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  1. Looks great. To be honest though I'd just be after some of them lovely look switches/points/turnouts. Are you going to be producing them? I don't see them as an option for backers.
  2. Pizzareno


    Decided to go for a far more simple solution. Although looking at the examples above it did convince me to raise the height of the loco 1 plate above the bogie. Upon examining the real life example more I have decided that the wheels should appear more recessed and only the springs be more prominent. I don't know which solution looks better though. I would change the bogie springs to black rather than sliver but that still doesn't make up my mind. Anyone got any opinion on this?
  3. Heck I'll do a straight swap with you for some of the isolating tracks for some normal straight if you want to do that!
  4. Pizzareno


    Hi Crispy, here is a photo of the bogies currently. The idea is that I can swap the back bogie for another 9v motor. If you could show me what you do that would be most helpful and appreciated :) Thank you.
  5. Pizzareno


    Hello Train Tech. I have been working on a new locomotive. I know I take a very long time between projects, but anyway here is a new project I am looking for some input on. Here is some samples of the prototype - I know there is some rainbow colouring and that can be sorted with a few bricklink orders. Before I do that however, I would like the expert advice and input from the community on any changes or improvements you might make to refine the model. I struggle with the bogies as the detailing on the wheels are only held on with a single stud between each wheel set. I have changed the black bar on the cab to a minifig hand and reversed the headlight brick to hold it. The front of the cab I plan to use a yellow vinyl sticker unless someone can design a better window arrangement :) For the places where there are short white bars I will cut a white flex tube to size. The other thing I haven't been able to come up with is a way to keep the roundness of the cab roof and add horns to one side. Anyone got any ideas for that? Well, anyway please let me know what you think.
  6. Pizzareno

    2016 Lego trains

    Of course it is nearly impossible to tell where an idea comes from these days as we are so connected by the web and you could see something and take it onboard and forget where it comes from very easily. I really just wanted to point out I did this 3 years ago and LEGO's idea wasn't new Regardless I'll still probably try and get one of these sets.
  7. Pizzareno

    2016 Lego trains

    zephyr1934, you say they stole your idea for a wheel powered contraption. I feel the same way. Check out my train from December 2013 -
  8. Pizzareno

    [MOC] Grain Elevator for new layout

    A bit late to the party I am but I would also like to say how much I love this. It just looks so right. You have captured that industrial type of building so well. I am very impressed
  9. Pizzareno

    Those Chima sets..

    I didn't like Chima when it came out but the theme really grew on me. I bought lots of the early sets. Unfortunately there were to many sets for me to buy all at once and then once the theme ended they pretty much disappeared from shelves in my country. I would have loved to purchase these at 50% off! We miss out on some really good deals here. Jealous of you guys living in the US that can get some really great deals.
  10. Pizzareno

    [MOD] 10220 - Motor rotation Camper Van

    That is a great little modification. I like it very much
  11. Pizzareno

    Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    I have voted for most of these projects that have been mentioned but alas I am just 1 vote out of 10,000 needed and that feels like such a small drop in the bucket. It would be nice to push more trains through and get them in to the forefront of LEGO's mind (if they are not there already). I know people say that trains aren't popular and there is no market and we need TV shows and computer games to market products to children and I think that is sad commentary of where we are as a society. Maybe we need to get some realistic, buildable Railway Series (Thomas the Tank Engine) models through Ideas. As that is all kids seem to know of trains these days. Here are a couple of articles about traditional railway modelling at it feels rather depressing to me. This shows to me where we are at with railway modelling as a whole. I do miss the days of the 12v and all the accessories we got. I poured over those catalogues for countless nights dreaming of what my non-existent pocket money could buy. I don't think we'll see those days again for the foreseeable future. The nature of the way children play has changed from when I was a kid. I'm only 33 now. We had our first computer when I was 8 but it wasn't the be all and end all like it is now for some children. My kids don't have computers and don't have phones. They are allowed to watch instructional type videos on occasion but for the most part they make up their own fun. And funnily enough LEGO and their Duplo or LEGO trains are one of the most popular items after playing house or being outside.
  12. Pizzareno

    Ultra Agents Train (MOC)

    Absolutely awesome. I have been planning and working on ideas for an Ultra Agents train too. If/When I ever get it finished I'll post some photos
  13. Pizzareno

    Video: Underwater Lego Train

    I really like that. I love seeing LEGO equipment in real world settings. I admire guys who can build large scenes with only LEGO bricks but seeing diggers with actual dirt and stuff is the best to me.
  14. You are very talented. I am very much enjoying your work. This stuff is amazing, absolutely amazing.
  15. Pizzareno

    REVIEW: 70009 Worriz' Combat Lair

    I was happy to pick this up super cheap. I got 2 of them actually and mostly for the figs though they do make a nice parts pack. I managed to get it for only $20USD...$30NZD.