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  1. medib

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I am still hoping that they come out with a D2C village set for NK. I am crossing my fingers for a fall release, if not there is always next year.
  2. medib

    [LDD MOC] Red-sand locomotive

    I like the dark red / tan colour scheme. The brick techniques aren't too bad either.
  3. medib

    Getting the pieces for Lego 10190 Market Street

    tricksy... tricksy. New part number for the same element. Poor Bricklink sellers.... :p
  4. medib

    Getting the pieces for Lego 10190 Market Street

    Nope. They are sold out again.
  5. medib

    How Many Trains Do You Own?

    I posted this from 2011: 4561 x3 7745 Highspeed train (9v converted) Metroliner (both 4558 and 10001) there are a couple of add-ons Clubcar (4547 and 10002 x4) Freight Rail Runner Load n Haul Train Cargo Railway (4559) Freight n Crane Railway Cargo Train (4512) Cargo Train (7898) High Speed Train (4511) +1 extra engine, +3 extra passenger cars Hobby Train Motorized Hogwarts Express Hogwarts Express (4708, 4758) My Own Train components (black train engine, and other rolling stock) Target Exclusive Lego Express Deluxe (blue passenger train car) BNSF train engines TTX train cars (x5) Cargo Double Stack (x2) Sante Fe Superchief (1 Limited Edition, 2 Regular Editions - 1 converted to a "B" unit) Sante Fe Cars (2x Cars I, 5x Cars II, One of my club cars were "sante fe'd) Toy Story Western Train Maersk Train x2 Emerald Night x 2 (though I gave one of the engines and the tender to my stepdad) 3677 Red cargo train engine x 2 3677 green hazardous waste box car x 1 1 brown box car (modified design from the 7898 Cargo Train) 7722 4.5 Trains x 2 2126 Train Cars x 1 3225 Western Train x 1 1 7819 Mail Van (goes with the 7740) Airport Shuttle White Monorail (still largely unfinished) Since I initially posted on this thread, I have added the following: 7939 Cargo Train 7939 Tanker Car Sante Fe Super Chief "A" (not quite 100% complete, missing stickers and the light grey portholes) Sante Fe Super Chief "B" (not quite 100% complete, missing stickers and the light grey portholes) Emerald Night coach (I am missing the tan train windows, instead used regular tan windows) 60052 Maersk Locomotive (in Medium Azure)
  6. medib

    Maersk Train in different colours

    I am sorry that I'm bringing up this topic from a couple months ago, but I am 95% done with my version of the Maersk.... in Medium Azure. Just missing a few parts here an there that I accidently forgot to order. I had the plans done up a few months ago, but I was waiting since May to get all the parts for it (that I ordered). I also apologize for the slightly large, blurry photo down below. http://www.brickshel...un/100_1631.jpg
  7. medib

    What train should I get next?

    my favorite trains are the metroliner, sante fe superchief, and the maersk. I don't mind the Emerald Night, I'm just not that into steamers. The Metroliner and Club car are a good pairing and make a pretty good train to run. The Superchief isn't too bad, but a bit long (and pricey) to run if you want to do it right. (To be authentic, you would have to have 4 engines and a bunch of pullman cars) The Maersk, one is definitely too small, so you might have to buy another one or slowly build your own container cars. Again, with the Emerald Night. It isn't too bad of a train, but having only one carriage with the set is disappointing. It would have been sweet if Lego would have released a stand-alone set for the carriages. And it doesn't help that the train windows in tan are horribly expensive.
  8. medib

    Villy Tomsen Truck 4000008

    The link to the shop is this:
  9. that boat is soo adorable. Good modification. The station looks quite nice. I enjoy the fire apparatus.
  10. medib

    Villy Tomsen Truck 4000008

    This is my favorite Lego Inside Tour set that has come out. The train set is my 2nd favorite, but I LOVE this one. Thanks for showing it off, and recreating the stickers for this.
  11. medib

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    I looked on the website, and while the set is not available (yet?) in North America, you can buy replacement parts for most of the set.
  12. medib

    What should i buy?

    You got to start somewhere, If you don't have any train sets, I recommend a starter set like the Red Cargo Train or the current City (Blue) Freight Train. The Maersk train is nice, and if you really, really want it, I'd buy it as soon as possible. Worst comes to worse, you can always buy rolling stock on Ebay or Bricklink or wait until the Heavy Haul train goes on sale and make your own rolling stock.
  13. medib

    [MOC] Friends Cargo Train

    Now that's the helicopter worth buying.... The dolphin tanker and the skidsteer are also pretty good. Way to channel the inspiration of the heavy haul train into the friends model.
  14. medib

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    The 2015 summer wave of city sets are out (at least in North America). Where is the train??? Personally, I would have settled for the subway looking train.... maybe for 2016? (pretty please) If we have to have a helicopter train car, let the helicopter at least look semi-coool. If you are going to do a "vehicles" train set, how about doing a true Maintenance-Of-Way train. Ben
  15. medib

    Winter Village: Ginger Bread Man House

    what about that dreaded OVEN!!! :D