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  1. legitimatealex

    Expand the Winter Village Contest IV - Voting

    42. CarsonBrick - 3 48. rodiziorobs - 2
  2. legitimatealex

    Future of SW Contest: Small Category Voting Thread

    16. LukeClarenceVan - Where's Solo? - 2 points 18. Pablo94 - The Statue of Darth Vader - 3 point
  3. legitimatealex

    Future of SW Contest: Large Category Voting Thread

    13. ACpin - Yoda's Legacy - 3 points 12. pedro - Escape from Na Shaddaa - 2 points Very good entries.
  4. legitimatealex

    MSFC Voting Thread

    5. Freighter over Ice Planet Biodome - Lt. de Martinet – 3 points 6. Ice Planet Colony - Dark_Alamez - 2 point.
  5. legitimatealex

    FAPC Voting Thread

    5. Duh-Nuh - madLEGOman - 3 Points 15. Chicken Moonbase - vecchiasignoraceppo - 2 points.
  6. legitimatealex

    Avatar Contest Voting thread

    4. Kristel - 3 Points 30. Holodoc - 2 Points
  7. legitimatealex

    Expand the Winter Village Contest III Voting Topic

    #3. HundredHander - 3 points. #3 Etzel - 2 points. Great entries all around.
  8. legitimatealex

    Superhero Video Contest: Voting Thread

    #11 Life on Gotham Street by whataboutlego 3 Points.
  9. legitimatealex

    EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    #9 by Captain Nemo, 3 points. Knocked my socks off.
  10. legitimatealex

    EB SW Xmas raffle 2012

    My Christmas hope: the LEGO R2D2 that's out. That said, good pie and the company of tiny dog would be wonderful too!
  11. legitimatealex

    Classical Western.

    Simply built but well executed and a pleasure to look at. The inside is a little empty though but you get props for using my favorite mustachioed minifigure.
  12. legitimatealex

    Original Castle or LOTR?

    While I'm happy with the LOTR license, I'm sad about the designs themselves and the sets that were chosen to be made. My first problem is that they are so terribly drab and boring. Castle has always had a problem with tending to have too much grey and not enough of another color added to them but LOTR is really exacerbating the problem. Helms Deep might as well just be generic grey wall set. The specific scenes that were chosen to be recreated aren't the best either. There are a ton of more colorful and exciting scenes, like Rivendell or Lothlorien that could have been chosen. Isengard would have been a great choice, or anything with ents.
  13. legitimatealex

    Feast in the Castle Garden

    Looks great. Good luck in your contest. Who is the fellow in purple supposed to be? Is he the ambassador?
  14. legitimatealex

    Modular Madness: Rob's House

    Two Robie houses and you will have all the brick red you need : ) Either that or a great Pick A Brick experience. Good luck! I think you should definitely build this.