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    star wars
  1. I took inspiration from 31094 plane, creating a brand new dieselpunk fantasy warplane, something like a tuned p-51 with russian style camo (and hollywood stare tiles)
  2. it looks incredible, perfect with other scale vintage models bravissimo, è spettacolare
  3. we have a batcopter, but...where is the shark?
  4. andreajam

    My Y-wing MOD

    thank you all! The best part of lego construction for me is the improvement! I always watch site like this to gain some inspiration for example, the new tie defender looks awesome but has absolutely no interior (BAD!!!!!!), so I worked a lot on it and the results are really nice. I'll post it soon Next I will show you my lego hangar and my ties The only problem I have is lack of pieces: I order them in Italy and often they are too few! Ehm...yes! I will try to shot better pictures... and...the landing gears are simply black hinges because they are easy to put in a "retracted mode". For this model I think it's the best way, Y-wing has gears under the engines so is a bit tricky to place them!
  5. andreajam

    HI! I'm Andrea

    Hi everyone, I'm Andrea, I come from Naples, Italy and I am a great lego fan! I really like star wars, Ferrari sets and some technics Lego creations in this website are amazing!
  6. andreajam

    My Y-wing MOD

    Hi everyone! I just want to show you my Y-wing mocs: new cockpit (much improved, including visor, sidepanels, control stick and even a seat) front section wider new ion cannon turret new flick missiles with launcher 3 landing gears rubber band to block the bomb bay open rebel logos the back hi!