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  1. JustinYum

    Chat BrikWars: LIBOR to Me (Temporary)

    Half an hour later Managing Director Hanson: Jeez, what happened here? CFO Dr. Fuller: You and I both know precisely what happened. The Immortal Sigma Legion’s plan is clear to me. They want to destabilize the economies of the Anti-Immortal Alliance. Disrupting and publicizing our LIBOR rigging operations to roil the markets was a part of that - although we are always one step ahead, our corporate laptops wipe themselves when moved 20 meters away from an employee. MD Hanson: But why are they targeting us specifically? CFO Dr. Fuller: You see, Mr. Hanson, they’re not targeting us. We just happen to be the most powerful bank in the galaxy, which is why we tend to intersect with their operations quite often. It’s quite clear. MD Hanson: What is? CFO Dr. Fuller: The Immortals are our enemy. And there are only two ways the firm deals with enemies - turn them over, or crush them.
  2. JustinYum

    Chat BrikWars: LIBOR to Me (Temporary)

    Agent Valkova: A successful operation, and at no pro-Immortal casualties - that’s astounding. The Accountant will be pleased. Lord Wildman: We eliminated the GS and Hells Fargo points of contact for this arrangement - and we stole incriminating documents from their laptops on their involvement as blackmail. I’d say it’s a pretty good haul. Agent Valkova: Well, we’d better teleport out before Trattorian forces arrive. It’s a pleasure working with you, Lord Wildman. Lord Wildman: And you as well. Good luck with your knee.
  3. JustinYum

    Chat BrikWars: LIBOR to Me (Temporary)

    Immortals Valkova attempts to rip out Dr. Tanaka’s spine with her knife. Unfortunately, she misses and instead stabs her own knee, ending her days as an adventurer. She now has to limp at half speed until she can get it healed. The Immortals turn their shield wall against the last remaining GS CRI, and combine fire. Their target bites the dust. Britannia The Britannian infantry gun down Dr. Tanaka, while stumble guy stumbles again. Meanwhile Lord Wildman stops, drops, and rolls to put the fire out, and then takes a leisurely stroll to seize all the laptops in the room and depositing some funds into his personal account - paying taxes on it, of course.
  4. JustinYum

    Chat BrikWars: LIBOR to Me (Temporary)

    Britannia/Claybar The Britannian troops take aim at the GS CRIs, although one of them stumbles. Their shields at the wrong angle, three of them get butchered. Lord Wildman then brews a burning hot pot of tea, pouring it carefully into a teacup he always keeps on his person as a good Britannian. He takes a sip, preparing to spew it on the remaining GS forces. Instead it burns his throat and sets him on fire. GS Dr. Tanaka grabs her laptop and jumps onto the glass table, eyeing Agent Valkova. She runs at Volkova planning to decapitate her with the razor-thin Macbook Air and fueled by the impulsive risk taking of investment bankers. Unfortunately Valkova side-steps and Dr. Tanaka lands flat on her face with a shattered macbook. The last remaining GS CRI moves up but fails to hit anything.
  5. JustinYum

    Chat BrikWars: LIBOR to Me (Temporary)

    Immortals Agent Volkova prepares to boomerang her knife at the Hells Fargo representative (feat). She succeeds, slicing off the banker’s head. She then gets behind the Immortal shield wall as the latter trains their rifles on the USA forces. USA eliminated
  6. (To Eurobricks denizens: I apologize for invading your forums for a bit, but every single member on our native BrikWars forums got banned for a week as a part of an April Fool's joke gone wrong, so I'm temporarily hosting/playing our battle here. Sorry if this isn't the right place, we're going to move over the final copy back to our forums once the admins sort out the mess). Corpora, planet Trattoria, Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria VP Dr. Tanaka: Very well, now that everyone is here we may begin negotiations. VP Dr. Tanaka: As we all know, all of the major banks of the Nehellenium Galaxy have been rigging the London InterBank Offer Rate, or LIBOR, for several years now. On behalf of Goldberg Sucks, I wanted to meet with you and your firms today to reaffirm your commitment to our LIBOR deflation and underreporting scheme. Good collusion, as you know, requires good cooperation. VP Savavoth Why of course, Dr. Tanaka, Hells Fargo makes a tremendous amount of money off of what we do. We’d have no reason to cheat on the deal. Lord Wildman: Well, Claybar PLC may require additional negotiations contingent on several factors. Dr. Tanaka: Claybar and Britannia’s participation is absolutely essential. What might your firm be asking for, Lord Wildman? Agent Valkova: Now’s my chance to impress the Accountant. Legionnaires, keep your eyes on the mission. Agent Valkova: IMMORTALIS! Dr. Tanaka: But...how could you betray us like this, Lord Wildman? Lord Wildman: Word didn’t reach you about what happened to Dr. Chhabra? Besides, the Immortals are Britannia’s allies...and they brought me back to life after the last battle. I’m really sorry, but also not really, it’s just business.
  7. JustinYum

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    I personally modded my own Vaporizer to have a little dissection table and some tools. It's a tight fit but increases the playability in my eyes. If this set ever has a third wave, I predict a $120 Red-Squad juggernaut just to appease all the billy-no-mates people.
  8. JustinYum

    Ninjago and Star Wars

    I've always had an idea in the back of my head to make sci-fi "Ninjago" moc's featuring the multicolored classic space astronauts. I still need red and black ones though.
  9. JustinYum

    New Chinese Knock off LEGO company

    Anybody remember the ninjago episode where the ninja are replaced by evil body doubles? That was my first thought upon reading this thread.
  10. JustinYum

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    Welp. If this theme is true, it would destroy almost any chance of the Space Marines cuusoo project getting approved (conflicts with TLG's own themes, etc.) Perhaps it was inspired by it? (ie red marines, "colorful" vehicles, insectoid ugokin)
  11. JustinYum

    Ninjago 2013

    Here's the most interesting quote for me: Like Avatar? With lego versions of those awesome choppers and mechs?
  12. JustinYum

    Ninjago 2013

    Dear mother of god...I don't post here often, and while Ninjago has never really been my favorite theme, the fact that there is a possibility of it being replaced by TMNT is horrifying to me. At least when I see Ninjago I know that it is a deep storyline made with TLG's own blood, sweat, and tears in a world where almost half of its themes are licensed. If we accept TLG's new corporate strategy of conflict and storylines then in my opinion Ninjago epitomizes how to do it right (not to mention it had some well-executed sets for what they were). Aside from ranting and onto constructive discussion- indeed Legends of Chima sounds the most likely, likely because it's similar to Ninjago and could possibly ride off of its success. Moreover, if it indeed has an Oriental theme to it (pretty arbitrary, my second best guess is South-American) then maybe they could be encouraging kiddies to integrate the Ninjago and Chima sets? I remembered TLG combined the canons for Atlantis, Alien Conquest, and Pharoah's Quest so there is precedent. EDIT: The TMNT article that mentioned a "reliable source" said a release date of January 2013. So if it is to be believed, and since we know we have one more wave of Ninjago, then we know it's not "replacing" the theme.
  13. JustinYum

    Speedorz 2013?

    Indeed it does. For some reason the very first thing I thought when I saw the name speedorz was a futuristic racing theme with hover-cars. I think X-tra weird characterz are generally added to sci-fi names. Obviously this probably should only be taken as speculation, for all we know it could be a theme about Mr. Khil and Boxxy.
  14. JustinYum

    TAGS! who wants TAGS and Titles!?!

    Pfffttt-the other themes don't stand a chance. Sci-fi is clearly the best. I could probably cook something up before the end of August. I think it would be incredibly cool if a bunch of sci-fi fans teamed up and each made entries resembling all the different space themes (Classic-space friends, Blacktron friends, etc.)
  15. JustinYum

    2011 Alien Conquest

    Why don't you look around here some more? Although I do agree Alien Conquest just isn't being MOCed as much as some other themes around here.