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  1. piratekingrd

    USS Constitution

    Yes on my old account. I couldn't find the post.
  2. piratekingrd

    Brigatine Excalibur

    Thanks and actually she is a Brigatine Bark meaning she is brigatine rigged but has three masts. You may use the technique. ANd thanks for the comments.
  3. piratekingrd

    More ships for the fleet!

    Wow you are amazing those ships are very impressive and really accurate. Nicely done.
  4. piratekingrd

    USS Constitution

    I built my own version of the USS Constitution. One of the oldest ships still comissioned.
  5. piratekingrd

    Brigatine Excalibur

    This is my 16-gunned brigatine Excalibur. I built her as a continental naval brigatine during the American Revolutionary War. It took me a month to complete her but in my eyes she is a beautiful ship.
  6. piratekingrd

    [MOC] HMS Repulse

    You ahve built a beautiful ship.
  7. I am 16 years old I love Naval History and I love to be creative. I am currently attending Dayton Job Corps Center in Dayton, Ohio. I don't have any lego's but i love to design things online.
  8. piratekingrd

    The 64-gun Ship of the Line Persephone

    Is she a Alden-Class Ship of the Line like The HMS Indefatigable was before she was cut down to a 40-gunned Frigate?
  9. piratekingrd

    The USS Constellation

    I have been to the USS Constellation in Baltimore Harbor in Maryland. She is a really Beautiful ship.
  10. piratekingrd

    Can somebody make a potc HMS providence?

    Really the HMS Surprise is played by the Replica of the ship HMS Rose but when the ship was used for Master and Commander: To the Far Side of the World they changed the name of the ship for the movie and then just decided to have the ship keep that name.
  11. Hi piratekingrd, although I like your enthousiasm, please don't bump too many old topics. Especially when on top of the thread, there's a large red title saying it's not meant for discussion. Thank you :)

  12. piratekingrd

    LEGO Endeavour?

    Which Endeavour The on from POTC or the bark?
  13. piratekingrd

    LEGO Napoleonic Wars

    I was wondering if this is the Napoleonic age why isn't ther anything abould Lord Nelson?
  14. piratekingrd

    20 gun frigate 'Vesta'

    If it is only 20 gunned wouldn't it be classified as a Sloop of war or Corvette? But other then that a beautifully designed and built ship with a good strong name.
  15. piratekingrd

    INDEX: Historic Ships, Replicas, Figureheads and Models

    I would like give a challenge to build this monster of a ship the 136 gunned Heavy First Rate Spanish Ship of the line Santisima Trinidad.