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  1. Thanks for the feedback. You all confirmed what I was leaning towards myself. The fact that it was a landslide for the AROCS erases all question in my mind. AROCS it is!
  2. So now that the Mack has been out for a bit I find myself in a situation where I can buy it or 42043. The price of purchase is the same regardless and I'll likely only buy one or the other, not both. By all accounts 42043 is an achievement mechanically, very realistic and of course, all those pneumatics! My question is for those who have the Mack, how do they compare? Would the Mack be worth passing on the Mercedes?
  3. I was just watching the Tom Cruise movie The Firm (1993) and I was surprised to find Set 6346 make an appearance in this serious lawyer thriller! (@2:26:30ish)
  4. Zoenarr

    MOC: Micro buildings

    I like the detail of the balconies in the first picture on the building on the right! Very nice detail overall! The two office buildings are excellent!
  5. Zoenarr

    Purist steampunk minifigs!

    These are terrific! First row, first and fourth from left; second row, third from left and finally fifth row, first, third and fourth are excellent. I'll have to go visit the store and see if I can create matches!
  6. Zoenarr

    Kromikoma - Think Tank

    This is very cool! The colors are great and the design is very well done!
  7. Zoenarr

    [MOC] The adventures of Roland the Gunslinger

    I'm a HUGE fan of this series-- some of the best fantasy writing ever, but knowing this scene I can't help but think MORE blood could be added! ; ) I'd be curious to see what other mics you come up with. (Blaine the train would be excellent if you're good with trains)
  8. Zoenarr

    [MOC] Small church

    I think the robe and shirt from the graduate in mini fig series five might work for the pastor/minister. It depends on the time you're trying to match. Judging by the colours of the interior and the characters entering I'd guess somewhere in the 80's? Looks good!
  9. Zoenarr

    [JFAIR] Saab 340 WIP

    That's great! So you're replicating yours! Our planes travel along the west coast of BC. I enjoy the Saab's quite a bit. Ours are deep blue bottomed and white topped ( a little harder to achieve with Technic) :)
  10. Zoenarr

    [JFAIR] Saab 340 WIP

    I'm enjoying the progress of this project! I fuel these planes at my local airport and I look forward to seeing them in technic form! Good luck with the remainder!
  11. Zoenarr

    [C-MODEL] 8110 Jeep

    Hey, I ordered your instructions a few days ago and finally built the Jeep yesterday. Amazing model! I haven't made it a remote yet but aesthetically, technically it's very cool. Thanks for the instructions! Also, this won't help you improve anything, but I found the instructions to be just fine. If anything they reminded of old school instructions where you simply had to focus more on what you were doing rather than having every single additional piece completely obvious. Most of the difficulty here was due to things like black pin in black piece.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm new here and just wanted to add that I visit the Lego stores in Vancouver and Surrey, BC about once a week, and both stores periodically have 41999 in stock. I say this for those who may feel there's no hope in getting one. They are still out there and they're not sold out. The Surrey store had four on Thursday!