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  1. Have you seen this picture about Dryden? And the armor in the background? Is Dryden a mandalorian and we can expect him in LEGO form wearing that armor, or that armor is just a random decoration element? Mandalorian armor
  2. Wait a sec, wasn't Efys Nest's former name Dryden Vos? When did this namechange happened and why? Or the first info wasn't correct?
  3. Anak

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    An arctic transport plane with an orca? Don't understand. Why not an arctic ice breaker with an orca instead . To me it makes more sense.
  4. Oh, that make sense.
  5. I think he just refers this way to the black Indoraptor. Cause its bigger than the other ones.
  6. Now, that trailer 1 is out, my questions are as follows: 1. Is that Moloch in the trailer at 0:51? She/he has a bit different helmet shape what we already saw in the Moloch's Speeder set, so I'm uncertain. 2. Why is Lando's droid companion absent from the sets? Especially from the MF set. It seems it has a significant role in the movie.
  7. Hello everyone! Guys, did you see this little hint for the next UCS model on Brickset's bricklist by designer Jordan Scott? 75153: AT-ST Walker As I left Star Wars to work on another project, this was the last retail model I worked on. The next UCS for 2018 will be coming soon which I worked on and am excited to see the reaction of the public! I think he refers to the long awaited Cloud City / Bespin set. Honestly, what else could be?