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  1. remus753

    Modular Building 2011

    I've been checking in hoping some information would come out, but if you guys don't know anything concrete, guess we keep waiting. I would prefer a bank/post office/library over a pet shop. Seems to me that the choice for buildings is directed more at the aesthetics and interests of adults, whereas a pet shop is more a youth theme. I bet it would be cool, the candy store MOC on here was possibly the most beautiful modular creation I have seen, but I don't feel it would fit with the other ones as well. I guess we wait longer and I finally decide to break down and get Tower Bridge while I wait and hope I have enough spare money when the modular is finally announced. Thanks for letting a lurker enjoy the speculation. marcus
  2. remus753

    Tips on building a LEGO town photocopier

    Might I suggest under the clear tile a green (lime green perhaps) 1x2 plate and a black 1x2 plate to give it the appearance of a copy actually running the green scanning bar across? Both of those examples are awesome, always amazed at what people come up with. The only problem with my suggestion is that the green and black would show on the side... guess it is hard to hide everything at that scale. Good luck.
  3. remus753

    Brickworld Indy 2010

    The pictures are slanted towards my area of interest (town--specifically modular) and my buddy who has visions of making a walled citadel/castle like Stormwind from WOW, but thought you might enjoy. They are uploaded to my flickr account: Flickr of Brickworld Indy 2010 I have a plethora of comments, but thought you might just want to browse, and if you are within driving distance of Indianapolis, you might want to drive over tomorrow for the final day.
  4. remus753

    Ideas for a backyard

    Rathskellar outdoor stage I fear I may have incorrectly inserted the link (there are always specific rules and each forum is different, my apologies), but when thinking about your music club and the backyard, a little mini stage with a picnic table or two might be nice. I know space might be limited, but a nice outdoor space to enjoy a fine beverage, some good food, and a band would be nice. The picture is from a restaurant/bar/live music venue in Indianapolis, IN named the Rathskellar. It is modeled in a European style on the inside, but the best part is this huge area out back where you can listen to live music and sample their beer selection. I love the look of the stage, thought it might be great for your music club, though I fear I may have misinterpreted your definition of a music club. Good luck, do post pictures when you figure out what to do.
  5. remus753

    The Untouchables

    I assume it was intentional as my favorite detail is that the windows appear to have some grime around the edges. Sort of speaks to a rough and tumble era in Chicago, a very industrial city that was full of pollution at the time. Always impressed when someone goes to incredible lengths in order to make their design appear realistic. Well done! I would also like to echo what everyone else has said.
  6. remus753

    Addiction Remission Over...

    TedBeard-I decided to do just what you said. I created a Federalist home to go next to my GG. A little out of place, but feel it wasn't all that bad considering what I had to work with. I posted (bad) pictures in the Town forum. I really need to remember not to take pictures at night, or figure out how my digital camera works. Sad state of affairs considering I have an art teacher right now. Blue Dragonz-Thanks, I am already having fun seeing what you guys are doing. I talk with my wife and the people I work with about what I see each day... I think they might be just a little sick of it. Davey-your tips were wonderful and helpful. I must say, as someone who cherished my friends NES (and RBI baseball), I thought that was a beautiful creation. I really appreciated the advice on Bricklink and pricing. I spend some time there yesterday (thinking about buying the Market Street MOD piece by piece), and not sure how you buy what you need without getting it from 340 different vendors. I will have to look for Bricklink advice somewhere in here. I Scream Clone-I was a castle kid growing up, but I have fallen in love with the new modular town. I have probably spent 10 hours in that forum and on the other town related websites over the last couple of weeks just looking at what they have done. Although, seeing your Western work has been awesome as well. I have a soft spot in my heart for the modern Western, and I think you have done a wonderful job recreating those scenes. Thanks for helping direct me around, this place is far more extensive than most forums I have participated in. Thank you guys for everything, glad to be a part of the forum.
  7. remus753

    MOC: Federalist Modular

    Thank you for all the kind words, it is so nice to be around people who are passionate and friendly. Also, though I am all grown up, it was nice to put myself and my meager creation out there and be given kind words. What I have done pales in comparison to what I have seen on here, you guys are truly masters and artists. To answer questions and reply to comments: -I don't imagine I will be someone who does much playing with my LEGO creations, but I have seen the interiors on many of the MOCs in here, and they have blown me away. I marvel at your creativity and resourcefulness. In the future I can see spending time on the interiors, but that may take buying of other items, something I intend on doing much further down the line. -I appreciate the tips for adding tiling (would love to in the future), or breaking up the exterior. I would eventually like to embed the architectural detail around the windows (and also get new ones), add shutters (essential for a Federalist style home), and work on making the roof complete. I actually made attempts to do both of those things, but I only had enough shutters for two windows, and enough window panes for 3... I decided consistency was important to me at this point. -I thought you were joking about the Cypress trees, but the cheapest one I found on Bricklink was $12, and it was slightly chewed. Maybe I should sell my trees to finance the rest of the house (just kidding). -My baker is intentionally faceless, it is how I pay homage to my older brother who got me into LEGO. He hates the faces and would always turn their heads around to the back of the helmets (he loved the space sets). Still to this day they drive him crazy, that little smiling face. Glad you guys enjoyed, next week I hope to get started on my yellow open concept (cause I don't have much in the way of windows left) townhouse for the other side. Might require dismantling my beloved castle, but that is what LEGO is for.
  8. remus753

    MOC: Federalist Modular

    I only have one set made within the last two decades, so architectural detail like my beloved Christmas present (the Green Grocer) wasn't possible. I took the advice of TedBeard and just dove in. I had already sorted out all the red (the most I had of any one color), and decided to build from that. My wife suggested a Federalist style house since they are rather simple, and sometimes the townhouses come in bright colors (it might have a yellow friend later...). I have included several pictures to show my work. Obviously any comments or suggestions would be welcome, but as a rookie with a limited supply of LEGOs, it is what it is to some degree. I would have liked an interior, but my building doesn't come apart. I also didn't have enough red to finish the back, thought a photo might make you guys laugh a little.
  9. My older brothers got me into LEGOs when I was young, they were space fans, but I loved my yellow castle (there can only be one yellow castle). I still remember getting the set, and exactly where I was when I put it together (I just recreated it thanks to Peeron last month, it now sits on my shelf). I got distracted by other toys shortly after that, and it seemed to me that LEGO had gone the way of the modular home building. Just a bunch of big pieces that didn't look much like LEGOs. I forgot about LEGOs until my nephew got into them a couple of years ago. He had a couple of the Creator houses, and some other things, many of which I had bought him, and it seemed to me that LEGO had really turned the corner. Then while helping my mother shop for him this winter, I saw the Green Grocer. This set was like the LEGOs I grew up on, but on steroids. Instead of a set with 700 pieces, this had 2300. I was showing off the change in LEGOs to my mother, and didn't think much of it. Imagine the surprise of a grown man receiving a LEGO set for Christmas of that magnitude. I couldn't wait to kick my in-laws out of the house so I could begin what ended up being an 8 hour adventure. Now I have found you guys, and all of your wonderful MOCs. I am not at the place right now where I can start buying sets (I want the Modular sets so bad) due to the economy and being told I won't have my teaching position next year, but it doesn't stop me from dreaming and planning. I clip and save many of the photographs I find on here to help in the future when I hit the lottery. I know this question has been asked MILLIONS of times on here, but I haven't had much luck with the search function. Can someone point me to some threads about how to get started with MOCs, how much they generally cost, how people get started, things like that. Right now I am sorting through my boxes of LEGO pieces from the 70s and early 80s, which gives me a lot of primary colored bricks, but very little in the way of detail. I have started to sort out the red bricks to add a modular next to my GG, but they red seems out of place unless I can make it into something that is normally red (maybe my own firehouse?). Perhaps my own brothel... wouldn't Mom be proud. Anyway, thanks for motivating my creative mind (my wife would like to conversely say mean things to you for emptying my wallet in the future)! marcus
  10. remus753

    7641 crossover with 10185---super city corner

    I like the multipurpose feel of the building. It really looks like it fits with the GG and the modular buildings. I never would have thought of the break room/storage room (I have never worked much retail), nice way to use the limited space at the top. As someone (me) who is trying to get into MOC to go along with my new GG (my first LEGO set in almost 25 years), can you give me a little rundown in how you built this. Did you buy a set (the Fire Brigade) and use that to build a majority of it? Did you design it and then buy pieces to match? Or are you someone who has a huge AFOL collection that you use to create structures like this? It doesn't need to be an essay, just trying to get a basic feel for how buildings like yours are constructed. Thanks. Really like the building, seems like a nice addition to any neighborhood.
  11. remus753

    Omaha Beach Invasion

    Beautifully done. I love the depth and dimension to it. The surface of the sand and how that fades into the water, very well done. The intestines were a nice touch.