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  1. mutex

    BlacktronII RamRaid Tremor

    Excellent job ! Realy nicely detailled and it is very faithful to the original models. 8/10 Il would have give it a 9/10 if it was a little less blocky ;-)
  2. mutex

    MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker released

    Nice set but as the other says, the price is ridiculously high
  3. mutex

    6927 All Terrain Vehicle Review

    Thanks for the review. This is one of my favorite space sets of all time. I even had 2 of them back in the days. My only complain about this set was that I found that the wheels where too small , I had some trouble passing the rover over the little "craters-mountains" of the space plates
  4. mutex

    7645 Review - MT-61 Crystal Reaper

    Thank you for this great review. I made a pause in buying Lego these last time but I'll definitely pick this one. The best thing it's that it apparently doesn't take too much shelf space.
  5. mutex

    7671 -AT-AP Review!

    Thanks for the pic. But as Chuck said , where is the (text) review ? On a side note : nothing personal but in general I'm really sick of pictures of Lego taken with flash. It really hurts the eyes. Lego + Flash = Evil
  6. mutex

    2008 Mars Mission sets

    The switch fighter is pure genius ! a definitive buy for me. *y* On the contrary , nothing to write home about the small mining unit. Looks like a 6 years old children home made moc... *wacko*
  7. Hello, To gain some place in my collection room, I'm thinking of hanging some 'aerial' sets (mostly technic) to the ceiling. If you have any experience in such montage I'll be happy to hear from you. I really don't know how to make this : - Sturdy AND - (very) discreet I don't want to have a lot of heavy duty screws & hooks in my ceiling, if you know what I mean. :-/ Thanks in advance! :-)
  8. mutex

    Exoforce 2008

    As I already said , These are wayyy better than previous year ! I'm gonna get them all. TLC has made a good job on using more standard pieces. I just hope that the tanks and the flying thingy are not too expensive.
  9. mutex

    Catalog 2008

    Haaaa! the Exo-Force sets re conciliate me with the serie ! *wub* They look way better than the previous line. I'm a little disappointed by the Technic serie though. Nothing really exciting here. :-/ Let's just hope that they'll continue with the Life on mars theme too.
  10. mutex

    Mustang P51

    *y* Simply awesome , I love it. I should check if I have the pieces to construct one like that ! 10/10
  11. Thanks for the review. Your opinion confirmed my initial thoughts : pretty bland and uninspired set. Let's not buy this one and save money for the wonderful Power function bulldozer :-P *y*
  12. mutex

    In Belgium on vacation.

    I live in brussels and as said Snefroe, it's really not a good spot to grab Lego sets. There are not a lot of shops, only general toys shop that generally have more Playmobil than Lego *wacko* Prices are also quite high, in part with the official price if not more expensive. There are some shops that come in my mind like "Jouets Broze" or "Dreamland" and also "Intertoys" those one have perhaps the best assortment of sets, but REALLY not worth a detour. Sometime there are good deals to make in "Colruyt" shops , but this is a general food store that have some toys and Lego sets.
  13. mutex


    LOL @ Starwars4J. Take that Sne ! X-D
  14. mutex


    No words are needed to understand that this set is just perfect. This is really a nice catch Snefroe. I'd love that all my old classic sets would be in such a nice condition. My old space sets are full of teeth dents, but since those are MY teeth marks when I was young, I have no problems with that :D Ho ! and by the way Snefroe... Mars mission are not THAT horrible... ;-)
  15. mutex

    Set 850: Forklift Truck

    Thanks for this nice review *y* *y* . It's nice to see reviews for the alternate models. I had this set back in the days, I'm going to re-build it with my spare pieces or grab it from a flea market / ebay one of these days. Same for the blue go-cart that appeared in the same period of time. those 2 are absolute classic for me. I just love those old sets *wub*