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  1. I am quite glad you got the joke. Every word there was mean to praise this work of yours. Keep it up. I'm following you on flickr and I also save pics of your model to my computer. And no, I'm not an obsessive fan, I'm not gonna follow you home or anything.
  2. O.K. The bar has just been raised. I've seen awesome harvesters made of LEGO but this... this thing is officially the best for me. The colours combo alone instantly attracts you and then you check out the rest and it looks and works so spectacular it makes me wonder (don't get offended now!) do you have a life outside of LEGO? No, seriously.. This is perfection!
  3. mandylion7

    Colide Sprint

    Hey Hey, thanx a lot for the lovely compliment. As for the rims they are classical race small combined with a lot of "Bar 1L with Clip Mechanical Claw" hooked onto "Plate, Modified 2 x 2 with Bar Frame Octagonal". That's it actually.
  4. Hey, everyone I am happy to introduce to you my project, a supercar called Colide "Sprint". It's a made up company and of course a made up vehicle. It is just how I see vehicles done in the near future. Anyway, it has a lot of playable features, a lot of functions. Here are the main ones but I suggest the visit to LEGO IDEAS where more is explained and there also is a short video where you can see functions a bit better maybe. There is a unique way the passenger doors open And engine can also be taken out It also has fuel cells or batteries which are replaceable and of course rechargeable
  5. mandylion7

    Colide Sprint

    Johnny, thanx a bunch for the comment. What mod decides it will be done... and yes. It did took some time to get it right. The original was done in black (posing for dark blue) and red (posing for orange). Only half of the car was done so I can see what it would look like from the outside and from the inside. After I figured it all out it was time to get the parts in needed colours and that's what you see now here. Here is an extra pic of a W.I.P. model
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    Colide Sprint

    So guys, is there a way to simply transfer it to another section or do I have to delete the post and star all over?
  7. mandylion7

    Colide Sprint

    Hey thanx, man but isn't the name of this topic Technic and Model Team? Isn't this vehicle a Model Team candidate?
  8. There is a lot of work and love in this project. It shows you really like doing this.
  9. Not to even mention how brilliant this thing looks like, those back wheels are beyond my comprehension of how to even conceive the idea. You must be some kind of mechanical genius or something. This is out of this world and I'm not even a fan of formulas.
  10. mandylion7

    [MOC] Skoda Rapid

    Geee, I so remember this car when I was a kid. You did it perfectly. I love it when someone does a car that I haven't seen in LEGO version.
  11. Yeah, again, you're one of my favourites. I don't see mine getting into the winning 3 but yours is going to the top! And deserved too!
  12. That is awesome. This should be LEGO IDEAS set. Modular Unimog. Beautiful indeed
  13. Geee, man. I'm speechless. This is a masterpiece. The looks, the size and how everything works just like it's supposed to. Genius!!!
  14. I actually know that but the fact is that this particular model was widely known as Topolino as far as I know. Everyone in my surroundings was calling it that :D
  15. This not only does it look cute but precise as well! Awesome work there. That back part with lights. Superbly solved issue
  16. I like how you curved the front and made a whole lot of SNOT there
  17. That is one awesome looking Topolino. You got everuthing right. I am not a fan of that bar on sticking out from the doors but I get what you were trying to do. Everything else is like.... you don't even need to post the title of it. Everyone in Europe knows what this is. Beautiful! And oh yes! That 3D animation alone deserves 10K on the IDEAS
  18. This is really really good and there's no need to explain the use of your own caterpillars. I mean I never would because I can't be bothered. I am more concerned for the vehicle bodywork. Your caterpillars work very well and look awesome. But the whole thing and the trailer are marvelous. I can't stop looking at al the details. The trailer looks like the real thing.
  19. I think if you're criticising the scale, you are really cherry picking. To me it doesn't matter. If you build a small scale beautiful thing I say bravo. If you're building it big and beautiful packed with load of details I say well done as well. It is completely up to author and what he or she likes best. I built a large scale wartime Opel Blitz which everybody praised and it was blogged all over internet and even though among all the Opel Blitz trucks this one was the only big one, someone actually said: "too bad it isn't minifig scaled"
  20. That looks brutal as hell! Beautiful!
  21. Here are my latest, Actually completed and posted on the last day of the last year. I am a big child and I wanted to make some cute old-timers, and are there cuter cars than those from the 40's? Anyway, I made toys I could play with when I put my kids off to sleep and so I did. Everything opens and each model's got something extra. For example Fleetmaster Fastback version which is the police vehicle's got guns and a rifle. Coupe version for the Fire Chief's got some fire extinguishers, Sedan version which is the TAXI's got 2 suitcases and the Delivery stretched Ambulance version some medical gear an oxigen tank, water tank with a pipe and a gurney. I hope you like these and if you want to see more it's on Flickr. Just click on the pic
  22. Thanx for the comments. I appreciate your critique very much so and yes, certain curves happen only on one side because yes, it is nearly impossible to build it fully curved and have all the functions that exist right now. I was concentrating more on the curves that you see representing mudguards and overall shape of the vehicle.... or vehicles. I have to say I rather like that sort of boxiness because they look more like toys this way. As for the steering it is real. Sirens are the steering wheels. Notice that wheels don't need a lot of room to turn