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  1. Stiel

    Medieval town and market

    Thanks! I like to add these tiny scenes to reward careful viewers. A bit of green next to buildings is a good idea. I will look into it. I'm a bit hesitant on the brown as it would indeed take a lot of plates. But I also see that it would be more realistic. I will try to figure out an efficient solution. Yes, some of the torsos are stickered. The white female on the right is an original design. The idea was to add more color like white, orange or red as there aren't many widely available medieval torsos in those colors. And here is a birds-eye view of the entire town (first picture version):
  2. Stiel

    Medieval town and market

    Another version, with larger market area.
  3. Stiel

    Medieval town and market

    Nope. dr_spock has the right idea though...
  4. Stiel

    Medieval town and market

    OK, here we go with the first house. It's the goldsmith.
  5. Stiel

    Medieval town and market

    Well, that's what you get for giving a flower to the wrong woman. Thanks! I usually mix up the arrangement a bit from one event to the next one. I have one more closeup from the above version, but I will upload a lot of closeups from another version (with slightly bigger marketplace area) and also some panorama shots.
  6. Stiel

    Medieval town and market

    Thanks! I like to include easter eggs here and there. Find the unfaithful husband, too!
  7. Hey, just wanted to share this picture about the market in my medieval town. :) I will add more pictures soon, including about individual houses.
  8. I'm going to blatantly steal everything These are very inspiring! I look forward to the rest.
  9. Mind you, the Kingdoms Joust set is not bad for parts either. Buy it, enjoy it until the new line comes out, and then you can scrap it for parts. It seems to me you can't really go wrong with that set.
  10. Stiel

    Figbarfs for the win!

    The Lannisters (Cersei, Tywin, Jaime) at the trial by combat of Tyrion. Oberyn taunts The Mountain. (The guy obscured by the sword is Mace Tyrell, but he is not that great anyway). I am pretty happy with Cersei and Oberyn. Tyrion in chains, and Ellaria Sand on the far left. And The Mountain.
  11. So this is my take on the trial by combat scene between the Mountain and the Viper (Gregor Clegane and Oberyn Martell) from Game of Thrones. It's built on a 48x48 baseplate (a friend called it a 'bignette'). I played out the entire scene throughout, so only check the folder if you don't mind spoilers. That said, here are a few non-spoilery pictures: Folder (public after moderation, but up until then, the pictures are called 01.jpg through 22.jpg): http://www.brickshel...ntain-vs-Viper/
  12. Stiel

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    Someone please tell the MSRP for the sets (in USD). Thanks in advance.
  13. Stiel

    LEGO Castle 2013

    It wouldn't make much sense business-wise to release 5 big sets at once. I am assuming it is a regular wave with the sets across a proper price range (between ~$10 and ~$100). If these rumours are even true, that is.
  14. Stiel

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012 (Credits go to deskp, I only provide the link.) Not exactly the same pic, but all the dwarves plus Bilbo and Gandalf are there.
  15. Stiel

    Helms Deep use as castle?

    I say buy Helms Deep, sell the LotR figures now, and buy a Kingdoms chess set instead of the battle packs. This set is coming next year: http://bilder.bueche...9/36339439z.jpg New princess and new horse in a small set.