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  1. Danpb

    [MOC] Modular Pizza Parlor

    Man oh man is this good - love the colors, the architecture and the details. Great, great job on this!
  2. Danpb

    MOC: Shell tanker

    I took a crack at your design, Selander - really love the look of your trucks - thanks so much for sharing :)
  3. Danpb

    Fire Brigade - Alternates?

    Thank you :). It was a really fun project.
  4. Danpb

    Fire Brigade - Alternates?

    I bought a 2nd (and then a 3rd..for no reason) Fire Brigade as it was on sale (I know, bizarre) and I added a 2nd bay to my current one. The interior is a bit sparse, but I'm really happy having a fire house with 2 bays :).
  5. Danpb

    MOC Lego Store and Appartment

    That sand (lime?) green roof!!! Amazing work :D
  6. Danpb

    5-wide Red Truck

    Thanks All! Yes, my wheel collection is very old - I don't have a huge variety in sizes, but I will definitely try other varieties. Thanks again :)
  7. Danpb

    MOC: Modular Laundry

    That lettering is fantastic! Rest of the building looks fantastic, but man..that lettering. Love it :).
  8. Danpb

    MOC: 4wide crash tenders

    Really great detail here. I'm a fan of classic 4-wides and these look simply fantastic!
  9. Danpb

    5-wide Red Truck

    Long while since I posted. I've built a few things since I last posted, but this is something I'm particularly happy with (minus how fragile it is in places..) Here's the set with full-res images: Flickr Set Here's where I pulled much of my inspiration. If anyone knows who this person is, please give them my praise. Great stuff here!
  10. Danpb

    MOC: Rocky Modular Lighthouse (Mod of 5770)

    Whoa! This is fantastic! Terrain looks great too. I have yet to tackle a large terrain project like this - always impressed with how well people do their terrain. Great job :)
  11. Danpb

    [Moc] Police Headquarters

    Truly impressive. Lots of inspiration to be found here - thanks for sharing!
  12. Danpb

    MOC(s): Mini Modulars MOC-Series +2

    Really great job on these! Love the details and colors :)
  13. Danpb

    [MOC] Kitchen

    Favorite part for me is the stove/backsplash/hood - awesome stuff. Great kitchen overall!
  14. Danpb

    MOC : mini modular palace cinema

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing and a warm welcome to Eurobricks!
  15. Danpb

    Servo Showdown: And The Winner Is.....

    Loved this competition - congrats to the winners!