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  1. ChefAgf

    [MOC] [WIP] Modular Brick School

    Beautiful building :) I would up the 3rd floor with 1 or 2 layers before the roof begins. It looks weird compared to the other floors. Furthermore its a very nice looking school!
  2. ChefAgf

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Ordered the Ferris wheel on Monday and I got the message it was out of stock and on backorder. Spider-Man arrived Wednesday and the wheel itself arrived Thursday. It's very nice to build. Love all the details. For those who are doubting about how to lift, try to lift it at the top where the wheel is connected to the supports. That works very good.
  3. ChefAgf

    Lego World 2014 (NL)

    Lego announced at their dutch facebook: Attentie, attentie! Dit is een koninklijke aankondiging: Peter van der Vorst zal tijdens de opening van LEGO® World het Koninklijke LEGO model onthullen. Kinderen (en andere liefhebbers natuurlijk ook) zijn daarbij meer dan welkom om verkleed te komen als koning en koningin om deze dag nog specialer te maken! Translation: Attention, Attention! This is a royal annoucement: Peter van der Vorst wil reveal the Royal Lego Model during the opening. Kids (and of course other lego fans) are more then welcome to dress up as kings as queens to make this day even more special! I wonder how this royal model will look like :)
  4. I bet she has a room of the same size for her clothing! :) My modulars are demolished, bagged and in boxes up the attic :( 2 young kids running around here and no room for them... Yet!
  5. Got my set yesterday, ordered it last sunday... Free delivery :) and fast! Netherlands that is. First thing i noticed was the size of the box... Its Fat. The build was very nice. Much more advanced building techniques then the Taj Mahal or the Tower Bridge. It was a nice build and definately worth my money!
  6. ChefAgf

    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    Beautiful set. Ordered mine at friday 12:50 pm at the website and it arrived saturday morning! less then 24 hours free delivery! nice...
  7. ChefAgf

    MOC Rollercoaster Tycoon Buildings

    Big RCT fan here! Love this stuff!!! :)
  8. ChefAgf

    MOC - Ferry barge

    First look made me think: Hmm.. set 4015. Looking further its only the top looking like that ship! Nicely done! Imagine this ferry with in the background the tower bridge!
  9. ChefAgf

    New modular building? 10224 Town Hall

    Prize and size doesn't really matter to me. I am willing to pay 500 euro if it was on 1 normal baseplate Love the rumours! :)
  10. The godzilla guy made me think of the (old) A-team :) Now we need Face standing next to him and light his sigar :)
  11. ChefAgf

    Modular Building 10218 Pet Shop

    Sale starting may the 10th?!? NOOOOO Lego what are you doing to me!! Im going on holiday may the 9th... for two weeks... Arrgh... another two week wait after release!
  12. ChefAgf

    Is It worth just buying a modular building ?

    After i bought Café corner, i couldn't resist the other ones. Ordered them as soon as they were available. I am sure that the same will happen to you. I feel very sorry for the people that miss out on the CC and GG and market street. But you can't have mine :D Buying a modular building is definately worth it. I dont use them for pieces but just for display. And my almost 2 year old kid plays with them.
  13. ChefAgf

    Modular Building 2011

    The inventory from the instruction booklet sais you need 39 pieces :)
  14. ChefAgf

    Modular Building 2011

    Yup I have all 4 of them... And market street is also in that same box :)
  15. ChefAgf

    Modular Building 2011

    The wait is killing me aswell.. Luckily i had broken down all other modular buildings and put them all together in a box including the grand carroussel. So thats about 12000-13000 pieces in one box.. I hope i am finished rebuilding before the Pet shop or whatever it is gonna be. I just want to have it :)