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  1. TheCrimsonTrooper

    BrickArms July 2014: AK Variants

    TIme to increase the money I'm setting aside for Brickfair in August.
  2. TheCrimsonTrooper

    Design a NEW LEGO Pirates Sub-Theme - Themes Suggestions

    I propose a PRIVATEER vs MERCHANTS sub-theme. I think it would be fun to see how TLG would explore that part of history.. They could even use logos carried over from the classic pirates line to imply that the different imperial groups are not affiliated with each other. For example, an Imperial Guards privateer might attack an Imperial Armada merchant ship.
  3. TheCrimsonTrooper

    Ameribricks: Shocking News Here

    Honestly, I just came out of the shadows that is lurking, just to point out, that I found this hilarious. And that I find stereotypes of the country I live in to be side-burstingly (yes I made that adverb up) good.
  4. TheCrimsonTrooper

    recoiling cannon

    This is both relatively simple and brilliant. Though I am certain we may see this implemented in more than just ships, maybe some of the animation oriented builders could find a use for this.
  5. TheCrimsonTrooper

    Fake LEGO pirates : general discussion

    After looking at the pictures of the Toyrific brand Pirate and Castle sets, I find that the themes don't look very consistent. For if you look at the Blackheart Fortress set, it looks as though they tried to combine Vikings, Cowboys, and Pirates in one go. Furthermore, I don't understand what dragons have to do with Pirates, unless Toyrific really doesn't care about blending the medieval with pirates and cowboys. Am I the only one who has a problem with this theme blending?
  6. TheCrimsonTrooper

    Fake LEGO pirates : general discussion

    So far, I think that thei imitaition of 30176 is pretty unique, after all they did make a different leaf pattern. As of now, their downfalls are hideous face designs, and a decent color scheme.
  7. TheCrimsonTrooper

    Problems with Kingdoms

    I normally do the driving. It doesn't matter if it is farther away to get to the Legos you want, it just means the trips aren't as frequent.
  8. is looking forward to games of Brickwars in college dorms.

  9. TheCrimsonTrooper

    Fake LEGO pirates : general discussion

    I'm going to have to agree with Norrington on this one. While these may be at times blatant copies of Lego or plain look bad to some people, I must admit they are the only clone brand that makes the cut for compatability. I even bought one of the sets to compare Enlighten to Lego, Enlighten's colors are off at times and the molds aren't always the same, but it seems to me they are of the group of clones that try hard to be Lego.
  10. TheCrimsonTrooper

    Seawall Bunker

    To be honest, most of time I try Apoc, it takes a military turn to some extent.
  11. TheCrimsonTrooper

    Seawall Bunker

    This MOC has been long overdue for me as I have spent nearly a year on it. Though to be honest most of that time I was in college as this rested at home as a WIP. After the apocalypse, a group of ex-military survivors and local survivalists banded together in a town that was home to a small military bunker. After they secured the town as theirs they traded a secure nights rest for supplys from roaming scavengers. Overview: Buildings: Sniper: Seawall: Bunker Entrance: Bunker Interior: More of my MOCs can be found here. C&C is welcome.
  12. TheCrimsonTrooper

    Looking for Ideas and C&C

    I am hoping to make two of my Lego armies look a bit more diverse and was hoping what custom and Lego parts I should consider in doing this. Keep in mind I'm on a limited budget and am still expanding my overall collection of all things Lego. All this is happening slowly due to college. Up first are my desert troops, as of now I have two sets of troops, guard troops in pith helmets and standard infantry in brimmed hats and Stahlhelms. For these guys I'm trying to comfortably mix world war and modern uniforms. Then there are the guards. And finally, from left to right are the technician, commander, and a tanker. Up next are my Red Team troops, I want them to appear like small time sci-fi mercenaries. So far I've used MMCB for the sniper and technician's outfits, and have extensively used Brickarms for weaponry. Some Brickforge has also been used.
  13. TheCrimsonTrooper

    Elizabethan Privateer The Princess Ceinwyn

    This is just plain amazing! It just looks perfect. To be honest, I think this has to be my favorite ship MOC I've seen.
  14. TheCrimsonTrooper

    CREATOR Review: 5771 Hillside House

    Is it a bad thing if I vote "roug, rough, rough" for the dog?
  15. TheCrimsonTrooper

    Marine's looking for a ship!

    Well, your army of "emergency funds" is of an impressive number. As per the discussion of the ship, I believe that 14 Marines sounds sufficient for a 2 deck ship.