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  1. Watchman

    Wheel arches.

    I too had been hoping to build a 4-4-0 Schools Class by modifying an Emerald Night ... and replicating that approach to the wheel arch issue.
  2. Watchman

    Lego Mosaic - Girl with a pearl earring Vermeer

    Brilliant. Well done. Have you seen the Set 60008 ? (Museum Break-In) It has the same picture in it !
  3. Watchman

    [MOC] The legend of St. Nicolas

    Love the wall texture. Is that 1x1 tiles off-set slightly, or jumper plates. Amazingly realistic look.
  4. Watchman

    Lothan Castle

    Loving the overhead / aerial shot - those waves are perfect ! Impressive build. Inspiring too.
  5. Watchman

    Terra cotta roof tiles

    Really love the technique, very well done
  6. Watchman

    Review: 30212 Mirkwood Elf Guard

    Great review. Being in the UK my biggest bug bear is that this was a US only release. Would have loved a few of these.
  7. Watchman

    Black Lance Guildhouse So Far!

    Wow. Can we see inside please ? Epic scale is awesome, but details are important too (like with people, what's on the inside is more important than the outside, don't judge a book by it's cover, etc)
  8. Watchman

    Vanguard Keep

    Class build, really well done, nice touches and details, looks fab. Looking forward to more creations from you
  9. Watchman

    Headquarters of the Town Guard

    Love the modular simplicity of the guardhouse - small but good detailing. Really love the use of the weapon hook thingy as a cooking pot holder - genius. Great parts usage (as it's a silly weapon). May use this idea myself.
  10. Watchman

    [WIP] Landscape

    Details are always interesting, but so are wider angled shots of the scene from different angles. Don't hide your light under a bushel, the more photos the better, from every angle !
  11. Watchman

    375 Revisited and Revised (LDD)

    I like your modernisation of 375 in greys and blue, a nice twist, and well executed.
  12. Watchman

    [WIP] Landscape

    Great project, looking good. Any chance of links so can zoom in and see more details ?
  13. Watchman

    Village Church

    Looking good. Love the chicken coop !
  14. Watchman


    Really beautiful, well done
  15. Watchman


    Any more pictures ? Flickr ? Different angles ? Looks good, but would be good to see the build / construction techniques