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  1. 100 Greatest Toys

    Well my congrats to LEGO for making a worthy product.
  2. Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    Always glad to hear about another reasonable man coming to bluecoat's side! We may need to keep an eye on him and his army.
  3. Dino Search

    Work on speach bubbles and effects. Also make something other then random violence and it will be a fine comic.
  4. Crab-Films International

    Nice MOC once again but have you heard of the "Brick Comic Network"? One of their comics Bricks Of The Dead Is offering to have MOCs or comics featured on their site and I would love to see this on there! Is there any other pictures on Flickr? That is if you have one.
  5. Another Brick In The Wall (Ein Kleiner Witz)

    I feel like im the only one posting in this topic....meh ill get over it!It looks like the collectible minfigs have the spotlight now I also wonder if they see the dog in the corner plotting their demise?
  6. Lego Fall Catalog showing up in Germany

    My only complaint for the American version is that they only show the inside of Hogwarts on the cover.
  7. LEGO Star Wars Comic - Fun With Han & Chewie!

    I ment for luke's face on #6 because I only saw that face in the holiday workshop and it was yellow.
  8. Good job on the animation what frame rate do you do?
  9. LEGO Star Wars Comic - Fun With Han & Chewie!

    All are awesome may I suggest the grunts meeting Han?Also is that Photoshop on #6?
  10. ToR II Winners Announcement!

    Almost got it anyway hurray for all the winners but I'll be back next year for some fun!
  11. Great Fox (Starfox)

    Good to see it's the 64 module and not the Command module because in 64:helps in area 6 Command:not only do I have to worry about my teammates I have to save the "great"fox from missiles constatly! But nice MOC overall now it only needs 4 little arwings and one crashing into a rock.
  12. The ToR II Studio Headquarters

    Looks like the Commodore never read the first rule of hosting a show. I 4th the 5 factions idea it would feel more like a all out war kinda like risk. And finnaly I hope to the best of all for this tournament was the best! Who says all sequels are worst the the original?
  13. Crab-Films International

    Nice MOC once again my crabby flavored friend. Cop 1:Okay lets just skip all evidence and say the butler did it Butler:But we all saw the gardener kill him! Cop 2: No buts it's always the butler Butler:For god's sake man he wrote his name in the body! Cop 1:That proves nothing now get in the car!
  14. Napoleonicpunk

    There are really no words for what's going on in my mind upon seeing this.
  15. HMS Unicorn Teaser

    Still wondering when next updates are.
  16. The ToR II Studio Headquarters

    Redcoats= coping canibal freaks! Why must good comics be made with bluecoat tragedies?
  17. Odd Jobs

    Wow!......Welcome to eurobricks!
  18. Tournament of Retribution II Entry: Round 2

    No it's pink lemonade us Bluecoats made it just for you . Also I saw a typo where Fugazi says stuppid instead of stupid.
  19. Tournament of Retribution II Entry: Round 2

    What's this you can't even come up with a insult!And have you ever even heard of the old jingle? "sticks and stones may break a redcoat's bones but words will never hurt me!"
  20. TOR II Entry, Round 2

    Since water is known to be blue the redcoats never learned how to swim and the commodore drowned .Nice entry loved the giant Skalldyr crab!
  21. The ToR II Studio Headquarters

    I would of rather returned that present,but anyway nice comic once again commodore.
  22. Tournament of Retribution II Entry: Round 2

    Because redcoats are too stupid to realise there own death.
  23. Tournament of Retribution II Round 2

    Nice work I had to laugh at the "love making part" also, don't worry about the 20th edition collectors set I have a guy on it to "fix it".
  24. Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    Humming until your cooked enough to eat by MR.Avenger over there?
  25. Tournament of Retribution II Entry: Round 2

    Until you get cooked by a bluecoat......again!