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  1. The geeky kind

    Snot Rock Tutorial

    Super, thanks for sharing..
  2. The geeky kind

    REVIEW: The Battle of the Five Armies

    Thanks for the review, I love a good honest opinion...
  3. The geeky kind

    MEC Category B: Pippin and the Barrow Downs

    I thought the same thing.. Lovely Moc & Story
  4. The geeky kind

    MEC Category C: The Road Goes Ever On

    Yeah really nicely done.. Thanks for sharing..
  5. The geeky kind

    [MOC] The Hobbit: Lake-Town

    Super MOC, and congrats on getting it displayed.. Well done :-)
  6. The geeky kind

    Company of Thorin Oakenshield project - Compeleted!

    Great work... A Smaug in the background would make it for me, but if you listen to all of us you will never be finished... :-)
  7. 29 still in their boxes... But I am working hard on the them... I love collecting different series, but I think I am now going to turn my hand to Moc's ... And just collect certain sets like bag end & the tower of Orthanc...
  8. The geeky kind

    REVIEW: 79015 Witch-king Battle

    Thanks for the review, now back to moc's with you..... :-)
  9. The geeky kind

    LEGO Hobbit 2014

    I have just sat here reading all this for the last hour and my head is melted with everyone's hopes, wishes and ideas... lol
  10. The geeky kind

    MOC - LOTR - Elven Swan Ship

    Very cool and nicely done...
  11. The geeky kind

    What's your latest acquisition?

    Ha Ha the cape is so silly, they could have made it longer like in the picture on the bag...
  12. The geeky kind

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    It's a bit like the football transfer window in here.... :-)
  13. Dol Guldur battle for me, mini figs are great and it connects with Dol Guldur Ambush...
  14. The geeky kind

    Troll Dreadbringer

    It is most certainly epic...