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  1. So do you want me to completely get rid of the legs from the picture or just not mention it?
  2. Alright thanks, I just finished it and I uploaded the images, thanks for the great contest WhiteFang
  3. This is for the Hazmat Guy. Bob was inspecting the headquarters and found an unexpected surprise! So he used a very common but well known strategy, RUN!!!!! This is from the new theme, Alien Conquest.
  4. When you say any theme for Section A, does that mean all existing themes such as star wars, space, ninjago, etc? Or can it be a made up theme?
  5. PhantomX

    Transforming destroyer droid

    I love it, except too complicated
  6. PhantomX

    MOC: Walking

    Great MOC, I love the terrain.
  7. PhantomX

    MOC: Toy Story 3 Pod Racer

    I love the design, never would have thought of it. Maybe you could include stretch and chunk he figures into part of he engine.
  8. PhantomX

    SpongeBob invisible boatmobile!

    Wow I love the MOC that doesn't exist, it's amazing!!!!
  9. PhantomX

    MOC: Pizza Shop

    Very Nice, I love all the details.
  10. PhantomX

    Giving away Lego sets

    Nice joke, glad you weren't serious
  11. PhantomX

    Giving away Lego sets

    Ill take the few technic you have, and also any brown or tan pieces would be great, just PM me. Thanks
  12. PhantomX

    MOC: 7 Wide Cars

    Great design and colors, do you have instructions?
  13. PhantomX

    Giving away Lego sets

    I'll take any technic you have, just PM me.
  14. PhantomX

    Alien Revenge Tank

    I love it, great design, what reads are these?
  15. PhantomX

    BARC Speeder - Clone Wars Version

    I love it, so much detail compared to TLC version. Great Job.