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  1. 10or

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    We could be getting a CoS based on year 7 when Hermione and Ron go down to the chamber to get the basilisk fangs to destroy the Horcruxes (it was shown in the movie). So they are releasing Tom in the book and unfortunately would have to use the sad basilisk from the Great Hall for Year 2.
  2. 10or

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Does anyone else hope we get a remake of the game? Would love to see all the new designs of the characters plus a massive Hogwarts to explore and hear dialogue from the films
  3. 10or

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I for one am excited about Privet Drive! I have been wanting an update since the original and all three Dursley’s to be represented in LEGO. I hope they include the cupboard under the stairs. Now I have to get the Knight Bus so I can display it with Privet Drive.
  4. 10or

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Just spent New Year’s Day building the Clock Tower! Very fun build and now I have a place for the Hogwarts Architect statue from the advent calendar (in place of the chest next to the sad Goblet of Fire). Dumbledore’s office and the goblet were the only disappointing builds imo. Cannot wait for news for this years sets!
  5. 10or

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Odd comment, but I was hoping we would get a new updated Monster Book of Monsters with the newer book and a new Marauders Map. Still happy this line is back!
  6. The DLC for the game is available good selection, the founders, Luna with the Lion Hat, Ghoul in Ron's PJs, Peeves, Harry Yule Ball, and Hermione Pink Dress wish they would add some more levels or something
  7. 10or

    Harry Potter 2011 Discussion

    new contest opened on the LEGO Harry Potter page
  8. 10or

    Harry Potter 2011 Discussion

    i heard that there were problems with the shirts, did you try emailing them? i read that some people didnt get their shirts because some stores gave them out on the Skyrim release party. and the shirts are only in youth sizes, no adult
  9. love the game just wish that HBP and DH were as long as OotP I really wish they included Quidditch, Lavender and Ron, Katie Bell getting cursed, OWLS, more Battle of Hogwarts, etc. hope the DLC comes with more stuff to do besides just more characters Dobbys death is worse in LEGO form than in the books and movie imo.
  10. The game is pretty GREAT! You can also play as Arnold, Ginny's Pygmy Puff!!
  11. :D :D :D cannot wait for Friday!!!! anyone else think it weird that they didn't promote this game as much as they did 1-4? 1-4 had so many different trailers and everything
  12. The demo is also now available on the Playstation Store for download
  13. 10or

    Harry Potter 2011 Discussion

    maybe if you buy Years 5-7 at Target, they will give you the polybag for free they gave away the smallest PoC when the PoC game was released went to my Target and they didn't have their Christmas stuff out yet, waiting to clear out their Halloween stuff
  14. 10or

    Harry Potter 2011 Discussion

    the demo is now available for download