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  1. beatpoet

    Garage Find Old Space Themed Sets

    OMG, all the Ice planet stuff, one of my favorite themes from my childhood.
  2. beatpoet

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The gray piece is probably this:
  3. Thanks for another great raffle, got my package yesterday.
  4. beatpoet

    Pick-A-Brick & Pick-A-Model

    Made the first visit to the local Lego store since they put this in place. Only filled one large cup, but they didn't say anything about grabbing handfuls of bricks from the pick a model sections. Hopefully it stays that way, but if they're only going to switch it out every 3 months like it says on that one link, that seems to really limit the selection. Putting the cups on the wall also further limits the selection. They only had one model available for the pick a model at my store, not two, I suspect that will be the case for any of the smaller stores.
  5. beatpoet

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Went to the Cincinnati store last night, they had a few new things that I hadn't seen on the wall in my previous few visits. 1x2 medium blue plates 1x1 black headlight bricks 1x2 yellow bricks with smiley face and freckles black plant tree palm tops 1x2 black bricks with vertical clip 1x2 dark grey plate with arm up white minifig utensil seats 2x2
  6. Thanks for doing the raffle, got one of the prizes I wanted too. Squeaked in on the last day.
  7. Managed to find the 7965 Millenium Falcon at Target for $42. No price on the shelf, so I scanned it at one of the scanners at the end of the aisle and lucked out. I think maybe someone entered it into the system with the wrong price, but I'm not gonna complain, no missing minifigs or anything. Also picked up the ISD at the VIP event a week ago, so its been a week of SW building for me...
  8. Would love to have a new DJ mixer for the holidays this year since mine went kaput recently.
  9. beatpoet

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Found the 7965 Millenium Falcon at Target for 41.98 today, it had no price marked on it so I used one of the scanners at the end of the aisle to see how much they were charging and was surprised it was marked so low(wasn't on a clearance rack or anything). Someone wasn't paying attention when they put that price in the system, lol. Win for me though :)
  10. beatpoet

    Exclusive access store event

    Just left the Cincinnati store, our goody bag was slightly different. Got the turkey set and wrapping paper plus a small train ornament that is in a little red bag. Double points, but no discounts there either. I got the skating rink set and calendar as well for spending over 100 bucks.
  11. beatpoet

    Exclusive access store event

    If anyone else is going to the Cincinnati event, let me know and say hi!
  12. beatpoet

    Hi from Ohio.

    Welcome to the site! <-also in Ohio, in Cincy
  13. beatpoet

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Thanks, I'm not very familiar with bionicle stuff and was searching in completely different sections for them.
  14. beatpoet

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Anyone got an id on these two? They were part of a bulk lot and I'm not having luck finding them easily.
  15. beatpoet

    MOC: Aurora

    Great MOC, lots of excellent details. That would be this: