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  1. That larger scale version he was working on really captured the shaping. Shame it was too big/unstable as I’d have definitely gotten that one for sure.
  2. I completely agree on the studs. It was all I could see when I first saw the pic. Quoting myself from another forum: I’m going to stop griping about if after this post, but it seems like they really missed what fans wanted/ the spirit of the submissions. The rex and the gates have no relationship to one another. Rex and fence? Sure. Gate and Explorer? Sure. Then, if you’re going to brickbuild a dinosaur, why not a sauropod and recreate the opening island scene? (Someone else said similar above). We don’t have molds for those. Yes, there was a set on ideas with a brick built rex, but importantly, it included the explorer. People weren’t voting for that set because of the content as much as the IP and they left out the part people (I don’t think I’m reaching) arguably most wanted. Rex and Explorer? Not as much griping. Gate and Explorer, not any griping. Rex and Gate? WTF. It is all the more frustrating because it would seem to at least delay or prevent the release of a set with the things people *were* hoping for. I suppose the Jeep or Explorer could come out as a set or part of one, but I felt a D2C was more likely to do them best.
  3. That is a massive letdown of a set:/. The rex itself is not bad, but doesn’t immediately make me think JP and the gates are less polished than I had hoped:(
  4. But putting them in the gate is just odd. Makes me think they must not have plans that would use those characters (ie visitor center) so shoved them in this set.
  5. It just sounds least in terms of the figs. A gate and Trex are fine, but nedry, Arnold, and Malcom don’t seem to fit without a Jeep or visitor center.
  6. They know people want the Jeep and the Explorers...makes me wonder if those would be regular sets at some point. With the Malcom I was convinced we would get the Jeep and with the rex mech, I thought the explorer had a shot since they were already using the colors. Did the gate have the wording on it? im going to try not to lament what we didn’t get and enjoy what we did, but getting neither vehicle sucks
  7. I think people want 4 things: Gates, Explorer, Jeep, and the Visitor Center. Now, there are other things like fences, etc that people want, but those are the big 4 I’d say. How many can realistically be done well in one set is the question. Just the very (presumed) existence of one JP D2C makes me hopeful they’ll do it right and give us a second one since we know the first will sell just fine. My personal wishes would be for the gates and the explorers, but based on the leaked parts, this set seems likely to be the Jeep and visitor center only.
  8. Supervir2

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The copyright stamp on that image says 2016... glad to see this thread with some discussion again. Hopefully we'll have some morsels to work with if not a full reveal in the next 1-2 weeks.
  9. Supervir2

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    From the toy fair accounts, I had expected more from the Rhino build - tough from this one pic to say much though - honestly having trouble parsing out the various parts of that set - will reserve judgment until we see it better. I also envisioned a bigger sand hand, but I guess the editability is the beauty of lego
  10. Supervir2

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    I like the boat more than I anticipated (from what I can tell). Jokerland disappoints in the scale - the rides and look are ok, but it just seems insubstantial for what we're told the cost is. I do like the batmobile though.
  11. Supervir2

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    That batmobile looks pretty fair to my eyes. Not, "OMG must have!", but for an accessory build to a larger set, it is good.
  12. Supervir2

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Was the Sandman classic styling with the green/purple striped t-shirt and tan/grey pants? Did he have any special limb pieces to build weapons onto? Thanks for the great tidbits!
  13. Supervir2

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    I don't know why, but I'm moderately disappointed the Avengers tower has a stickered "A" rather than a brick built A...for some reason I pictured one and got use to the idea. Quinjet is probably my favorite and overall, the figures look good.
  14. Supervir2

    [MOC] Particle Accelerator

    This is a nice build and a very enjoyable video. The "particle" moving was very satisfying, but the ramping up speed and the joke at the end are great.
  15. I'll definitely get the carpenter, fencer, hot dog guy, paleontologist, and King. Will almost certainly end up getting the snake charmer, disco diva, and goblin too once I have the chance. *maybe* the 2 space figures, samurai, and sheriff. That King just strikes all the right kingly notes.
  16. Supervir2

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    Good find. Still really like the ship. Superman can go to my movie collection and I already have a custom MM, but all in all, very excited for this!
  17. Supervir2

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    So, this is probably common knowledge, but when we say these are 2015 releases, does that mean January or just early 2015?
  18. Supervir2

    How do you display your modular building collection?

    Loving everyone's pics here. I'm late to this AFOL thing and just (within the last 3 months) jumped in head first getting all of the official sets (except MS (no interest), TH (next double points window), and am about to bricklink CC) as well as bricklinking (about 70% through!) 12 of brickcitydepot's sets (15 buildings)). I knew the footprint for these would be huge, but seeing your photos really puts it in perspective. I'm not sure I can have them all out and built at once. When I do get them all built, I'll come back and post a pic though:)
  19. Supervir2


    Lego fan from childhood but hadn't played with them in a LONG time until my daughter showed interest. A few months ago I picked up a few City sets for fun (they really had a nostalgia factor for me) and then saw modulars and I've spiraled downhill since. 6 official modulars and 12 MOC ones I'm bricklinking later and...ouch! Really cool stuff posted here! Looking forward to more fun.
  20. Supervir2

    MOC: Type III Ambulance

    I know this is a bump out of the blue, but I saw this over on cuusoo and you mentioned there were instructions in the works. I know the LDD for the previous edit was available, but I really like this new one (and the red/white alt version) so was hoping there were instructions or an LDD out there. You really captured the style of our typical vehicles! Great job.
  21. Supervir2

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The lighting repair truck and the camper seem a bit redundant but the logging truck, tow truck, and car carrier look quite nice. Can't wait to see more!
  22. Supervir2

    Modular Madness: Terrace Apartments / Barbershop

    This is terrific! Would love to build it one day.