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    San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Discussion

    I'll be attending Comic-Con again this year! Looking forward to preview night tomorrow. Hoping for a good LEGO exclusive this year compared to lasts years repackaged Star Wars Advent Calendar. LegoGalactus
  2. FinalFeature

    Avengers Trailer in LEGO

    I've been wanting to do the Avengers trailer for some time now. So when the Marvel sets finally came out I started working on this trailer. This video took about 2 and a half weeks to work on. I have also made some other superhero videos like Superman Vs. The Hulk The Batman Dark Knight rises trailer 1. And Batman Vs. Iron Man Thanks for viewing and enjoy, LegoGalactus
  3. FinalFeature

    Delta Combat

    In my latest brickflick, features two opposing teams who have only one objective, which is to being the last one standing on the battlefield. Inspired by video games like Halo and CoD (Call Of Duty) I am proud to present Delta Combat. Thanks for watching. Feedback is appreciated. LegoGalactus
  4. As a major fan of DC comics I wanted to do my own take on a Justice League movie. So I made a trailer in LEGO. The Justice League team is comprised of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and as a side character The Question. The main villain in the trailer is Darkseid. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks for watching. LegoGalactus
  5. FinalFeature

    What did you buy today?

    Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape Batmobile and the two face chase Catwoman Catcycle City Chase The Batcave The Batwing Superman vs. Power Armour Lex Power functions Shaaki Ti keychain LegoGalactus
  6. FinalFeature

    What did you buy today?

    Went to Barnes and Noble on Black Friday and got these sets for 50% off! Republic Frigate Slave 1 Hoth Wampa Cave LegoGalactus
  7. FinalFeature

    What did you buy today?

    Ninjago- Venomari Shrine Found the set at Toys R Us. LegoGalactus
  8. FinalFeature

    What did you buy today?

    Ramses Pyramid Patrol Car Ambush Attack Tower Takedown Dino Defense HQ Cad Bane Key Chain Bossk Key Chain LegoGalactus
  9. FinalFeature

    LEGO Superheroes 2012 Rumours & Discussion

    Found a photo of the Batcave without a confidential mark on it. LegoGalactus
  10. FinalFeature

    What did you buy today?

    Skeleton chopper Ninja Glider Pizza Planet (It was on sale for $10) Millennium Falcon Prison Carriage Rescue 3x (They were on sale for $3.30) Jet Ski LegoGalactus
  11. LEGO S@H in the UK has the new minifigures on there site, link. LegoGalactus
  12. FinalFeature

    Your dream Lego theme

    I hope so, especially if they are going to be giving out some. LegoGalactus
  13. FinalFeature

    Your dream Lego theme

    Is it official that LEGO got a license with DC to produce more sets next year? Link. LegoGalactus
  14. FinalFeature

    SDCC lego booth

    From Warner Brothers' " WB Games scavenger hunt cards redeemable for prize bags that include LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5–7 mini figures and T-shirt, Batman: Arkham City water bottle, Bastion bandana and The Lord of the Rings: War in the North magnet. " You can read more about it here. I wonder if the Harry Potter scavenger hunt will be similar to the Batman scavenger hunt from a few years ago? Does anyone have anymore info? LegoGalactus
  15. FinalFeature

    SDCC lego booth

    Seeing how its only 10 days before Comic-Con, is there any word about any promotions or exclusives for LEGO this year yet? LegoGalactus
  16. Toys R Us has series 5 for pre-order in the US. The shipping date is August 16. Link. LegoGalactus
  17. FinalFeature

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    The new Hoth echo base is available on TRU in the US for $90. Link. LegoGalactus
  18. FinalFeature

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I don't know if this has been posted before but there's new key chains of Shaak Ti and Jar-Jar that come out on July 1st. Saw them both in the latest LEGO catalog. LegoGalactus
  19. FinalFeature

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    One point each to the following. 1) The Rivals (Build by The Spark That Bled) 2) House Party (Build by CorneliusMurdock) 5) Cryostasis (Build by Darkblane) Good luck everybody!
  20. FinalFeature

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    1 point each to the following: 24) Musketeer Entry (Build by mookage) 26) Punk Rocker Entry (Build by SjoMiLu) 37) Viking Entry (Build by Jaden Kast) Good luck everybody!
  21. FinalFeature

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    I've watched about 13 episodes of this series so far. The animation and writing in the show is pretty good. I'll be looking forward to season 2 next year. LegoGalactus
  22. FinalFeature

    2011 LEGO Cars 2 Discussion

    Another polybag has been released for the cars theme. This time its Guido with some accessories and headphones. Link. LegoGalactus
  23. Thanks for the link! It looks like the boxers gloves are attached to the arm and not the hand. It also looks like the boxer has a double sided head. LegoGalactus
  24. FinalFeature

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Went to my local LEGO store yesterday and got: 650: 1x2 dark red bricks 3: scorpions 4: 2x2 corner dark blue bricks 3: 1x1 lime green bricks 6: 2x2 yellow tiles 1: 2x2 printed slope 8: 1x1 control levers 1: Dark red wing 1: 2x2 Mudguard 14: 2x2 white bracket 8: 1x2 Transclear bricks 11: White Plate 1 x 2 Handle on Side 42: 1x1 bley clip 8: 1x1 Transclear round brick 58 : Brown 1x4 tile 44: 1 x 1 Black brick with Clip Light If my math is right is should add up to a total of 862 pieces! LegoGalactus
  25. FinalFeature

    What did you buy today?

    2 Kit Fisto key chains at 98 cents Pick a brick cup HP The Forbidden Forest LegoGalactus