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  1. chump

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Sorry, you are correct, it's a beaver. We were debating what it was for awhile, squirrel, beaver, dog (from Duck Hunt) and I guess squirrel just stuck in my head.
  2. chump

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    New Model is the Puffin. The Squirrel, I found out is only at the much bigger flagship stores. Can anyone confirm that? Damn... new size restriction on Images. I'll have to shrink and upload later if someone else doesn't do it first.
  3. chump

    Simpsons PoolMobile

    Thank goodness for the letter L or that would be a different kind of truck.
  4. So the Duplo version will be Jason Drizzle or Jeff Sprinkles?
  5. Is Pharaoh's Quest not an Adventurers theme because it doesn't have the Adventurers label from LEGO? Or because it doesn't have Johnny Thunder and his co-horts in it? Or some other reason?
  6. chump

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    So the April 2016 Store Calendar is out but there's no picture of what will be the latest Pick A Model model. Anyone seen anything about it yet?
  7. I've picked up 10 large PAB cups in one go. As long as you don't wipe them out of an item necessary for their Pick A Model, I don't see why they wouldn't sell you as many as you want to purchase.
  8. Granted there are more builders than rLUGs but maybe you can use the LAN LUG map to at least find a group near you and they can lead you to builders nearer you. It does help if you are a little more specific in identifying your own location, otherwise a location-based FOL network is not going to work.
  9. chump

    Bricks & Pieces

    Very easily. I ordered a bunch and at least three snapped just testing them out opening and closing them.
  10. What set is that big round tile plate with the two red cobras on it from?
  11. chump

    New Shop Customer - Orders cancelled

    Call LEGO S@H and find out. They should be able to provide a better response than we can here. That's what they're there for.
  12. chump

    Bricks & Pieces

    You have to meet the minimum threshold on the S@H side to get the Robin's Mini Fortrex polybag. Purchase on the B&P side do not count towards that.
  13. chump

    Adventures End

    Cheers dude! I believe you mean, KUNGALOOSH!
  14. Your subject feels very click baity. They're not cancelling all "Bricks & Pieces" orders, just yours. There are two sides to every story. So call them, as they would know the full story that lead them to that action. UPDATED: OP has changed the title to be more clear, as it originally had read "TLG cancels all Bricks & Pieces orders"
  15. chump

    Buying in bulk from the Lego group?

    When they're talking bulk, they're usually looking at minimum 25,000 LEGO elements ordered at a time.