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  1. Hun

    CCCX Avalanche at Deadman's Gorge

    Business as usual - another superb MOC from you. Unique idea, well executed. The unusual tree and your signature water design are my favourites here.
  2. Hun

    The Wolfpack returns.

    This is an awesome MOC. I especially like the interior details of the tower, the landscaping and the crack in the rock with the ghost peeking out. BTW, I love Wolfpack, too.
  3. Hun

    Kingdoms Joust Day

    Great work on incorporating the Joust set into a massive MOC. My favourite detail by far is the greenery surrounding the tents in that corner of the castle walls. It looks so natural it's beyond cool!
  4. Hun

    minifig vignette

    This is an excellent vig! I love your ruined tower, the fig posing and all the vegetation is great, and the photography is cool, too. As to the figs: I'm experimenting with the very same thing (Rohan soldier torso with Eomer legs), so thanks for showing me a possible direction.
  5. Hun

    [MOC] The Battle of Osgiliath

    The highlight of this MOC for me is the fig selection. Great work on capturing the rag-tag nature of the orc army - nice thing you don't need the official figs to do it! The ruined buildings and all the debris and junk in the streets are also well done. But Deathleech has a point there - this is a WIP so far, right? The tops of the buildings are coming later, aren't they?
  6. Hun

    Medieval landscape display

    Thanks for your interest! From left to right: - Viking torso (dark blue arms replaced by tan ones) - CM6 Highland warrior - Knight Kingdoms I robber torso (dark gray arms replaced by yellow ones) - Viking berserker torso - Viking chief torso (dark red arms replaced by tan ones) - Viking torso (sand blue arms replaced by tan ones) - Prince of Persia Zolm torso (dark bluish gray arms replaced by tan ones) - CM4 Viking - Star Wars Qui-Gon Jinn torso from 1999 The Viking series from 2005/2006 is my all-time favourite. Half a dozen excellent generic medieval warrior torsos give you lots of possibilities if you're willing to replace the arms.
  7. Hun

    Medieval landscape display

    I imagine them as two friendly kingdoms, meeting here and marching to battle together. There's one problem, however - which direction will they go? One army will have to back up... I think I need to rebuild their meeting place as a crossroads to give them more options. Sure, go ahead - but I have to give credit for the idea of this watchtower to DNL (DanielZ). Remember his Hrotingas castle evolution MOC from a few years back?
  8. Hun

    (LCC) Everard lodge.

    This is beautiful! Your trees are superb, as always, and these autumn colours make them even more spectacular. The house itself is built with many clever details, yet as a whole it looks very natural and uncomplicated... perfect!
  9. Hun

    Medieval landscape display

    Wow, thanks guys for all the compliments so far! Well, that's one of my plans for the bigger layout - I take it it's a good idea then, right? Do you mean these guys?
  10. Here is my medieval landscape from HUNLTC's recent exhibition in Budapest, Hungary. Only about 150 out of my 700 soldiers were present, but this time the emphasis was on landscaping. This 35-baseplate display is just the first step: I'm planning to expand it to 60 beseplates by next year. Inspiration & ideas for this came from a multitude of great builders here, among others Derfel Cadarn, Sirens-of-Titan, DNL, Mark of Falworth and Jojo. Thanks, guys!
  11. Hun

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    The current state of my armies: The picture shows exactly 666 minifigs. Not intentionally, though. 114 knights plus 552 infantry, to be exact. More pictures on my Brickshelf.
  12. Hun

    How Many Minifigs do you own?

    My armies count approximately 1,000 and I have ca. 250 additional individual figs (Castle civilians, Ninja, Western and Adventurers).
  13. Hun

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    TheLegoDr, Ogre, Artanis I, thanks for the compliments! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take pictures recently. Earlier versions of the battle can be seen here. Our next big show is on the 1st and 2nd October, I’ll make sure I get some pics taken there. Well, my factions usually consist of multiples of 24 for footsoldiers (plus a sergeant) and multiples of 12 for mounted knights (plus a captain). I never use stock figs as they come from the sets, I like to play around with weapons, gear and body parts, but I do divide my armies more or less according to the official Lego heraldry variations. My armies in order of size: - Shadow 219 (13 mounted) - Crown 142 (14 mounted) - Dragon 125 (13 mounted) - Lion 117 (14 mounted) - Fright 63 (13 mounted) - Bull 38 (13 mounted) Plus about 10 other factions of 25 to 75 each. I usually build 3 banners per faction, but the Shadows have 6, as they use both the KKII scorpion pattern and the Fantasy Era troll’s skull pattern.
  14. Hun

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    It's been a while, but I'm back with my armies - seen here at an exhibition in May: 960 soldiers, among them ca. 90 mounted. More detailed shots to follow after our next exhibition in October.
  15. Hun

    Review: 30061 Attack Wagon

    If you're the Stiel I think you are, you'll be able to see it for yourself next Saturday in Bp. - provided you bring a magnifying glass!