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  1. There's a new poster on Instagram of the Legend of Isla Nublar animated series. The poster shows a new species, which is the Allosaurus. I think it's safe to say, that will be in a 2020 JW set.
  2. The pilot head is exatly the same as the T-16 Skyhopper pilot from 2015. May be a new release of that craft, or just a reuse of the head?
  3. A Zorri Bliss minifigure had been leaked (Keri Russel's character from the Rise of Skywalker) A cool figurine no doubt, but why in light red colour? Why not some darker shade?
  4. This is weird. Those themes were present at the N├╝rnberg Toy Fair, but not here?
  5. No creator 2HY set pics today? Maybe tomorrow?
  6. Oh, not what I have expected. What is this Legend of Isla Nublar thing? Never heard before. The sets looks like a random (but fun) Dino play theme with Jurassic stamps on them to increase the price. Yes, the Triceratops mold is back, but why oh, why not somewhere a Stegosaurus? I like the painting of the Trike on the old one better. Baryonyx set looks very cool and the husky is repainted into a german shepard. I really like the fedora shop in the Dilo set. Is the the Dilo head and body one mould or separate? I dont like the volcano and Trex mech set, but all the baby versions of Blue, Charlie, Delta, Echo are there, that's neat. What's with the raft? Is it lava proof? Why brickbuilt?
  7. Pictures leaked of Flintstones minifigures. The males looks very strage without nose.
  8. I'm pretty sure these are late Dec, early Jan releases. Look at the list, just the small stuff, accompanied with only two medium sized sets. The 1HY bigger sets will be released in Apr, May.
  9. Dear All! Do not judge the sets based on preliminary images. In a week or two I'm sure we will get the official pictures. Eventually these sets will be released two months from now. Patience.
  10. Me think, its just the usual sword/sawfish piece.
  11. No, on Instagram. Usual place. The city sets were uploaded again (this time in an album) with the additional yacht set.
  12. A new blurry picture without box background: 60221 Yacht with two divers and sawfish and a small underwater treasure trove.
  13. Anak

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Yes, there is. A large log loader vehicle with caterpillars on both sides.
  14. 4 more blurry pictures have surfaced: -A flaming burger bar with a fire truck. -A fire propeller plane with a jeep and some forest elements. -A police air controll tower with jet and jeep and a parachuter policeman. -A big city building with a yellow crane, a large and long fire truck with fire helicopter.
  15. There are two leaked 2019 Creator set picture on instagram. One is Deep sea Creature (a medium sized brick built shark with smaller crab and a treasure chest. The other is a deep see explorer robot thing.