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  2. Iain

    UK Sales

    Too late - looks like all the £22.49 ones have gone now - back up to £35.86 now on Amazon UK
  3. Iain

    UK Sales

    Amazon UK currently have Lego City 3661 Bank and Money Transfer at £22.49 - That's nearly half the usual Lego advertised price of £41.99 (which incidentally is currently out of stock on Lego.com UK)
  4. Iain

    Modular Madness: "Jewelry Store"

    Great modular - Hate to point out though that Jewellery has 2 L's and 3 E's in it.
  5. Iain

    10224 Town Hall

    Many thanks for sharing - can't wait to get my hands on this set!
  6. Iain

    MOC: The Love Boat

    Absolutely fantastic. The detail is awesome. I especially liked some of the rooms, like the hospital, nursery and my favorite, The "Poseidon Adventure" room, complete with fixed chairs on the ceiling and an upside down Xmas tree!!
  7. Iain

    100 Greatest Toys

    On the actual TV coundown, when they revealed Nintendo at no.4 they specifically talked about Super Mario Brothers. I've watched it back on 4OD and its not that clear if they are talking about the console or the actual game. Channel 4 "Greatest" lists never give an accurate reflection of what is most popular (apart from Lego of course!) I didn't vote for this list but I have voted previously and they normally have a pre-selected list that you can choose from, so really this is only a coundown of the pre-selected list chosen by Channel 4.
  8. Iain

    100 Greatest Toys

    Here is a list of the entire top 100 - I've included some descriptions for some toys that were possibly not that popular outside of the UK 100 Boxing Robots 99 Teletubbies 98 Holly Hobby (rag doll) 97 Ben 10 96 Major Matt Mason (action figure) 95 Bratz 94 Peter Powell Kites (70’s kite manufacturer) 93 Pippa (doll - smaller version of Barbie) 92 Striker / Super Striker (table football soccer) 91 Beyblades 90 Johnny 7 (60’s toy gun) 89 Clackers (2 plastic balls on a piece of string!) 88 Trouble (60’s game with popomatic dice) 87 Cyberman Voice Change Helmet (2006 – from Dr Who) 86 Magna Doodle 85 Stretch Armstrong 84 Tickle Me Elmo 83 Crossfire (70’s football with guns and marbles) 82 Girls World (make-up mannequin head) 81 Stylophone (70’s miniature electronic organ) 80 Trolls 79 Weebles 78 Cabbage Patch Kids 77 Simon (70’s light sequence electronic game) 76 Polly Pocket 75 Escape From Colditz (70’s board game) 74 Furby 73 Six Million Dollar Man (action figure) 72 Beanie Babies 71 Buzz Lightyear 70 Power Rangers 69 Buckaroo 68 Tiny Tears (crying doll) 67 Sindy (British version of Barbie) 66 Hula Hoop 65 Tracy Island (Thunderbirds) 64 Hungry Hippos 63 Evel Knievel Stunt Bike 62 Mr Potato Head 61 James Bonds Aston Martin Car 60 Care Bears 59 Ker-Plunk 58 My Little Pony 57 Space Hopper 56 Tonka Toys 55 Game Of Life 54 Tamagotchi 53 Super Soaker (water pistol) 52 Operation (electronic doctor’s game) 51 Slinky 50 Playmobile 49 Yahtzee (dice game) 48 Mastermind (code guessing peg game) 47 Barbie 46 Chopper (70’s bicycle) 45 Pictionary 44 Frisbee 43 Jenga 42 Fuzzy Felt 41 Sylvanian Families 40 Mouse Trap (board game) 39 Hot Wheels 38 Battleship (code game) 37 Pokeman Trading Cards 36 Twister 35 Chemistry set 34 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 33 Yo-yo 32 Top Trumps (card game) 31 Roller Skate 30 Risk (world domination board game) 29 Spirograph (circular drawing tool) 28 Subbuteo (table soccer game) 27 Plasticine 26 Play-Doh 25 Atari 24 Rubik Cube 23 Teddy Bear 22 Etch-a-Sketch 21 Matchbox Cars 20 Action Man (UK version of GI Joe) 19 Airfix 18 Connect 4 17 Hornby Train Sets 16 Meccano 15 Cluedo 14 He-Man (homo-erotic action figure) 13 X-Box 12 Transformers 11 Star Wars Toys 10 Game Boy 9 Trivial Pursuit 8 Scalextric 7 Scrabble 6 Playstation 5 Nintendo Games Consoles 4 Wii 3 Dungeons & Dragons 2 Monopoly 1 Lego
  9. Iain

    100 Greatest Toys

    Barbie and Hot Wheels were way down the list, although both toys are very American and this was a UK poll
  10. Like we didn't already know it, but Channel 4 in the UK has just done the countdown of the 100 Greatest Toys, and Lego has come out at No.1! Monopoly was second.
  11. Iain

    What was your first major City/Town building?

    1970 - 1979 It was actually 1979 and I had the 675 snack bar set Unfortunately I no longer own it as I sold most of my early Lego sets on e-bay about 6 years ago
  12. Iain


    Don't worry, they're only plastic!
  13. Iain


    Very sick but absolutely fantactic at the same time. Building is great and some good attention to detail. Love the use of the snakes for the animal guts, and the pigs hanging from the hooks! Need I say more!
  14. Iain

    Review: 8404 Public Transport

    Road sweepers usually have the driver sit on the opposite side of the cab than normal vehicles so they can see the kerb as they are sweeping.
  15. Iain

    Review: 8403 Family Home

    Great review - this is a very nice set, I would have loved this when I was 10 but I'm not sure yet if I will add it to my collection. Some of the details in the review and the close ups are excellent so many thanks for posting