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  1. Sorry guys, I guess I couldn't be as active as I thought. It's been a busy week for me, I should be able to be active in future but since I'm already replaced it doesn't matter anymore. Sorry for messing up your plans Kintobor, and have fun to everyone!
  2. I'm in! Thanks to Fhomess for writing me 1. Have you played Mafia before? If yes, what kind of experience do you have with Mafia? I have played a couple of games here, mostly as town, rarely as scum. Won some, lost some. Always had fun! 2. Will you be able to participate for the next four to six weeks? Shouldn't be a problem 3. You're heading off to the local convention! Which character from pop culture do you dress up as? If I had the talent to make armor definitely Sergeant Arch Dornan from Fallout 2, though he wears the same (incredibly cool) armor as all other Enclave soldiers
  3. Thanks for the feedback, Bob! I'll definitely be around for the sequel, unless something major gets in the way. But the scum team had already tracked you on night one and learned you did nothing, so I doubt they would have tracked you again, right? But it would have given Lady K another day to live, and maybe claim tracker. I thought that was a pretty good idea, I wonder how the day would have played out if the lynch had settled on Lady K and teh scum team had gone through with the tracker claim plan.
  4. I felt like the question was what's more helpful, keeping the role secret or verifying that the scum indeed have a blocker. In my opinion, scum blockers are common enough that knowing one exists doesn't go a long way to support either claim.
  5. I knew I had been blocked, but I wouldn't have made it known. I think it was pretty usual for the scum to have a blocking ability, especially on Day One, so there is no reason for Medium to claim he blocked anyone other than the person the scum actually blocked. So you think his claim would have been more believeable if you knew he blocked me on Night One? Why?
  6. Thanks for hosting, Bob! I had a blast playing this game, it really made me aware how much I missed playing Mafia. It's hard for me to have an unbiased opinion on not counting my unvote on the second day, since it saved the town from my mistake. This game seriously would have gone a lot better for the scum if that had gone through. In many past games there was a rule that forbade changing your vote once a majority has been reached, which I find reasonable and I wasn't even sure if unvoting would still count. But I thought Actor's claim was credible and made the impulse decision to try. I apologize for putting you into this situation, Bob. I'd also like to know why I didn't see jluck targeting Sandy, was it because he was killed that night? Medium, I thought you played the last Day really well, but you started from an unfortunate position. Day Two had put you into a bad position. I think the investigation result might have helped you a bit more if LegoRacer had told someone in secret at the beginning of the Day, and not later in the Day in the thread. Still, for a short time I was considering lynching Khscary instead of you, but in the end you seemed too intent on surviving. The town was great, especially fhomess, who single-handedly killed half the scum team. Seriously, great job! I'm usualy not a big fan of vigilantes, but you were awesome. LegoRacer, if you are investigator again, I would suggest finding someone you trust as soon as possible; investigators are the most helpful PR the town has. Don't be afraid to share information with people you trust, especially if it helps prevent the lynch of someone you cleared. Try to find people to coordinate with and establish a town block. Bob, if you host another game, I'd definitely be up for it. I always enjoyed your games, I also enjoyed your mysteries a lot. If you'd be willing to host another mystery, I'd also try to think more out-of-the-box than I did last time. I still feel a bit bad that me watching someone one night led some people to see the night phase as a kid of mafia game I'd also be interested in an Elves Mafia, I think I'm addicted again
  7. This is a good argument. When asked why he voted for Tarkin, Dellus had this to say: So he voted for someone he had a town result on because he was afraid to be lynched if that person was the Godfather. Whether he is town or scum, that's just not a helpful way to play. Townies should not suppress the truth because they are afraid to be lynched, that is what the scum is supposed to do. On the other hand, why claim he investigated Tarkin if he's scum? He knows literally everyone other than Greer is town, so why pick the one he helped kill? I'm trying not to drink the WIFOM, but whether he is town or scum, I feel Dellus could have been more helpful to his team.
  8. I'm pretty sure Godfathers didn't lose the passive ability in the past when they got the kill. Also, it is not unheard of that the Godfather has the ability to convert. I think it's unusual in other mafia sites undercover operations, but it is standard procedure on Eurobricks in the Imperial Officer Academy, so it's likely the traitors would have a converting Godfather. That would explain why you would be so bent on surviving until the night, maybe you failed to use your conversion ability until now.
  9. Well, I remember watching a holomovie called "Noir Mafia", where the vig and the blocker targeted each other, but because the vig got his action in first the blocker was killed. It's an old movie, before my time, and I don't think something crazy like that would still happen these days. But it happened before. Yes, there's any number of explanations why there wouldn't have been a kill. There's nothing wrong with sepculation, but we'll see tomorrow if there's still traitors left to hunt down. If so, we can get worried about all kinds of shenanigans like conversions. If not, maybe we'll learn what exactly happened.
  10. Thanks, I actually forgot about that. I guess it actually makes sense that Needa would have been the scum blocker who was upgraded now. It's also possible that Komec was the blocker and Thrawn the Godfather, and that Thrawn simply lied about being the blocker. If Thrawn truly is scum, he would have needed to claim something, otherwise he would have been lynched right after we learned that Tarkin was town. I can't verify that either, but it's fair to assume the scum had a blocker, whether it was Thrawn or not. They could have role-copped the both of us, or the claims coincide with who they truly blocked. It's impossible to say. In my experience third parties tend to support the winning team, and that's undoubtedly us. I feel it would unnecessarily draw attention to Dellus, so I'm inclined to believe them both. Instinctively I would say Thrawn has been the scummier of the two in the Day threads, particularly today. He felt very desperate to survive and not to be vig-killed. I will Vote: Grand Admiral Thrawn (Mediumsnowman)
  11. Thanks for confirming Dellus' claim. It's plausible, but I've also never heard of a Godfather who is also a blocker. Of course, there's nothing to stop him from claiming blocker even if he's the Godfather, since he would know who the scum blocked. Still, it is quite a coincidence if the one scum who is investigated happens to be the Godfather. Which seems to confirm the scum have the ability to kill, or at least had it at some point. It's reassuring, but I'm worried about the lack of scum kills after Day 1. It's well possible they can do both some of the time. I agree we should kill the scummier first, but at the moment I am on the fence who that may be. I am leaning towards lynching Needa now... ...but it's interesting that Needa claimed to be the blocker on his own free will, without feeling as much pressure as Thrawn did. While Admiral Piett identified Needa as a suspect on day Three, arguably Thrawn was in a much more difficult situation and would be more forced to take high-righ high-reward gambles. I don't ever see that happen, tarkin claimed vanilla and why would he give info to Dellus of all people, who was not exactly the most trusted person around?
  12. This came out of nowhere. This is either the one of the weirdest and most desparate defense I have ever seen or you are telling the truth. Both viable explanations. Suddenly I am very much in favor of lynching Needa. Frankly, I'm not opposed to killing Thrawn as well, it would test the investigator claim as well. That's also interesting. Admiral Greer, can you confirm or deny this? I don't rightly see how a traitor would find out about a neutral's allegiance. Another thing to note: If Needa is scum, which seems likely now, what do we make of the fact that he definitely blocked Thrawn? It means he either has both a blocking and a killing/converting ability, or there is at least one other traitor.
  13. We only know that Needa used a block last night, we don't know if Thrawn speaks the truth or not. If Thrawn is the last traitor, he should be able to to kill/convert and conventionally that means losing the ability to block, if he ever had it. What's to stop him from claiming he blocked me to Admiral Motti, but in reality kill someone else entirely? At this point I feel fairly sure that Thrawn is the traitor, not Needa, so I'd say we lynch Thrawn and save Needa up for tomorrow.
  14. We'll be ahead in numbers no matter what we do, at least relatively. The question is what's the up and downside to killing the claimed blocker we don't lynch today. If there is only one traitor left, there is no downside to killing the other blocker, and the downside to leaving one alive is they might have the ability to convert. If there is one traitor left without any conversions, we've got this in the bag anyway. If there is more than one traitor left, there is no real downside to leaving the other blocker alive for another day, but the risk that we might have to go on without a town blocker if we kill them. That's not terrible, since blocker usually isn't the most useful PR anyway, but also far from great. Does that make sense? I wouldn't be surprised if both their tales were true, with the obvious exception that one is a traitor. I think it stands out that Thrawn so far has only voted for people who I believe or know to be town, Shelby, you, Dalla, Piett, Tarkin. Regarding the voting pattern of Needa on Day 2, I don't see how it would help in splitting the vote, since before his vote change it was 4 votes for Daala and 3 for Jellico, which he just reversed, so arguably the votes were split the same afterwards. If anything, I'd argue there was more momentum for a Jellico lynch than for a Daala lynch, so if anything it made a successful lynch more likely. If i had been scum at that point, I think I'd have kept my vote on Daala. Because with the Grand Moff dead, you are the next on the chopping block?
  15. Assuming you are town, I have a question: Why would you block me on night one? You said it's on a hunch, but you didn't express suspicion of me on Day One or Day Two. You followed me in voting for Admiral Shelby, and voiced suspicion of Motti, but it wasn't until Day 3, after the Ozzel lynch, that you became suspicious of me. So why block me and not Shelby or Motti? Thrawn's reply seems kind of desperate to me. Seems like it's either Thrawn or Needa. Of the two, I'd rather lynch Thrawn, who has been the more suspicious one before. My grandmother always told me never to trust non-humans. I don't like the prospect that the scum got to convert someone, as Piett suggested. I truly hope there's some other explanation.
  16. Glad to see our vigilante once again showed great judgement! A shame we didn't do the same regarding the Grand Moff yesterday, but it is what it is. That leaves Grand Admiral Thrawn as top suspect. I wonder why you assume that? It was a Scout Tropper yesterday and today, and yesterday everyone believed it was the vig. I don't see what's changed, considering they killed another traitor. It's interesting that according to the holotapes, Captain Komec said "You have another thing coming" to the would-be killer. I wonder what it means, but without further information, I suppose it's pointless to speculate. Either way, three traitors down and only two loyal Officers. Has there ever been a situation like this where we were going so strong on Day 4?
  17. Of course it was a scum plot, but the question is was it coordinated. You said it felt coordinated, I asked if the scum wouldn't have executed it earlier if it had been. I'm not arguing it ties me to the scum in the sense that if I had been successful in unvoting, Ozzel would have stayed alive for the time being.
  18. I wouldn't say you two are catching flack for the same thing. Thrawn, the way I see it, has consistently been steering clear of any scum, neither really accusing nor defending them. All he said about Ozzel was "Ozzel is Ozzel, Daala is the same, let's kill Daala" and "I'd rather kill Piett than Jellico" (slightly paraphrased). You actively defended scum members. I think the former is more scummy, because it is what I usually did when I was going on undercover operations, early in my career in the Imperial Navy. But both is scummy, and we can lynch Thrawn tomorrow. Are you suggesting Thrawn may be a third party? Why? I feel you contradict yourself a bit there. If you are the first to vote and the others are just bandwagoners, it's fair to say you guided the vote. If the other people have suspicions of their own, in an ideal world your vote should have had no influence on them. I was a bit worried about Thrawn casting the first vote, but honestly, what else would he do? Tarkin and Thrawn were the two big suspects today, and he'd need a damn convincing case to get someone else lynched. If he's scum, being the first to vote for Tarkin is the right move, no matter if Tarkin is town or scum. If he's town, being the first to move if also the right move. So I feel Thrawn's vote doesn't say anything about the validity of Tarkin as a lynch target. About the timing, it was random, at least on my part. It's 10pm, which is a good time to be active for me. No idea about Tarkin, maybe the scum were just waiting for someone to unvote, or maybe they were waiting for one of their own to unvote and I surprised them, or maybe it was uncoordinated. Here's a question, though: Assuming this was all a coordinated scum plot, why not execute it before the time runs out? If Vader had sent us all to sleep on time, none of it would have happened to begin with.
  19. Kinda funny you should mention that, I find whenever you voted, you never gave much of a reason: You pretty much repeated exactly what I said before, just with more words. You vote for Admiral Motti simply for "spreading votes" on Day One, when it was fairly obvious there wouldn't be a lynch anyway. "I don't feel strongly about Daala, maybe because I know she is town, but I'd like to kill her anyway" Admittedly, you said you are in a hurrry, which I can understand well (especially right now, I really should leave for work other imperial duties ). Still, you never followed up today why you found Admiral Piett a better option than Ozzel, since you didn't even feel strongly about Daala, did you have an opinion on Piett at all?
  20. Pretty generous of you to assume Jellico was just pressed for time, when you were suspicious. The only thing I see in your favor is that you said you were 99% Ozzel was town, even after he already had enough votes for a lynch. Conventional wisdom suggests scum wouldn't do that, but of course that takes us into WIFOM territory. I think our Grand Admiral is as good an option to lynch as the Grand Moff. Still, I'll Vote: Grand Moff Tarkin (LegoMonorailFan)
  21. I mostly agree. I have fairly strong town reads on you, for pushing against Jellico and hammering Ozzel, Admiral Motti, since he initiated the lynch against Ozzel, and also Shelby and Yularen, who voted early for Ozzel, when the scum would have no interest to see a bandwagon form. Also on Daala, since the scum seemed very intend on lynching her and it didn't seem like they were throwing her under the bus to me. And on myself of course, and I'm glad we were saved by Lord vader from my mistake yesterday. There are some others I lead town on, but not enough to rely on it. I have also been somewhat suspicious of the Grand Admiral, and it really doesn't help that he didn't vote for any of the known scum yesterday, and was the first to derail what appeared to him to be a bandwagon on Ozzel (at least that's what he said), accusing them of "behind-the-scenes collusion". You also make good points on Tarkin, who I have also been paying attention to, and Needa, who was not on my radar before. And yet, you didn't voice those suspicions, but instead continued to defend Jellico. How come?
  22. Yes, I obviously know you didn't believe that, but your first theory hinges on the scum on day two believing Isard had been the vig, which I think is an unreasonable assumption to make. Of course, maybe Ozzel just didn't have a good reason to claim vig, and it was just desparation, as Piett said yesterday.
  23. I don't think the absence of a vig kill on Day One could ever imply it was Isard, I think it's normal for vigilantes not to kill on the first day, and usually the best option. True, it's possible that Ozzel claimed vig if the scum have a watcher, at least I can't think of a better explanation.
  24. Assuming I was a traitor, why would I vote for Ozzel in the first place? I changed my vote yesterday because we were split among three candidates and it seemed to me like the day would end without a lynch again. If I was scum I could just keep my my vote on Jellico. I intended to change my vote because I thought scum would never claim to be a vigilante, since the real vigilante would kill them in the following night.
  25. Two dead traitors and all loyalists alive and kicking? So both the vigilante and whoever prevented the scum kill did a great job. Glad to know Jellico was scum, and even Ozzel, even though I didn't think so. That's going to be useful for voting patterns.