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    2011 LEGO Cars 2 Discussion

    I'm guessing this set is from the new film, it sounds interesting. I guess we should expect pictures soon then if the release date is the 5th of January. The second cars film comes out on June 24th next year. LegoGalactus
  2. FinalFeature

    MOC: Darkmatter

    Before the Villains Factory Contest, I had an idea to make a villain for one of my brickfilms. But I kept putting it off since I wasn't much of a Bionicle mocer. The villain factory prizes motivated me to finally create him. I present to you Darkmatter. He has the power to create Negative energy which is stored inside of his chest. Darkmatter releases the power through his hands. He also has flickfire missiles just in case his negative powers miss his enemy. He has chicken like feet which allow him to climb walls, mountains, wires, etc. It also allows him to jump higher than normal. The back is full of tubes that can supply oxygen so that he can breathe anywhere he goes. A link to more pictures can be found here. I guess that's it. Thanks for looking! LegoGalactus
  3. FinalFeature

    CONTEST: Villain Factory!

    Thank you both! I've just posted my entry. I hope its fine since I've haven't built mocs(only mods) from this kind of category before. LegoGalactus
  4. FinalFeature

    Contest Entry Topic - Villains

    Name: Darkmatter Once a rookie at Hero Factory, Darkmatter was caught stealing weapons from the villains they captured and thus was forever banned. Now he works along with Von Nebula to get his revenge at Hero Factory and will destroy anyone who gets in the way. No one can survive his negative energy. Powers: Able to create negative power. Height: 11 1/2 inchs tall Topic link.
  5. FinalFeature

    CONTEST: Villain Factory!

    Is the silver/black chirox mask ok to use in my entry? Thanks LegoGalactus
  6. FinalFeature

    Minifg collectors series 2 pics and barcodes

    When i go to click the icon Shop Minifigure page on Lego S@H, it keeps coming up as Service Unavailable. Anyone else having problems? LegoGalactus
  7. FinalFeature

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    3) Spaceman & Pharaoh Entry (Build by Optimus) 12) Diver & Surfer Entry (Build by squiz) 20) Cheerleader & Surfer Entry (Build by mookage) Good luck and great job everyone!
  8. FinalFeature

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    9) Skier Entry (Build by Rufus) 15) Traffic Cop Entry (Build by Profound Whatever) 34) Witch Entry (Build by Athos) Good luck to everyone!
  9. FinalFeature

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Hi, does anyone know what set this piece came in. Thanks, LegoGalactus Edit: Nevermind. Found it.
  10. FinalFeature

    2011 Atlantis sets

    The Spartan helmet in gold looks awesome! Has anyone notice the castle skeleton sheild in 7977? LegoGalactus
  11. FinalFeature

    What did you buy today?

    6 Spartans 1 ringmaster 1 Pharaoh LegoGalactus
  12. FinalFeature

    2011 NINJAGO sets

    This theme looks better than i expected. I really do like the skeleton helmet and the bone piece. It will be nice to have some ninja sets since I missed the theme when it came out. In the dragon set why is the skeleton wearing a jester hat? LegoGalactus
  13. FinalFeature

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    This theme looks very nice with all the new pieces. Thanks for the pictures nausicaakro and Tervlon! Has anyone thought of using the wing pieces on the mummy to make a hawkman minifigure from DC comics? LegoGalactus
  14. FinalFeature

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    I was at the Glendale Lego store a while ago and they had some Senate commando keychains. I'm not sure if that's new news, but I thought I would give a heads up. LegoGalactus
  15. FinalFeature

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 3 discussion

    Awesome! Thanks for the pictures nausicaakro! Is that the zombie head I see in the cyborgs helmet? There seems to be a good amount of brand new pieces in this series that look useful for many mocs! The elfs pointy ears look useful for a Spock(Star trek) minifigure. Im looking forward to Series 3. LegoGalactus
  16. FinalFeature

    Lego Train Set Motorized 113

    The cheapest one on bricklink that's complete is way over $150. So it depends on what you would like to sell it for. LegoGalactus
  17. FinalFeature

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    There's an art store called Swains in the Glendale, Ca area. They have the Republic Gunship marked down to $100. They had a few other sets on sale also including star wars and bionicle. Their will also be a 20% off discount later on in the week to save even more. LegoGalactus
  18. FinalFeature

    What did you buy today?

    I found some more of the collectable minifigures and ended up with 3 spartans 4 singers 3 karate guys 1 surfer I also got 3 green32x32 baseplates. LegoGalactus
  19. FinalFeature

    What did you buy today?

    I found some collectable minifigures an ended up buying the following: 8x Spartan 5x Pop Star 4x Karate Master 2x Mexican 2x Life Guard 2x Weight Lifter 1x Highway Patrol 1x Explorer 1x Ringmaster 1x Surfer 1x Witch 1x Vampire 1x Skier 1x Disco Stu 1x Mime 1x Pharoah I also bought Grevious Starfighter and 7950. LegoGalactus
  20. Well the south shore plaza mall in Braintree, Ma has series two for those living in Ma. But they don't have any spartans left. LegoGalactus
  21. FinalFeature

    What did you buy today?

    I bought the Prison Carriage Rescue. I love the golden cheeseslopes that are in the set. LegoGalactus
  22. FinalFeature

    What did you buy today?

    Toys R Us Truck! Looking forward to building it tomorrow. LegoGalactus
  23. FinalFeature

    2011 NINJAGO sets

    I wonder if their will be a ninja in pink? The type of style in the theme sounds interesting. Was there any toy story in the catalouge. Thanks, LegoGalactus
  24. FinalFeature

    2011 City sets

    Here you go. Link LegoGalactus
  25. FinalFeature

    Which set should I buy?

    Im having a hard time deciding what Lego set i should get. Prison Carriage Rescue Knight's Showdown Hoth Wampa Cave General Grievous' Starfighter Many thanks in advance, LegoGalatus