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  1. Brickoholic

    Community Build: House #30

    Wouldn't that be 3? I mean, you said the mouse isn't vermin... --Brickoholic
  2. Brickoholic

    Fort Brighton East

    Oh, right... I still believe it's a little silly, though.
  3. Brickoholic

    Fort Brighton East

    Whoa.... that's awesome! But what's with the SW stuff?
  4. Brickoholic

    Fisherman's house

    The only criticism I can give, is that the colours are a little too varied, you should put some more brown or grey in it. Other than that, it's awesome, and I really like the ship's hull
  5. Brickoholic

    Soup's On! ... at the Commons

    Thanks! It really fits very well on a pirate minifig! (sorry for the late thanks, but my computer's been down lately.)
  6. Brickoholic

    WIP HMS ... ?

    Now that's simple awesome!!! I really like the colours, the tiled deck, the stern, everything. But the bowsprit shouldn't consist of two beams. Other than that, I have nothing to complain about. As for the name... How about HMS Minotaur? Once again, the stern is simply incredible. --Brickoholic
  7. Brickoholic

    Soup's On! ... at the Commons

    What sort of head does the chef have? (BL link?)