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  1. JeKyll

    LEGO Pirate Ships

    10 years later.....
  2. JeKyll

    LOTR Beneficial to Pirates?

    Video of the minifigures and some pics of the ships
  3. JeKyll

    How many ships do you have in your fleet?

    Almost all of them? Link: My pirate ship collection Newer POTC ones will join the fleet this year.
  4. JeKyll

    POTC at NYTF 2011

    Like I mentionned in the other are more pics of the QAR: Link: 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge
  5. JeKyll

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    I found more nice pics of The QAR: Link: 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge
  6. JeKyll

    SES in the box.

    Very nice....You will have to build another glass box for your other(s) ship(s)!
  7. JeKyll

    My Pirates collection (and naming ships)

    Very nice collection. I have many sets like you....Are you planning to buy new sets?
  8. JeKyll

    LEGO Pirate Ships

    Very cool! Thank you. For the imperial trading post ship, I was thinking about it, but it will wait until one day I make a picture of the ships with all the islands. One day in the far future maybe...
  9. JeKyll

    Your LEGO pirate's life

    Very good question! Personally, I like to collect sets and I am not doing MOCS, so I put all my LEGO sets in separate plastic bags (some already built). I wish I could display them on shelf but: 1- There are many! 2- Dust. Someday, I wish I could have a kind of glass shelf to put all the sets on display and protected from dust. I don't build often, so in the far future I will dig my sets from the basement and show them to people! Maybe old sets will be even more rare and prestigious!
  10. JeKyll

    Freelug's Pirate little diorama.

    Very cool. Lots of LEGO bricks and building time in your stand! Very nice details.
  11. JeKyll

    LEGO Pirate Ships

    Very good question. When I was a kid I had the Black Seas Barracuda (BSB). My dream ship was the Skull Eye Schooner (SES) because I prefered sails with skull and I liked the rotationary cannons and the fact that there is 4 cannons on one side (biggest ship too), I also wished for the spaniard one because I like the minifigures. After building them all, I realized that I prefer the BSB because of the architecture. The BSB has a really nice cabin. The cabin of the SES is not very good and I don't like the white doors. So I would say that the best "Classic" ship is the BSB (maybe because of nostalgia). The best ship overall is the new Imprerial Flagship. But is is 14+ and very pricey, so I think it is a it unfair to compare this one to the other. I have heard that is it 180$ in the US, here in Canada it is 230$ (even when 1$ USD is about 1$US CAN). This is my opinion, there is plenty of other threads for BSB vs SES . Now what pirate fans need is a "pirate" version of the imperial flagship. I would like a big spaniard ship too I don't think so, I have separated all my sets in different bags, I don't want to mix. But maybe one day.... Something I would want to do is take a even bigger picture of the whole pirate line. My collection is not complete yet and I don't plan to do that in the near future.
  12. JeKyll

    LEGO Pirate Ships

    This is all I have... I don't want duplicate and neither MISB nor "Legend". I prefer buying different sets (including Castle) for the money. I have most big pirate islands but I don't plan to build them soon.
  13. JeKyll

    LEGO Pirate Ships

    Me and my brother we had many LEGO sets when we were kids and I kept them. This year, and last year I completed my collection and bought the missing pieces, they are complete with instruction (some with boxes).
  14. JeKyll

    LEGO Pirate Ships

  15. JeKyll

    LEGO Pirate Ships

    Hello. It tooks me some time but here is the pictures of all LEGO pirate ships(with exception of the rebranded Legend series). I have more pictures of pairs of ship, front and back pictures too if anybody want to see. More pictures: All Pirate Ships Enjoy!