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  1. senteosan

    LEGO IDEAS: Jurassic Park

    Thank you everybody for your kind words, your comments are all encouraging. Very much appreciated! Sorry I don't understand your logic either, so you think ideas with already existing license won't be made? Because I think it's just the opposite, for example situation like this would be great opportunity for Lego Group without additional costs for licensing.
  2. senteosan

    LEGO IDEAS: Jurassic Park

    Hi all, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster! I would like to introduce my Lego Ideas project, Jurassic Park. I submitted this project to Lego Ideas originally already back in August 2013. The project gathered supporters fairly quickly but unfortunately it got archived because of the licensing issues between Lego and JP franchise. As we know now Lego has got back the license for Jurassic Park and the projects are again allowed. Some maybe think this Idea may be needless as Lego have already announced Lego sets based JP for the next year, however let's keep in mind that those sets are most likely based to new movie "Jurassic World" and its characters and scenery. My idea is for those who want to see set and minifigures from original 1993 movie "Jurassic Park"! :) I have always thought this as a display piece, like Lego UCS -style collectible item but there certainly is a lot play value here too. So if you like idea, please add your support! I would also appreciate it very much. Link to the project: PS. I made a short animation using elements from this idea (one of my favorite scenes from Jurassic Park): T-rex 360 degrees: Cheers, Sami Mustonen