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    Favorite Train Station

    i voted for 7822 . one main reason is becoz it has an overhead bridge. i think most real life train stations have it. Would be even more perfect with 2 tracks running across.
  2. Hope i'm putting it in the right category! here ya go.. just a small dissapointment though. The one researching the article didn't go further to find out more bout AFOL here in my country Malaysia (ehem... yours truly!), even though our numbers are very very scarce (price of LEGO here is x6 the price, even though the conversion rate is x3.8) Ah nvm .. cheers to all LEGO fans!
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    hello I am new

    hie Soap. you're new eh... Guess u must be a week old by now. gentlemen, he could be our youngest LEGO member here. got pic? I love babies =)
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    Review: 4892 Creator - Prehistoric Power

    The first thing in my mind when I see this set was.. wow there's enough parts to make a really sleek sports car here. One gripe I have is that the hinges that connects to his body segments are loose. otherwise, a great buy!
  5. AlanYap

    ..umm... ermm.. Alanyap here

    Yup once I did have such thought before. Was planning on a LEGO transformers called "Astrotrain" *, that could run on conventional LEGO tracks. But the weight n size of the train motor made me scrap the plan altogether. *a triple changer robot from the original transformer series that transform into a train/space shuttle.
  6. Hullo people, I'm Alan Yap from the capital city of Malaysia. In my late 20's now. besides LEGO, I share equal passion for Transformers. So most of my MOC are based off them. I have a soft spot for LEGO Trains too! Older LEGO catalogs once mesmerised me with scenes of the train crossings with the pull along/motorized trains passing thru. I was less than 2-digit old then and was kinda poor. Wondering when I will be able to own at least a set of LEGO trains, I thought. And so 20 years on... I slowly fulfil my dreams. *sniff sniff* Ok enough with the reminiscing! Here's a small Train layout I done in my room last year. Cool huh! And here's some of the LEGO on display in my room last week You can view a few zoomed in pics of above here: And of course.... no LEGO fan introduction will be complete without an introduction to his/her lego creation gallery. Click on it puhhhhhleaze!!! looking fwd to make more frens here. ^O^