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    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I have 2 Questions: 1) To those with the Akro-Mills or StackOn drawer cabinets: Do they actually stack well? Is there grooves to make them fit and lock on top of each other, or is it just smooth tops and bottoms, or even unstable? 2) Has anyone found a tackle box or some form of hard see-through storage that perfectly fits minifigs with a few accessories, specifically for the collectible minifigs? I want something with similar fitting to what "willy_poodle" posted on page 12, but that's in the UK, plus it seems like it's for a drawer set. I prefer a top down view method, more like a box. Thanks.
  2. Oh I see how it works now Thank you very much +1 karma for you!
  3. Hello I have a problem with the linear actuator in the set 8052 Container Truck. (this, in case people don't know the name of the part: If anyone has the instructions, page 58 of book one, steps 3 and 4. Otherwise, this is the direct Lego Support link ( Come here and search 8052 if you don't trust me ( My linear actuator has the metal arm part completely inside the plastic body part (skinner part completely inside fat part, for lack of a simpler description). But, the instructions show that a portion of the metal skinny part actually comes out for the end to reach the second holes of the gray liftarms it attaches to (11 holed ones), it only reaches about the first holes. It doesn't come out even after some tough pulling, as many of you may know (or I'm doing something wrong). Is there an easy way for me to the the arm out without damaging the part? I'm new to Technic, so please excuse me if it's a simply solved question. Thanks in advance. BTW: I can do some crude circling/highlighting via Paint if my description doesn't come across clearly enough.