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    The world's only immortal animal?

    According to the article when its at a adult stage it turns itself back to its 1st stage and recycles again and again and again forever. It also says there everywhere around the globe. Another article. Another thing is there very tiny and are less in size of a human finger.
  2. FinalFeature

    Another Brick In The Wall (Ein Kleiner Witz)

    Very funny Lego comics legitimatealex.
  3. FinalFeature

    TIE/In and Lambda Shuttle

    Those are very cool tie mocs fallenangel327. I would recommend deeplinking the pictures on here by following this tutorial.
  4. FinalFeature

    TOWN: Brickwood

    Here are some pictures of the mall before i take it apart to build comic con. Lego store. The pick a brick wall lights up when the sun hits the trans clear pieces Escalator! Cloths store Pizza Pizzeria Picture of the post office. The tv news people are filming behind the Bricktober sign. The crowded pet and vet store. More pictures can be found here. Thanks for looking. LegoGalactus
  5. FinalFeature

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    The one in Glendale told me they havent done that in years. I would suggest asking the guy who greets you at the Lego store. I think he is nice enough to ask about the box. The last time i was there they had the following pieces 8x16 tiles, 2x4 bricks, 2x2 tiles, 1x1 round bricks, burps(rocks), Pink plates, ladders, flowers, plants, and lots of other things. Let me know if they let you use a box.
  6. FinalFeature

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    If your going to the Glendale Galleria i would say there pick a brick wall has alot of good pieces. The minifigure wall is ok( Its mostly construction workers and farmers). The staff is very nice. I have'nt had a complain to me about overflowing pick a brick pieces(yet ).
  7. FinalFeature

    Toy Story discussion thread

    The only one they could make would be Bo peep. I dont think she was part of a toy company. I remember that pixar said they had a hard time having the potato head company to allow there toy to be in the film. So i guess there definatley wont be a potato head figure. Did anyone notice if Bo peep is in Toy Story 3.
  8. FinalFeature

    TOWN: Brickwood

    Yeah you can be invited. As long as you make a minifigure of yourself. Grevious knew he was in the wrong buisness killing jedi so he found himself as a bartender.Patrick has been drinking to much, his face looks like this. All of the figures are here for the comic con convention.
  9. FinalFeature

    TOWN: Brickwood

    More pictures: Resturant is next to the Green Grocer Another view of the resturant Postal service airplane Another view of the town
  10. FinalFeature

    Toy Story discussion thread

    At a point of view it had looked like heads. After looking at it closer it was 2x2 bricks.
  11. FinalFeature

    Toy Story discussion thread

    I noticed that Lego never had put arm printing for a laser for Buzz. The details on all of the figures make up for it. Is it me or does Lotso dump truck now has heads instead of 2x2 bricks?
  12. FinalFeature

    Lego Soldier

    Very nice job legomilk of using the star wars head for a army man head.
  13. FinalFeature

    TOWN: Brickwood

    Thanks. This is supposed to be the town that comic con is in. So all of the crazy minifigure geeks are here to stay.
  14. FinalFeature

    Gotham Central Bank MOC

    Very cool moc Righteous Squid. I have never seen a bank that huge before. I like the atm and statues that you put in it. I think Batman only patrols at night.
  15. FinalFeature

    Review: 30061 Attack Wagon

    Thanks for the early set review metalandi. The two things i would want from this set is the minifigure and darkgreen cheese slope other than that i would not get it. I wonder where the seller on bricklink got that set?
  16. FinalFeature

    Does any one know where this minifigure comes from?

    Sorry to bring a old topic back to life but i was wondering how much each red sox figure can go for. Im not planning on selling them but was just wondering how much they can go for. Thanks, LegoGalactus
  17. FinalFeature

    Straight and curved tracks in one set?

    I would prefer that Lego put straight and curve tracks into two different sets. Let say you would need straight tracks instead of curve tracks. It would cost more to get the amount of straight track pieces. Curve pieces can take up more room in a town layout than straight pieces if you're trying to make a straight track with curve tracks. Hopefully Lego will sell the tracks in two different sets in the future.
  18. Thanks for the review ZO6. I am surprised on how expensive the balloon piece is. Hopefully Lego releases another balloon piece in a set soon.
  19. FinalFeature

    Toy Story discussion thread

    Yay ,i am glad Lego made a sad buzz and jessie. Does anyone know if woody has a sad expression in the alien trash compactor?
  20. FinalFeature

    Your opinion

    Bricklink has more pieces and is cheaper than Lego digital desginer. Unless you want to make a virtual moc use LDD.
  21. FinalFeature

    What's your favourite modular building?

    Green Grocer has so much sand green pieces. I also liked the fire escape on the back of it. So the Green Grocer is my faviroute.
  22. FinalFeature

    The Three Stooges

    ''Wise guy ay?'' Very nice customs Hound Knight. They look just like them.
  23. FinalFeature

    UFO sighted

    Nice moc Matn. Live long and prosper aliens.
  24. FinalFeature

    Toy Story discussion thread

    I think his name is chunk. Edit: Found a picture. Chunk is near the top left of the poster behind woody.
  25. FinalFeature

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    There are some stores that will allow you to choose 15 pieces of anything from a minifigure wall. Lately the glendale, Ca Lego store and some others lego stores i have been to have a very plain selection of figures. Back in june 2009 the lego store had lots of Licensed minifigure pieces but now its mostly farmers and construction workers.