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  1. So, I haven't really had time to write anything yet, but here I go. I had a ton of fun. My scum team was great to play with. And Actor's behavior made the game much more interesting. Something I have been thinking about: Most townies assumed a scum mayor would want to clear the godfather or a fellow scum member and that's why you assumed for a while Medium's townieness made me town as well. Maybe I was too much in a mafia mindset where you can get away with less as scum, but my motivation for clearing Medium was that he was the only one I had expressed suspicion for, and I was too conservative to pretend he's scum. Now that the investigation is more decided by public opinion then by the mayor I wonder what the best move for the scum would be. I guess if they control the investigation they can lobby for the godfather or one of their own, but if I play again, I will be extra wary of out-of-the-blue investigation suggestions. I suppose investigating the first investigator is a solid choice for the second investigation, if only because it means that investigating the godfather becomes a dangeroud choice for the scum mayor controlling the first investigation. I agree that communication should be in thread and alignments should not be revealed. Either that or go the mafia route and allow the town to communicate as well. As for alignments of dead players, if the town plays it right they can use them as 100% confirmed investigations. It's too powerful in a game in which losing team members is not as big a problem as in mafia. Just my 2 cents. Otherwise it was a great game, thanks for hosting, Bob. I'll see whether I can play in the next game. The days were slow in this one, so it was not a problem for me. But I will be busy in the near future, and if the game speeds up, I might not be able to keep up.
  2. Oh, I can vote! No. Ralph has been acting scummy so far, I don' trust him. And I will not vote for any TCC other than myself, because I know I am town and trust nobody else. Yay for demcracy!
  3. No objection, I think you made a good choice. Go ahead Well, the good news is you guys still have Anne as a confirmed townie. Oh, wait, she's dead Poor her. Does anyone remember the time when two people killed a policeman in this town? This town really has an eventful past, doesn't it? I will. I promise your death won't be in vain I lied Sorry if I'm unsportsmanlike, there's just nothing else I can do at this point.
  4. Ah drat. There's no message. I made it up. And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling townies... It's okay though, we live in a town where maximum penalty is being sent to exile. It was nice known y'all, but you are terrible neighbours.
  5. Think about it. We have one kill left. If the scum gets hold of it, we have no more chance to kill the godfather. Our only winning plan then is to pass two out of the town policies left in the deck. It's better to get the guaranteed victory now than to take any chances. You know I'm town. I investigated Anne as town and you know I was truthful. So you should know I am not lying about Ralph claiming to be the godfather. So you deny it? Well, of course you do, I expected that. But seriously, why would I lie about it?
  6. So, I received one town and one scum from Robert. It's more likely that the third card was a scum card, so he is legitimate. We should trust him. Now, here's the thing: I discarded the town policy and enacted the scum one. Well, sorry about that, but something came up: someone contacted me claiming to be the godfather. By that time, the government was passed already. I could not discuss it in thread anymore. We have a mayor I trust, so this is the chance to win the game. I would rather not risk the scum getting their hands on the kill ability instead, and potentially turn the game around. That's why I passed the scum policy. No idea why everyone hates you. Maybe it's because you told everyone I am scum? Or the fact that you did nothing to help us? Oh, it may be the fact that you told me you are the godfather. As to why Ralph thought I was scum, I am stumped. So, apparently this is the deal: He said he investigated Lindsey and found her to be town. Due to pressure in the thread he claimed to have investigated me instead, and pretended I am scum to see how I react. And for some reason my reaction made him think I am scum, so he claimed to me. I won't pretend I understand it. But it happened. We townies pretty much won this game. Now all we need is for Robert to kill Ralph.
  7. Though there is a difference between the fourth and the fifth scum policy passed. And, of course, the target. I guess the scum wasn't overly reluctant to kill Anne, at least the investigated townie is dead. And if they had opposed the public yesterday, they still would have had to pass two more policies, while after the fifth they might be close enough to winning that killing a proactive townie might be more beneficial than playing town. Especially if the latter means killing one of their own. And after the fifth scum policy there are no kills left, so there is less room for punishment even if the godfather is known to us. Either way, I don't really believe you will discard a town policy, otherwise I wouldn't vote yes, obviously. Let's just hope for the best.
  8. Well, I think they need to try at the very least. We know I am town, and if you are too, we are almost certain to pass the fourth town policy after this. So I think either Robert or Christina is scum. Either they were lucky and Robert became mayor, or they were not, he's town and they are getting desperate. As Christina said, this is false. I am still eligible, and maybe I would be better as mayor than as TCC. Then again, we really don't want the TCC to be the godfather. I think Christina is actually right in that Scott makes a good kill target for scum Lindsey even if he's scum himself. He is not going to do anything to further the scum cause, so maybe she was trying to whack him in order to buy credibility for herself. We can be certain that if she is scum, he is not the godfather, but that's about it. I don't think the fact he wasn't taken out logically implies he is scum, though. I wouldn't mind Edward as mayor either, but I won't vote myself down on the off-chance that Edward is chosen at random. I don't want to think too highly of myself, but I'm pretty sure any TCC other than myself would have been a huge red flag (which is fitting, given that Lexington once was taken over by communists; good times). So I doubt we can infer anything about Roberts allegiance from his choice as TCC. The worst that could happen is that a scum mayor passes the fifth scum policy, kill someone (either Ralph to play along, or me if they don't bother anymore) and are close to winning. I don't think both Ralph and Robert would be on the same scum team, so either he is the godfather or he is a townie and the scum is now trying their best to fail a government that will most likely pass a town policy. I'm happy with my vote where it is. I gotta admit, it's true. In a previous life I was a pyromaniac in an asylum, so I can relate. We should have a beer sometime. Preferably before we kill you and your team. Or "make you leave the town". Which raises and important question: If the scum just leaves the town, what stops them from forming a new mafia in another town? Is Lexington's judicial system simply "not my problem anymore"? Normally, the mayor would have to step down over such allegations, but since the last properly elected mayor died they have been changing on a daily base anyway, who cares.
  9. Can you elaborate? Is it only that Robert is pushing for people to vote quickly? Or is it the lack of opposition from any scum members? This is something that concerned me, I feel like they should push harder to do something at this point, given how close they are to winning. Or do you have a problem with me as TCC or Robert as mayor?
  10. At least we got to the bottom of this. It should be obvious now that Ralph is scum. Well, I obviously think I'm the best candidate for TCC, so I'll vote yes. But everyone should take their time. I also don't distrust Robert more than anyone else at this point. But if I understand correctly, if this government fails, I still can be TCC, right? It's just Robert who can't eb mayor anymore. Maybe Betsy asked to be taken out, but Scott just didn't show up? I don't know if it means he's scum, but it could mean he's the godfather. Bob can't take the godfather out of the game. Either way, we can't make him TCC anyway. Even in the best case the government just fails because he's not reporting in. I agree about Lindsey. She passed a scum policy, then wanted to kill an inactive player, and had no problem killing someone instead who is now a confirmed townie. She also didn't really give us any opinion of herself, just "town doesn't like me killing Scott, so I kill Anne". And I think that just proves you're scum. Three people have accused you of being scum and you haven't even tried to defend yourself. Instead you're writing love letters to Anne. Obviously he is. He asked to be killed yesterday. His only defense is playing the lunatic by now. But you now know that I didn't lie about my investigation, unlike him. There should be no more doubt now.
  11. I don't see why Patricia couldn't be scum. I never said she can't. It's true, it could have been Lindsey. I must have ignored her because it seemed implausible that she would draw three town policies, but it's not, as we know she drew two at least. The question is, would it make sense for a scum member to drop a town policy if the other two are not both scum policies. The scum will try to discard town cards in order to pass scum policies; so it would be beneficial to mess up the count in a way that makes the town think there are more scum policies in the deck than really exist, not fewer. I mean, I definitely don't trust Lindsey, she passed a scum policy today and tried to kill Scott before being pressured into changing her opinion. Even I agree Scott is a worse target than Anne, and I know she is town. But I just can't explain why she would drop a town policy on Day 4, potentially making it harder for her team to pass a scum policy later on. Changing the count always puts some pressure on the person who does it, especially in the first deck. it will come out at some point, and why risk the extra pressure? The entire point of the godfather is to lie low. Same goes for dropping a town policy in order to pass a scum policy, but it has an immediate gain for the godfather. Also, I don't know how much the scum can afford to waste their chances. By day six it was 3:2 for us, so I guess Christina should have felt the pressure to drop a town policy even as godfather. But why is Robert less likely to be godfather than Scott? Just because he was more active in thread and didn't sleep away the days? I read his posts with a slight tunnelvision on him being a teammate of Ralph, and I don't think he said anything that a scum member couldn't fake. He was the one who proposed investigating me, and he was the one who most vocally proposed not voting Anne into government anymore. Both these things help the scum a lot. But I suppose he's not a teammate of Ralph, unless they have given up on him. There is in that if Anne was the godfather, she would have taken up contact already. Also, those are the worst case scenarios for both these decisions. Killing Anne offers the better worst case and the better best case (she is GF, town wins), but in the middle ground, killing Ralph yields the higher pay-off. But I guess Lindsey has made her call, and she's not gonna change. If she's town, she should follow the majority; if she's scum, she should kill Anne You will be missed
  12. Town reads no good without accusations. People have accused each other much, much less than in a mafia game. I agree we need to start using our ability to vote down governments. But having two people cleared is so much better than having one cleared. It also doubles the chances that we get a mayor who will not drop a town policy, and we will have two candidates TCC. We need any trustworthy person we can get. Between Christina, Michael and you one has dropped a town policy. I suppose usually that would be a risky thing to do for a godfather, especially with nothing to gain, as for you and Michael. Would a godfather drop a town card so they can pass two scum cards on? It puts them on the line, but if they feel it's necessary to win? If it was Christina, I guess she doesn't know who is scum, but she should reckon between Ralph and me, with two others who could have dropped the town card, she would at least not get killed for it. Robert is simple: I am a town mayor, I accidentally pick the godfather as TCC. I get three scum cards, he gets two. No choice here. Not even that much bad luck, because I can testify he got wto scum cards. Well, he did today just tell us we should kill him. I have no idea what he's doing anymore. Well, if he's the godfather he cannot have gotten a town investigation on anyone other than me, he wouldn't want to claim I'm scum if it might be true. So either he found the scum and they told him I'm town, or he found me town. I used to think Robert would have set him up by telling him to investigate me, but as he was the first to point of how scummy Ralph voting down today's government (which, in retrospect, might have been a good thing), I guess I was wrong. So maybe he actually followed Robert's advise to investigate me hoping I'm scum, and found me town. So he can't say that I'm town, or else he will double-confirm Anne. Also, people were suspicious of his behavior before, and then he passed a scum policy, so maybe he thought people wouldn't believe him that three scum cards were drawn twice in a rown, so he had to claim scum on me. Or he is just a random mafia member. If this was a mafia game, I would wonder if he is the jester. His behavior has been so erratic he could be anything. If you kill Anne, Ralph is also safe to claim to. If I was scum, wouldn't Anne be the godfather already? Isn't that the whole reason you want to kill her? So, you kill Anne, Ralph is alive, and me. One confirmed town. As you said, we have limited control over the mayors, and only one person who can be fully trusted. Even if I'm TCC on one day, there will be another on the next day. We might choose one of Christina, Michael, Robert and you. Maybe not Robert, while he has been "active and helpful", given the set-up of the game, it's nothing scum can't fake, as there's little direct scum-hunting. The others being godfather hinges on them doing something that would be contrarian to their goal of appearing townie, so I guess they could be good choices. Would a godfather say "just kill me"? Probably not. Killing Ralph offers the biggest pay-off in my opinion. I understand that killing Anne gives us a guaranteed trusted townie and a shot at taking out the godfather, but it hurts the town and it might make the difference between winning and losing.
  13. I agree with...Ralph? Wait, what? Is this your strategy, play loonie? How can you not kill him? I disagree about Eric, Scott and Patricia. I would like to echo the sentiment of others, it's best to resolve this situation. Kill Ralph, confirm Anne and me town. then we will have enough TCCs so we don't have to accept someone with unsure allegiance. This is better than taking a shot at killing the godfather, but not gaining any info if we just kill a sleeping townie. Also, please don't kill Anne. She is town, I know that. I vouch for her. In fact, she is the only confirmed townie, killing her would mean, once you find out she is own, there is still the very low chance of me being scum and clearing a townie for whatever reason. If you kill me and see I am town, you will know for sure she is town. If you kill Ralph, you will have two townies alive and a scum dead. This is so, so scummy. First, against all odds, a scum policy is passed. Then you choose to kill someone who will give us no info. I don't like this at all. We don't have any investigations, so this is the only way to get people we can fully trust beyond a flimsy town read, and our town reads will never be good without lynches (or even accusations) to back them up. And we need people we can trust so we don't vote the godfather as TCC by accident. Your guts says it can't be Christina or Michael or Robert, but what if they are? I say kill Ralph, even if he probably isn't the godfather. Then again, he hasn't been acting like he has a scum team to advise him, so maybe he even is.
  14. I agree this is scummy. Not as much as faking an investigation result, but scummy. I agree that Lindsey is the best choice, of course. I vote yes.
  15. Hm, this is actually a good idea why a scum member would prefer to discard a scum card. My point on why they would not is that if they draw two town cards and show them both to the TCC, everyone will know that they didn't have a choice but to pass on at least one town card. But if they dump one town card and say it were two scum, one town, they can say they made the pro-town choice and hence are townies. And it's generally more likely that the third card is scum (they tell teh truth) than town (they lie, which they do). But I admit that messing up the count is a very good motive for dropping a scum card, especially since it makes it a lot more believeable that another (also scum) mayor would draw three scum cards.