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  1. The Eye

    Not sure if I should be proud or not

    It's funny how LEGO makes people feel. I remember me and my friend would talk on the phone about LEGO when we were like 12, I think he got a Wookie Catamaran and Zaktan for Christmas or something.
  2. The Eye

    Do only bigshots make the front page?

    That's a good point Front, there is quite a bit to be had from this thread. This will not only dispel people thinking that only "bigshots" make the front page, but encourage them to continue MOCing as well. Updating my opinion, I believe that it's not the "bigshots" who make the front page, it's anyone who MOC's well- those who consistently show promise aren't chosen over others, but rather they are known to be watched for their MOCs. It's like being a teacher and having a good student(s), not a favourite one.
  3. In reply: @Big Cam thank you for the answer, however I meant for the member who doesn't make crappy posts, like the OP mentioned. have you ever noticed this happening on EB? @Bonaparte good point, and thanks for the clarification I apologize, I think I got off on the wrong foot with EB. I did make a new account without permission, only because I didn't know how to contact EB, so once I made the account I sent a message to Hinckley that I had requesting to join EB again, but never got a reply. I assumed I was okay. How can I get back involved with the EB community and get accepted again without everyone remembering all that stupid stuff that happened two years ago?
  4. That kind of baffles me too. Still, I see people posting nice things like "Cool creation! That's awesome!" and having titles like "Banned Members" next to their name all the time. It's sort of confusing when you think about it. Sometimes I think they've sent private messages or something? Complained too much to staff because of a topic being closed? I came close to being banned on BZP because I made my first offtopic. Sometimes, mods are just having a bad day, like everyone else- although they are smart enough not to let that get in their way. But that kind of "tyranny" doesn't really happen on these forums. Admittedly, I was banned once for inappropriate behaviour and having multiple accounts, but that was in my younger days. So I don't suppose age has something to do with it? Or rather, not at least hiding your age from others?
  5. The Eye

    Do only bigshots make the front page?

    I agree that some of the names on the front page are used fairly often when it comes to MOCing. However on Eurobricks, you become well known, or as you put it a bigshot usually by building something. Many of the frontpage creators are constant builders, and have been here a while. Therefore, mods may have an unconscious bias towards using their MOC's for frontpage. Still, what does it matter whether you're on the front page or not? Each LEGO creation has its own audience. If you make a Doctor Who creation on the Space Forums, some people are going to think "Hey, cool!" and some are going to think "I don't like Dr. Who, I'm going to ignore that one". Same with original creations from your own imagination. People who like your MOC usually REALLY like it anyway. I'd rather get one happy response than a hundred lukewarms- although I would pay attention to the criticisms I'd get in order to improve my building ability.
  6. The Eye

    Short 8284 movie!

    Looks absolutely fantastic, and you got some Prodigy in there, which is always a plus in my book.
  7. The Eye

    Review: 7915 Imperial V-wing Starfighter

    A very nice ship, if not a pricey one. Despite being licensed, it's wedged between Flying Mummy Attack at 125 pieces and Angler Attack at over 200 pieces, all three for 22.99 at the US TRU I checked this morning.
  8. The Eye

    Remembering Irvin Kershner

    Rest in peace, Irvin Kershner. I respectfully disagree with comments about how it's a sad day for just OT fans- it's truly a sad day for Star Wars fans and fans of any of his other movies. His magnificent work helped shape blockbusters for years ahead. My condolences to his family.
  9. The Eye

    Promotion: Big Cam!

    Happy promotion! Any first big moves?
  10. The Eye

    NEW BlueCoats are Coming! NEW BlueCoats are Coming!

    That's good to hear, how's the quality on the Black Falcon? Good, I hope?
  11. The Eye

    Modular Exlusive for 2011

    Personally, I think we'll be getting a Fire Brigade release. As in "later in the year, potentially August". This is assuming that LEGO doesn't already have too much on their plate and, with the release of so many massive sets in the past six months (Shuttle Adventure, London Tower Bridge, Imperial Shuttle, Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter, etc.) I doubt we'll be seeing much past the Diagon Alley set and the potential Kingdoms windmill. Not that I have a problem with that- because even LEGO deserves a rest sometimes. Still, I am with you in wishing for a new modular. I'd love to see LEGO do a split building- the bottom half could be a restaurant, for example, and the top could be a hotel- just like the Green Grocer. After all, we've seen a full-on Cafe, Emporium and Fire Brigade for the past while- so more civilian buildings are good.
  12. Signed, assuming you mean making a Pirates II second wave.
  13. The Eye

    NEW BlueCoats are Coming! NEW BlueCoats are Coming!

    I sure hope, otherwise that giant magnet might bend the bars and let him hobble out! Regardless, that's good to hear Mr. Timms, enjoy your Bluecoat! Arr!
  14. The Eye

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    I'm excited for the movie, but more so excited for the LEGO sets. Trying to be more truthful than negative, however, with a confirmed Black Pearl, there's likely going be tattered sails and gimmicks, which I don't like. I really hope they do a good job on the Pearl, it being my favourite ship in the series. Aye, I remember arguing between that and the Dutchman with my best friend after seeing the third movie.
  15. The Eye

    Happy Birthday Peppermint_M

    Sorry for being late as well, happy birthday Peppermint_M! See you on the forums.