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  1. Anak

    Lego sets retiring soon list.

    Do we have an updated offical list of the sets that will be retiring soon or discontinued in 2020? Is this list legit? I saw some pictures on Instagram about retiring Star Wars and Harry Potter sets, e.g: SW: Death Star, Anniversary Slave 1, Tantive IV HP: Hungarian dragon, graveyard, blue bus, pegasus coach, broom race, great hall, old willow set
  2. Anak

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    This decision raise so many questions....some of mine: 1.What will they do with the already manufactured,boxed and possibly worldwide shipped sets? We are 2 weeks from being released officialy. 2. TLG did not had problems with the former Creator Sonic Boom and Blue Power Jet sets. The latter one is definetaly a military plane. 3. Why now? Why not sooner?
  3. Cloud City reappeared at S@H, at least on the hungarian one.
  4. Thank you for your help. I'm succesfully ordered my parts via online and phone. By phone the CS managed to add the parts I wanted to my order: The Great White bag (partnumber 6308155) for about 8.18 Eur and the bigger Jolly Roger flag from Barracuda bay for 2.3 Eur. Oh, and Tattooga's torso is available too from that set. By the way, have you guys seen this printed flat tile? It's a redesign of the old Blactron 2 controller piece, and it is available to order from the 10273 Haunted House set.
  5. One question for you too. The black torso with yellowish markings and the black head with glowing yellow eyes are what sets from? I searched through Ninjago, Monkie Kid, Hidden site sets but did not found them. Thank you. And for everyone: Is it possible on B&P system to order some parts by phone than add parts for the same order by online? Or vice-versa?
  6. Have you ordered the great white parts by phone? Our hungarian B&P site lists the parts, but not available to order by online. Thank you. I have found the partnumber of that hat on brickset in the partslist of the Barracuda bay set, but where did you know the CMF partnumber? Usually those aren't listed on brickset and not available to buy on B&P.
  7. Hello, may I ask what is the partnumber of the tricorne hat in CMF color? How/where did you figure it out? Brickset doesn't list it. Ty
  8. To me the boxart is way weirder. Why didn't they use the Rise of Skywalker boxart style?
  9. Anak

    Disney Princesses 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I don't understand, Snow White, the first of the princesses why haven't got more sets, only one?
  10. Anak

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    A hungarian online brand store has the sets already on stock. Weird.
  11. Hi-res pics are available at promobricks and/or brickset.
  12. Anak

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hi-res pics are available at promobricks and/or brickset.
  13. Ok, nothing new offer for today, and the Pasanaa chase is sold out already.