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  1. FinalFeature

    Atlantis 2010

    I think Delta 38 is saying that its $160 in Australia. LegoGalactus
  2. FinalFeature

    LEGO Collectible Minfigures Series 1 Poll

    For me its the zombie. The zombie is perfect for my Comic Con zombie walk. LegoGalactus
  3. FinalFeature

    UCS Star Trek USS Enterprise WIP

    I got all of my grey bricks from my collection, bricklink, pick a brick, etc. The bits of brown are boxes as cargo. Your last question can be answered by the picture/video at the end of the post. Thanks BrickClick! Its nice to see that many people are anticipating the projects completion. Here is yet another update. Please note that everything is still not yet completed and all of it is a wip. The Mindstorm lights up the sickbay in Green: I think the ship will be about 7 or 8 feet long when its done. Expect updates once i get those 1500 pieces from Bricklink. Until then Live long and prosper. Feedback is appreciated. LegoGalactus
  4. Not everyone can by lots and lots of packs for the figures they wanted. Every time i go to he Lego store lately i dont see kids with barcodes. I see the kids are feeling each bag. I hope they dont change it into a box for each figure. I hope there is another way on identifying the figures and hopefully it wont end up like the kid robot collectables. LegoGalactus
  5. FinalFeature

    10214: Tower Bridge

    Ditto on that! Thanks for the info EDGE. I wonder how it will look in Lego. LegoGalactus
  6. FinalFeature

    WIP: Orc fortress

    I hope that cow doesn't end up on any dinner plates. The fortress looks very nice Lordofdragonss! I like that there's a Lego Logo on the side of the fortress! LegoGalactus
  7. FinalFeature

    10155 Maersk Line Container Ship

    Can you please post pictures if you do own it? Im hoping that the set is around $100. Thanks for the picture whung! LegoGalactus
  8. FinalFeature

    City 2010

    I think there is 9 boxes with the Lego Truck. LegoGalactus
  9. FinalFeature

    10185 Green Grocer Review

    Its many different plates built together, for example: 2 2x4s are connected by a 2x8 underneath the 2 bricks. LegoGalactus
  10. FinalFeature

    City 2010

    Thanks for the picture whung! I wonder how much the price will be? LegoGalactus
  11. FinalFeature

    How to quote multiple posts?

    You keep clicking the quote button under each members post and then you click reply to reply to each quote. LegoGalactus
  12. FinalFeature

    I need ideas for a toliet

    Here's a toilet i made a while ago. Its the only picture i have of it(Bottom left). LegoGalactus
  13. FinalFeature

    2011 themes and sets?

    There could possibly be a Star trek theme since theres suppose to be a sequel from the 2009 film. Which would bring the popularity up again. LegoGalactus
  14. FinalFeature

    Toy Story discussion thread

    Only 11 days left till the film comes out. I hope the film is as good as the sets. Im crossing my fingers for a third wave of sets. LegoGalactus
  15. FinalFeature

    What did you buy today?

    I bought 1504 more parts for my Star Trek moc on Bricklink. Hopefully it will arrive next week. LegoGalactus
  16. FinalFeature

    What did you buy today?

    I bought 5 more collectible minifigures which were: 2 more zombies 2 more robots and 1 space man for his phaser LegoGalactus
  17. FinalFeature

    Four Magicians on stage.

    I don't see Captain marvel anywhere in the moc. Nice job on making mocs for all 16 figures Pepperfried_M! LegoGalactus
  18. Link for easier finding. As krystalKING said there are no figures listed yet. LegoGalactus
  19. FinalFeature

    Doctor Who

    Ive never watched doctor who but these customs really make me want to. Very nice job Forresto on the customs! LegoGalactus
  20. FinalFeature

    Yavin IV Rebel Base

    Ditto! Really great moc ACPin! LegoGalactus
  21. FinalFeature

    I'm Leaving! I'm Coming Back! Do it all HERE.

    Welcome back awesomebrick! LegoGalactus
  22. FinalFeature

    SW MOC Builder Poll

    My vote is MOCs/ Dioramas /Sci-Fi and Town. LegoGalactus
  23. FinalFeature

    REVIEW: 6854 Alien Fossilizer

    This looks like a great parts pack. The printed panels look Thanks for the great review Yoshi648. LegoGalactus
  24. FinalFeature

    REVIEW: 6517 Water Jet

    Ive never heard of this set till now. It looks like a nice little set to get. Thanks for the review Yoshi648. LegoGalactus
  25. FinalFeature

    Sports sets?

    You might want to try bricklink also. It seems to be cheaper than some of the ebay lots that are online. I agree with Inconspicuous that there might be a chance of a new sports figure that would appear in a wave of the collectable minifigure series. It would be cool if they did a updated series of sports series since there are better pieces that would go with it now than there was back in 2000. LegoGalactus