Swamp Creature are the only characters who will appear in the official LEGO video game for the first time.