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  1. I suspect the Porsche is RC, there is not a presence of HOG steering knob, I guess those greyish parts peeking at the rear end of the set are XL motors or probably PF 2.0. Afterall the box is just a mockup and the final/ full reveal of the set's true colors is yet to come.
  2. Thanks! I wanted to buy the Claas and Porsche sets but wasn't sure as to how much each paycheck I need to save. I need $500 over 5 months to get these 2 sets, hopefully Lego adjusts the prices in US Dollars so there's a more definite information.
  3. I was pertaining to the HOG steering knob, this model has none of that which makes me think its an RC set, RC or not it's cool.
  4. Porsche is the coolest then the Claas comes next. It can't come any closer to a Lego, sure Tamiyas are fast and cool too but a model you can transform or modify to anything you like is cooler and Lego has that.
  5. I would love to see it sporting Martini or Gulf racing livery, but silver with acid green accents is excellent too!
  6. 42056 doesn't show any awkward looking knob for HOG steering but then I might be wrong, Lego pulled off a stunt by integrating HOG steering in the Aroc's beacon lights but that is a truck so its easy the Porsche is a sports car so sticking a knob in the model is not a wise move for Lego. Following the cycle of RC and non RC sets, the last RC set was the Volvo L350F so the Porsche 911 is a logical successor. I hope this will display PF 2.0 but regardless 42056 is gorgeous looking.
  7. The Arocs is still a beauty for me, I modded the tipper bed by making it taller just the Meiler-Kueppe tipper body. I guess it's more on one's preference as to what set is good looking or worth the money buying. As with the other sets in this summer lineup only 2 will find their way home to me: 42054 Claas Xerion and 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS.
  8. I know the 42056 is going to be a Porsche 911 GT3 or GT3 RS but what of the B-Model? is this a one and done model just like the 41999? or a 911 Cabriolet will be the alternate build?
  9. The BWE is too much, I'm always fond of buying supersize sets but it has to be a big truck or car so even if it has the functions or highest parts per price count I'm not counting on it. The Claas and Porsche are the must buys for me, trimming down my Lego spending and focusing on the sets I really like will make my collection more composed. If the 42054 Claas Xerion has the right sized tire to fit in my 41999 and 8110 Unimogs (especially those without rubbing at the wheel wells) I'll get an extra pair of those to make them look tougher. The wasn't expecting the 911 TBH but so far in it's GT3 RS form combined with AWD and a rear-mounter flat-6 engine this is going to be a sweet looking set. Looking at the video posted it seems the set has a proper steering system and what looks like bands connected to a paddle-shifter makes this an even more interesting set. The "prototype" look of the 42056 makes ma say Lego is probably doing some final work on the set which is obvious, we haven't even seen or know what the final color will look like or what of PF system with power it, from the box art I saw online it has LED lights upfront so its obviously an RC set. The set seems to be very large in scale, I never owned an 8880 so I don't know exactly how big we're dealing with this set. Lego has really outdone itself with the Technic summer sets.
  10. I read that the new Claas Xerion 5000 set has new tires/ wheels if those are enormous tires it makes a good candidate for replacement tires for my 41999.
  11. Not a big fan of tractors so I'm skipping this Claas Xerion model, I'm more interested with the Ultimate IP car given that it will spend most of it's time hidden from dusts in my storage I'm still excited to get one. I'm originally against the idea that its going to be a Porsche 911 GT3 because its not as ultimate as the 3 hypercars but given that it has a flat-6 engine, a design Porsche has refined through generations and a German pedigree in its back I might give it a shot. My fingers are still crossed for the Ford GT though it might be unlikely but who knows? It is an on and off program with 3 versions separated by years but each time it resurrects it just keeps getting better. Ferrari is still likely IMO, you have the LaFerrari, FXX K, or even the F12 berlinetta as pointed out earlier in the discussion, all possess different levels of refinement and technology reserved for exclusive clientele. Porsche 918 is another IMHO it also possesses technology, styling and performance reserved for an Ultimate car, even in its 918 RSR concept form it still looks exotic what more if Lego puts up a Martini or Gulf livery to it?
  12. It can't be a W Motors Lycan, aside from rare stones used in it's headlights, the car is an exclusive in Kuwait meaning it has not much brand recognition as big names like Ferrari McLaren or Porsche or even Ford with it's Mustang, GT, and F-Series nameplates. Considering that Lego has been toying with a Porsche 911 since the 42039 came out last year, it might seem to be plausible that the UIP car taking the guise of a 911 GT3 is likely though my fingers are still crossed for a Ferrari FXX K or a Porsche 918 RSR/ 918 Spyder.
  13. That 41999 (mine came w/ plate 19,691) was closer to an old Dodge Charger, the Mustang had a fastback design. The UIP Car might be closer to any of the 3 hypercars. If it's going to command a high price tag, Ferrari FXX or FXX K might be it, if not a Porsche 918 or 918 RSR is likely.
  14. I was still hoping for a Porsche 918 RSR or at least a Ferrari FXX K, yes the 911 is an iconic car but it is no where near being the ultimate car, preference wise probably it but in terms of technology and features, the 3 hypercars have those.
  15. If ultimateness is the name of the game, F40 seems logical as Jeremy Clarkson pointed out that it is the most beautiful car he's ever driven. Otherwise we're looking at one of the holy trinity hypercars making the upper ranks as the Ultimate IP Car.
  16. Someone here is probably unaware of what the word "speculation" means, we are all trying to puzzle things out and giving insights about what the forthcoming sets for Technic will be. TLG IMHO left us some breadcrumbs with the existing licenses it has with European manufacturers. BUT what left me speculating more are the BMW and Ford licenses, sure BMW has done a deal before with the Williams F1 car from the early 2000's but the Ford side of the story takes things higher as both will closely be celebrating the anniversaries of their marque and model just a year apart. Ford cashing in with the recent success of TLG by lending it the Ford GT license just makes sense. Yep only an M-Motor, I tried the L-Motor it won't but it will with extensive modifications and our friend PPUNG DADDY in youtube RC-fied a 42052 you might wanna take a look into that:)
  17. The new Heavy Lift Helicopter (42052) is an impressive set, the helicopter is 255-pieces shy of the 42025's 1,297-piece count but once built (took me 7-8 hours) is big, the blades counter rotate though I wish Lego made it's M-Motor upgradeable to an L-Motor for faster operation of it's electric functions.
  18. Unless Ferrari lends its license approval the Ultimate IP Car might turn out to be a LaFerrari or even an FXX K, the Ford license is among and probably the first American car license TLG ever had though I might be wrong because so far Lego has past and present licenses only with European marques, off topic I would love to see Lego turning a Land Rover Defender into a Technic or Creator license, but if this is any indication the IP Car presents Ford with an opportunity to jump into the Lego bandwagon and cash in with TLG's current market success not to mention the Ford GT is celebrating that 50th anniversary of it's 1966 Le Mans win, in it's current form the GT has a modern yet unmistakably classic lines which is still inline with the 60's original and the 2005 - 2006 series production model. The car is low slung, long and wide matched to a V6 engine and RWD layout. But then again I could be wrong with the Ford license and might turn out to be limited to the recently announced Mustang and Raptor truck.
  19. But the Ford GT is the more interesting one between Corvette and GT but we never know, we have at ;east 2 weeks before the 2016 Nuremberg Toy Fare starts.
  20. I just saw the new and first ever Ford licensed sets for the Speed Champions line and while this has nothing to do with the Technic line in general, its the Ford licensing that makes quite sense. I'm still baffled as to what this rumored Ultimate IP Car would look like, with Ford being part of Lego's licensing mix, could a Ford GT be the IP Car's final form? to think it has the basics of what I think a future supercar will have, RWD swooping body lines mid-mounted V6 and retro-futuristic design. Could it really be? Throwing out an American license for the IP Car also coincides with Ford's 50th anniversary of it's 1966 1-2-3 win at Le Mans which saw Ferrari eating dust and launching Bill "Deuce" Ford II's rivalry with Enzo Ferrari. The Speed Champions line has the Mustang GT350, Ford F-150 Raptor and a Ford Model T Hot Rod, missing is the Ford GT, if the Blue Oval is indeed involved with this rumored TLG project, that's going to be a sweet looking set!
  21. Lego is just keeping itself mum on the rumored Ultimate IP Car, right now its all speculation as to what form the rumored set will take. While your idea is cool, it will take serious lobbying before a licensed MAN model can be produced, much more the functionality that Lego always incorporates in its sets. The truck in the picture looks like a ballast truck pulling what appears to be a passenger cabin.
  22. Just finished watching Top Gear Season 22 Episode 4 where the much debated (Ultimate IP Car set candidate) was tested by Jeremy Clarkson, the car alone makes perfect sense for me if it'll be designed using existing panels, uses a small three cylinder engine with electric motors. The back looks cool while the font is not so, if Lego will go conservative and promote the idea of a hybrid sports car I think the i8 is good for, but should Lego go mental like really insane about the rumored set, the Hypercar Trio (Porsche, Ferrari or McLaren) is the only way to go, Porsche has AWD, hybrid V8 setup and a curvaceous body, McLaren has the same approach minus the AWD, and Ferrari has the more insane Hybrid KERS V12 RWD mix. All 3 have their engines placed midships and have existing racetrack-focused versions and the most insane is the Ferrari FXX K. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't recall Lego making an AWD flagship sports car set and I think a proper car to represent the would either be the i8 or a Porsche 918/ 918 RSR Hybrid Concept.
  23. Skipping the 42050 I don't like Funny Cars at all, bought the 42046 and 42047 (two of it) to build the combi model and the police car. I am waiting for the 42052 to come out here in the US in a couple of days, I like the fresh design of the helicopter and I never had a helicopter set from Lego to begin with so this is a welcome addition to my little collection. Then you have the interesting lineup for 2H, not a big fan of construction vehicles except for an Articulated Hauler (Lego needs to make a proper one with a closed bed, large tires, piston engine), Bulldozer (Caterpillar D9-style). I am hoping the IP Ultimate Car is one of the 3 hypercars produced or their concept versions (Porsche 918 RSR), I know many of us hopes its a G63 AMG 6x6 which is very cool but with an existing Arocs 3245 in the mix, I think Lego will use the Mercedes-Benz partnership to create trucks or off-roaders (Unimog, G-Wagen) though I may be wrong as Mercedes-Benz had the SLS AMG for a while and has the AMG GT with an SLS AMG successor due before the decade ends. Let's just hope Lego will not screw up the Ultimate IP Car.
  24. Too bad that 42051 has been cancelled. I lost motivation to buy the pullback sets anyway. the dragster looks fun but I'm not a big fan of "Funny Cars" anyway. It's the 42052 that I'm putting high hopes for. I like the challenge of building sets upwards 1,000 pieces plus I never had a helicopter set from Lego Technic so I want to have one, the design for me of the Heavy Lift helicopter is very fresh, it almost screams "Russian" for me though the designer's nationality is different still it's interesting to own. Not a big fan of heavy construction equipment so I'm skipping the tractor set but will be focusing on the rumored IP Car which I still hope to take the form of any of the Holy Trinity Hypercars or with a slim chance being a 2017 Ford GT. It's only 2015 and Ford has already released the GT and with Lego being in highest point of success right now would IMO consider an American license for the Technic line, either way 2016 will be a barren year for my Technic collection. I still hope Lego is just playing coy by cancelling the 42051 and will actually surface as a 2H set considering that the 2H is going to be packed with sets upwards of 600+ pieces, TLG needs something that will buffer/balance the game.
  25. There's already a Mercedes-Benz in the Technic Line, 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245, following the line of succession of Mercedes-Benz sets from 8110 to the latter would mean a new MB set won't be out in about 2-3 years but Lego might break the "rule" as it has multiple Ferrari sets before. I would however love to see a Technic recreation of one of the Holy Trinity Hypercars or as we all have seen, Lego might have spill the beans when it released that commercial showing a BMW i8 forming the outlines of what appears to be a Technic chassis.