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  1. obakesan

    LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

    That's a lovely train build! Like how you got the round windows and the colours in, plus the lines. superb. amazing too to get motors and lights in there. have you got a video of it running on the tracks would be sweet to see it in motion with lights and everything ;)
  2. obakesan

    [MOC] Lego Space LL918 Mini Spaceship

    Hi, thanks for your encouragement, glad liked it, motivation for me to keep building ;)
  3. obakesan

    [MOC] Shell Tanker

    I could, I kinda like the shovel, but can experiment bit further. thanks
  4. obakesan

    [MOC] Shell Tanker

    Thanks for your feedback. Maybe they are bulky but was bit of an experiment adding the mirrors, I'm happy with it. Nice thing with lego is easy to adjust and evolve it. The shovel I just chucked in there to greeble it up as it felt empty in the back. Cheers
  5. obakesan

    Minifig-scaled remote controlled truck

    This is really amazing work, I'm impressed how you manage to squeeze the motor and bits into it all, awesome!
  6. obakesan

    [MOC] Shell Tanker

    Hell again, wanted to share another moc I made, this one was more ambitious, and contains a lot of pieces for such a small model. I quite like trucks, semi's etc, so I did a whole series of them in LDD, and took the plunge to get the actual bricks to make one, the Shell Tanker. It's a little nod to set 671 Sgell Petrol Tanker which I had as a a kid. It's a small model only 4 studs wide, but I tried to put as much detail as I could in it. such as the mirrors on the cab, smokestack, shovel for spills ;). I had an idea for the trailer, borrowed from the small enterprise I did, which worked out well for a rounded brick based tanker. The cab on it's own, with the mirror showing, it's own petrol (gas) tanks, smoke stack and shovel ;) The trailer has a kick stand to support it on it's own when detached from the cab, and I tried put in some details as best I could such as the control gages tile and valve in this shot; On the other side, the hose connectors to supply the fuel at the Lego Town petrol station: A last shot of the whole tanker, from a different angle: A few more photos on my Flickr: MOC Shell Tanker Thanks for looking again, and hoped you liked it. As a final thought, with some colour changes, this could become an Octan Tanker as well.
  7. Hello out there, it's amazing how time flies, I'll admit I'm not a super moccer, I was when I was younger, before there was such a thing as "mocs" ;) ha anyway, I'm still dabbling here and there and wanted to share another small moc I made. This is celebration of the 60th anniversary and of classic space which I loved then and still do and wish Lego would re-boot it. This is my mini take on LL918, which I had back in the day. I designed with LDD and just finally got around to getting pieces for it. Even Benny approves of this Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Some more photos available in my Flickr Gallery Thanks for checking it out and hope you enjoy it. It was a small fun little build. I took a bit of liberties adding the flames for a bit of a fun affect. I like how the wheel turned out for the engine and the light saber handles for the landing gear.
  8. obakesan

    MOC: Lego MINI USS Enterprise A

    Thanks ;) I know what you mean about the saucer being small, felt that myself, but I started with that section first as liked the roundness, then the rest came together. Cheers,
  9. obakesan

    MOC: Lego MINI USS Enterprise A

    Hi, I would like to present my first MOC, be easy on me , as it's my first real MOC in a long time, especially with SNOT techniques which are new to me. The inspiration for this came about one day looking at the rounded slope and circular plates thinking it might make a nice saucer section, thus this USS Enterprise was born in the fires of Lego Digital Designer. I like this shot, side rear. Front Side Side Rear Front looking down Top down Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed this.
  10. obakesan

    MOC: G1 Optimus Prime

    Hi, Just gotta say, WOW! Love it, man, I wish Lego had the license with Hasbro for transformers, rather than those K-Reo things. Pure sweetness. Hats off to you sir. Cheers,
  11. obakesan

    Hello All

    Hi, Thanks All. Also, yes, I like pirates, arrrggghhhh, especially like the ships. Cheers,
  12. obakesan

    Hello All

    Hi, Just wanted to say Hi to everyone here. I've been "lurking" around for a while now but hadn't thought of registering till this year. I always liked Lego when I was younger and liked building my own models. Back then there wasn't the assortment of bricks there are today or techniques but still managed to build some nice stuff from Films and TV shows. As life changed, sort of forgot about Lego, maybe that was my dark age, and I also felt that Lego too had one as well. It is good to see Lego is still around and that they have turned things around now. It is a great time to be a Lego fan and I am always amazed buy the creativity of people with what they come up with in MOCs. I doubt I will ever be that skilled as some of the members here and others, but it does inspire me to try building what I can. In fact, this is partially why I wanted to register, to share some of my own simple MOCs (go easy on me) and to hopefully try my hand at reviewing too. Sci-Fi fan, so always love Space (had the good old Galaxy Explorer back in the day - damn wish still had that! ). Town is a favourite along with Creator, Technic, and the licensed properties like Star Wars. Cheers,