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    LEGO store Pick-a-Brick Q&A

    I doubt the answers you received from you Q&A is the same for all LEGOs store. I've talked extensively to the Store Managers about PAB at the 2 local LEGO store by me and I've received answers. How often do the PAB bins change over? Sometimes the store will receive new elements within from time to time, but overall, the inventory stays the same. As posted in the store calendar for January, you'll start to see a significant change in inventory. Do you control what goes in the bin? I know this is true because this answer was asked at the Bricks by the Bay LEGO convention last year and was answered by Steve Witt. Stores do not and cannot request PAB elements. They just get what's sent to them and usually it's the same across all stores. The elements sent to stores is overstock from the warehouse. Do you still do birthday parties in the store? My local LEGO stores still do them and they don't do it while the store opens, it's done before the store opens. As far as PAB elements being swept up from the floor and then thrown away? My stores do sweep them up, but they get cleaned in the back and then sorted into bulk PAB grab bags for $7.99 each. LIVE IN CALIFORNIA OR CLOSE? Come check out Bricks by the Bay 2011 - LEGO Convention. March 25-27, 2011. www.bricksbythebay.com

    The Passing of Dan Jezek

    So young. Does anyone know how he passed?

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    So people like you can keep buying them...

    Review: 8404 Public Transport

    How is the bus going to have the same size wheels as the car?

    European vs. American Train Styles

    Well, since it's been bumped I might as well add that... I love them both, but lean more towards the bulkiness of an American Freightliner.

    A complaint about the new SW sets

    I don't mind reissues as long as their significantly improved or there has been a good 5+ years gap and I think it's that way the Boba Fett's Slave I. I have all versions and I personally cannot wait for it to be available! Think some of the figs aer too cartoony? They fit perfectly to what LEGO is and that's being playable and looking 'cartoony'. Afterall, they are marketed for kids, aren't they? I know my 4-year old will love Han Carbonite.
  7. FM isn't an unusual place to find the minifigs. They regularly carry LEGO. Now, if they're said to be found at a Dollar Store than that's unusual!
  8. As previously mentioned. When Mads Nipper was at the BBTB Convention a few months back he mentioned that they planned 2 series per year releasing at approximately the same time. So, Series 3 should be out by spring.

    LEGO Collectible Minfigures Series 1 Poll

    I'll have to go with the Robot.
  10. Obviously, that's your belief and you'll stick with it. I attended a LEGO convention months back where Mads Nipper (Executive Vice President Market & Products) was the keynote speaker and he did talk about the figs a bit and actually gave away some that were suppose to be destroyed because the legs were not the same length. He did emphasize that LEGO did want it to be a collectable thing where it was a mystery on who you would get. In a way, as mentioned earlier, just like sports cards or role playing cards. And the target for these were young children, it was and will always be the target audience. He also mentioned that may have produce too much or not enough. They were somewhat comfortable with the production run considering they weren't sure if these would do well or not and obviously they have done really well. There's a reason why they labeled these 'limited edition'. If LEGO really was just about money, then they could have easily priced these a bit higher and most if not all of you who are complaining would still buy them. There's no doubt about that. And if LEGO really was just about profit, then don't you think they'd be offering an IPO by now???

    REVIEW: White Boba Fett polybag

    So, you're saying if someone buys 8097, the white Boba Fett in included in the set or randomly packed or?
  12. Fortunately for me. I have 3 TRUs that are fairly close to me. 1 barely a mile away from where I live. I think, to me, the easiest to grab a bunch and look at the barcodes at home. But then again, like I said, I have 3 TRUs close to me...
  13. If I remember correctly, Mads mentioned they have series 3 and 4 on paper already.
  14. That question was asked at the Bricks by the Bay LEGO convention in Norcal when Mads Nipper had a discussion about them (He actually brought a box of 60 that was supposed to destroyed because of the legs was shorter than the other). Anyway. Mads made it clear that there would be no figure more rare than the other and the whole concept behind this is to go 'hunt' for them at stores and then randomly pick a pack. He also noted thatt there is a limited production run on each series and once they are gone, they're gone. LEGO is planning 2 series per year.
  15. I can also confirm that I just bought some at TRU in Northern California. A friend bought some earlier in the day and they limited him to buying only 5. I was fortunate to get away with a bit more. WOOHOO! I love these minifigs.