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    Track problem Zorex

    There are no plans for additional instructions, sorry. But I can clarify the change: On pag. 33, change the 12z tan gears to 20z tan gears and the black 12z gears to 12z tan gear. And on pag 9 change the 24z geat to 20 double bevel tan gear and on pag. 3 & 8 change the 8z gear to black 12z gear. Good luck.
  2. Jurgen Krooshoop

    Track problem Zorex

    I'm not suggesting giving the 2 drivetrains different gearing. My suggestion is to change both drivetrains the same way. This way you have more gear-reduction of the drivetrain going through the turntable. Cause thats where most of the friction is (on the 12L Axle going all the way through the turntable)
  3. Jurgen Krooshoop

    Track problem Zorex

    There is one way to reduce this effect: By changing the 12/12 angled gear-combo going to the turntable with 12/20. Then you can compensate the lower speed by changing the 8/24 gear-combo in the chassis to 12/20. However, the chair in the cabin will not fit anymore. I'm currently building a new version of the Zorex where I compensated this. It's still not driving in a perfect straight line, but it's coming close.
  4. There will be 2 parts list: 1 for the complete model and 1 titled "What if I already have an 42009 ?"
  5. @ Kronos: I use the original Lego transformer to recharge my 8878's. I didn't feel like going through the trouble of finding a compatible transformer. I've had mine for about 2 years and they're still going strong 8-) Back on topic: if you use 8878 for the Ultimate 42009, it's easy to install PF-lights on the back of the truck. With the standard B-Box, you'd need an additional extention cable. It will have front-lights though.
  6. Jurgen Krooshoop

    Building a low loader for the Zorex 220

    Definately looking foreward to seeing your truck and trailer for the Zorex-220.
  7. @ xbatmanx: I've made it compatible with the standard AA-Batterybox. However, I'm using 8878 myself. I'm a big fan of the 8878, I've never regretted getting them. The final Crane will use 2x standard battery box
  8. Ok, I'm working as fast as I can. If you send an email to info@jurgenstechniccorner.com, you can be one of the first to receive the final instructions.
  9. @ FuzzyBallz: If you have the 42009 box already, why don't you build that ? It's a wonderfull set as it is and it'll make building the Ultimate 42009 easier. I think I'll need about 2 weeks to complete the instructions. Book 1 and 2 (Truck & upperstructure) are in Beta-testing phase (I've found 2 great beta-testers ), part 3 (boom) is almost ready for testing. After that I'll have to make the corrections and parts lists.
  10. Yes, it will be instructions for the whole thing. I've completely redisigned the insides of the truck and upperstructure, so it was neccesary to make complete instructions.
  11. Jurgen Krooshoop

    New-holland excavator

    Technically the most advanced excavator I've seen so far. Great work !!
  12. The instructions will have approx 350 pages. I want clear and buildable instructions, so I can't put too much parts in 1 step.
  13. The parts-list will be published as soon as possible.
  14. Ok, 2 people have agreed to be Beta-instruction testers. No need to apply anymore. Thanks !!
  15. The instructions for the Ultimate 42009 are making good progress. Parts 1 (Truck) and 2 (Upperstructure) are ready (in Beta-version) Now I'm looking for a Beta-instructions-tester: Someone who can build this model on short term and who is willing to check the images and make an error-report. Of course your name (and website) will be mentioned in the final instructions. And you'll be the first to build this MOD. If you're interrested, please contact me at info@jurgenstechniccorner.com.
  16. Jurgen Krooshoop

    H3t (WIP)

    That gearbox is really clever !! Great work.
  17. For some time I thought the same. However, the theory is correct: Moving the LA up or down causes it to turn the 20z gear or it will extend or retract the piston. Since it can't turn the 20z gear (as it's connected to a motor) it will extend or retract the piston, causing the 2 pistons to loose their symmetry. However, in my experience, bracing the gears is more important that having the gears in the same direction. I noticed this on the 8043. When I switched one of the gears on my 8043, performance weakened and grinding-gears-sound appeared. The weight of the boom caused the (switched) gears to slip. So to get optimal perfornamce: brace the bears and make sure the 20z gears are in the same direction.
  18. The instructions are not ready yet, so you'll have to be patient for the complete parts-list. One thing I can tell allready: the extra parts required (exept for the PF-components) will be very standard and common parts. I'm trying to minimize the need for non-42009 parts. Parts of the 42009 were recycled as much as possible. Yes, a video will be a video as well. There instructions will be free of charge. I only ask money for instructions of my own MOC's. It feels really awkwark to ask money for Ultimate 42009 instructions, since it's mainly someone else's design.
  19. The 12-20-gear-combo needs to be braced on the side where the 20t- gear is to avoid gears grinding due to the heavy load. On the original, that's only on the outside of the actuators. In my Ultimate 42009 MOD both actuators are braced on both side, and the 20t-gears are placed on the same side.
  20. Jurgen Krooshoop

    1932 Ford Hot Rod

    Grogeous MOC, well done !!
  21. The instructions will come in 3 parts: truck, upperstructure and Boom. You can do only the Boom-mod if you like. No, sorry. This would have been a great chance for TLG to include black bushes and yellow pins with stop-bushes. The 8421 did have them ... Love those black bushes, very usefull. But they didn't.
  22. Instructions for the Ultimate 42009 are coming along ... They will be of better quality that the instructions for the Ultimate 8043
  23. My idea behind the Ultimate 42009 is to make it look as much like the original 42009 as possible and to minimize the extra bricks required. 7 extra motors & 4 receivers are expensive enough.... Bricks of the 42009 were recycled as much as possible. So I have no plans for an Ultimate 42009 XL, but feel free to make it yourself.