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  1. Horsecreek

    Disney CMF - Wishlists

    I can truly accept the 5 suggestions.
  2. Horsecreek

    Disney CMF - Wishlists

    1. Mickey 2. Minnie 3. Donald 4. Goofy 5. Daisy 6. Uncle Scrooge 7. Gyro 8. one of The Beagle Boys 9. Pete 10. Magica de Spell 11. one of Scrooge's rivals plus something to fill up the series
  3. Horsecreek

    WIP: Medieval city gate

    It looks very promising. I would recommend you to build the gate some bricks higher so a knigt can ride through the gate with his lance and banner. Keep up the good work.
  4. Horsecreek

    [MOC] Tivoli Main entrance

    With this project I started with some photos. When building this and many other buildings I start with one or more details. In this case it was the corners and the top of the round pillars. Once a number of details are done most of the structure gives it self. I think this way is better than deciding the size first just to struggle unnecessary to make it all fit.Early in the process it looked like this: Before I started building my guess was that the main entrance would be 3x3 standard baseplates. it ended being 2x6 baseplates.
  5. Horsecreek

    Pirate's Island

    When I count the transperent plates it looks like 3x3 standard baseplates.
  6. Horsecreek

    MOC: Modular Shell Gas Station

    Brilliant build. It captures all the essence of a gas station. I'm very facinated by the roof light.
  7. Horsecreek

    [MOC] Tivoli Main entrance

    It will be hard but it will also release a lot of storage space. We always has a lot of different projects in mind. This time something a little more Childish
  8. Horsecreek

    [MOC] Tivoli Main entrance

    Together with 6 other members of my lug we made a LEGO edition of Tivoli in Copenhagen. My Friend Lasse Vestergård has already presented the complete layout. Here a few days before I start to take it apart I think it deserves its own presentation. An overview from the streetside. The TIVOLI guards. These guards are musicians dressed as Royal danish guards.. From the inside of the park The left side building with the ticket and season-pas office. More photos and details at Mocpages Google Streetview for comparison Let me know if you think I've missed a detail.
  9. Horsecreek

    what was your first lego set?

    I don't know what set was the first I got. But I remember unwrapping 6980-Galaxy Commander for my Birthday in 1985 (I turned 6 that year) My Dark age began just before licensed sets became fleshies. 10211-Grand Emporium ended my dark age.
  10. Horsecreek

    [MOC] Camouflage Pig On the Flesh Hill

    Thanks for the comments so far. A wolf? hmm. LEGO has made a number of dogs. But they are the same size as the pigs and therefor too small. I could add af Warg instead.
  11. Horsecreek

    What's your latest acquisition?

    From the latest promotion video there was a short clip with Sauron.
  12. I bought some of the new plates in BL-color "Flesh". Someday they could be useful for something. I'm not sure that has happend yet, but at least I've made something. From my Mocpage "When LEGO released set "75052 - Mos Eisley Cantina" It was the first set with flesh-colored elements. I bought some of the elements without knowing what to build. So I just build a hillside. The elements matched the pigs from a few years earlier. But some of the pigs had Black spots. Therefore I made those giant black mushrooms it also added a Little creepyness to the moc."
  13. Brickficiency is the only software I can think of. I havn't tried it myself so I can't tell more about it.
  14. Horsecreek

    My first pirate MOC

    It is a little difficult to give any tips with so little info. But I'll try anyway. Take a look at your brick collection and decide what colors you'll use for the fort. If you have any ideas in mind then start building any part of the fort you like the most.
  15. Horsecreek

    The Soldiers Outpost

    I've added a few more figures and some cannons to the moc. I've added this and 5 more photos to my mocpage. If you have the oppotunity to come to Skærbæk in Denmark 26th and 27th september. You can see the moc with you own eyes. This will properly be the last time the moc is on display before I take it apart.