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  1. That Pajero looks stunning
  2. Holy crap *oh2* *oh2* *oh2* That's 1 hell of big crane Much respect for that work
  3. Dude your car looks awesome very nice work
  4. It's been a while now since my latest moc Now i'm planning to start a new build. Because i'm a great fan of Nat Geo's, Highway thru Hell and i'm just stunned about Jamie Davis western star rotator this will be my new project . It isn't going to be exact copy of his truck (due to the lag of lego i have) but the idea is pretty much the same. Soon i will make a start on it but for now i'm sorting things out so that i don't have too much trouble with designing, building and assemble it. With this build i will put myself to the test of building with new technics, new troubleshootings and better looks. So i'm gonna take my time to do this build and pretty much looking forward to do this When it's finished i want this one to be my best MOC ever made so far (within the limited amount of lego i have ) For now thanks for reading Soon more will come
  5. BiohazardRacer

    M.A.N TGS 28.540

    Thanks. deployed it reaches 95 cm far and 1.06mtr of height. ever since the release of the 8258 crane truck i needed to have it and wanted to make it look like the real loadercranes. Here are some close-up pictures of how i made the multitelescopic boom some more: Jib attachment: I hope it gives you an idea of how it works I should note that the way my crane is build now it is pretty darn heavy (XLmotor alone isn't enough to unfold the multisectionboom I need to give it a little bit of help ) also it doens't lift anything but from my point of view that's not something i mind
  6. BiohazardRacer

    M.A.N TGS 28.540

    I don't have any close-up pictures yet. I'll make them tommorow. And i haven't got a build thread for it I know that page i'm getting most off my ideas of that page . When i first saw that picture of that grey MAN i already knew wich page you're using
  7. BiohazardRacer

    M.A.N TGS 28.540

    Tnx mate your pictures give me a proper view of it I think i would be able now to make it work This is how i got t working @ the moment It's just a simple manual turning stab Not very strong but comes close to the real freeturning cross stabilizers
  8. BiohazardRacer

    M.A.N TGS 28.540

    No problem mate I'm especially curious about the way of mounting and how you drive the stabs I was trying to make the same thing on my own Daf crane truck but i never couldn't figure it out how to get a descend working cross stabilizer I'm curious about your technique for that
  9. BiohazardRacer

    M.A.N TGS 28.540

    I really would love to see a more detailed picture of your front cross-stabilizers Great work so far
  10. Wooow. That's a beautiful towing truck . The functions are great
  11. Holy crap VFracingteam Yet again a wonderful and fantastic boat I wish i could bee @ Legoworld
  12. BiohazardRacer

    Project Shipyard

    That's some really nice work men congratulations to the both of you. I have 1 question, do they build this with cooperaion from lego??