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    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Well, I would not call corporations democracies anyway... Bricklink should be owned by a trust, or by its users
  2. DEfinately owuld follow Philo's approach and move to LDCad!
  3. Actually, the three parts are all waiting for the Admin Certification, can check in the LDraw Forum, respectivley, @Philo do you know a reason why they haven't been in a part release till now.
  4. freakwave

    [REVIEW] 70616 Ice Tank

    Makoy, do you mind posting a hi-res picture of the new cone piece? I would like to construct it for the LDraw library and I need to see the underside. Thansk
  5. freakwave

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    I have a crawler from a Neo Classic Space MOC and I could not resist putting the might Saturn V on top of it... ...despite being more then three time heavier than the rocket it was designed to transport, it works!
  6. First of all, thanks for sending me the files. Interesting behavior... ...and even more interesting after doing some modifications... In a nutshell: LPUB4 does not like multiple "." (dots) in a filename... When I remove them from the sub4.1.ldr and sub4.2.ldr I can add the Call-Outs Now the interesting part: After adding the Call-Out, I can add the "." back into the filenames. It works, it opens in LPUB fine. However adding the next Call-Out crashes it again. Removing the second "." in the sub-files, everything is working again.
  7. I guess there must have been something wrong in the mpd file, i.e. a 0 FILE or NOFILE missing. Would you mind PMming me the file? Thanks
  8. Looks like a typo, should probably be 57539, at least this is in the Inventory :-)
  9. You probably started LDView before to display only wireframe. Do the following: Start LDView and adjust the redering to your liking, especially turn off the wireframe display in the preferences, respectively in the menu bar. Exit LDView and have a look what LPub does not. Adidtionally you might clear the LPub image cache to be sure no leftovers are present. That should help you
  10. freakwave

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    I would really like to get a box like this :-)
  11. freakwave

    WeDo 2.0 - The future of PF

    In their FAQ Lego is not exactly straight forward and somehow contradicting. The new plugs shall come as well for PF V2 and on the other hand they write "Education only". Time will tell. As written above the three systems, WeDo V1, WeDo V2 and PF(exist) use different voltages, 5V (off USB), 3V - 3,7V and 9V I cannot imagine that we will see 3V gear coming to Technic, may be as a new Micro-Motor but not for M, L and XL. Here power is needed and power is P = U x I. Having less voltage would require more current and thus draining the batteries really quickly. Just listen to the compressors of the AROCS and the Unimog... Imagine them on 3V... -> My guess: If there will be a new PF V2 it will still be 9V for Technic applications. This leads indirectly to a guess on the 6 wires that we see. Two speculations here, as four wires would be fine for thoese applicatiosn as we see it in Mindstorms. A) either they split the input and output. i.e. 2 wires supply, 2 wires control and 2 wires Input. B) or they use two supplies, 2 wires 9V, 2 wires 3V and 2 wires control. What is definitely a downside is the inability of stacking those connectors. For the Education purposed this is not really relevant but in Technic MOCs we still want to connect two motors to one output for whatever reason. A plus is the advent of Bluetooth in PF, a new PF Receiver (not the Smarthub) will be a very nice addition. I would expect four ports and and may be up to four controllers to be controller by one "remote" now the new remote. Will there be another dedicated remote? In my view there needs to be. Even if every kid now has a mobile phone, a stand alone remote would make sense.
  12. May be the BWE comes in a scale like the 8288?
  13. freakwave

    GBC 2D Printer

    I like the modularity when you set it up at the beginning.
  14. freakwave

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Are you member of a LUG? The balls are on the list of possible items to be ordered via LUGBULK. Definately a better deal than Bricklink and as the name suggests, you can order in large quantities...
  15. freakwave

    REVIEW: 21031 Burj Khalifa

    Thanks for the review! Going through, I have a bit of an ambivalent feeling about this model. Do you own both? In my opinion the use of the round parts give a better feeling of the real thing and show a better surface (shadows). However the entrances are definitely better in the new set, those match very good the reality. The tower itself looks a bit too flat not providing the uneven surface of the vertical surfaces of the tower. The proportions look good, however the wings of the building seem a bit too wide (by scale) Nevertheless I will get it :-) and finally, do the introductions in the instruction differ between the both models?
  16. Thanks for this excellent review, Jim! You did a great job convincing me to get this helicopter as well!
  17. freakwave

    Analysis of 2016 LEGO Architecture sets...

    Looks like LEGO had too many "Burj Khalifa" tiles left :-) Interesting that we get another incarnation of the world's tallest building so soon. Interesting thoughts in your blog-post
  18. Do you mind sharing the solution?
  19. LPUB sometimes has issues with counting parts when a BUFFEREXCHG is at the end of a .ldr file. You should avoid this. Over in the LDRAW forum there is a thread going on where LPUB is getting a long awaited overhaul. The file itself would really help. The position where the count fails should also be visible as the number of parts in the PLI will be wrong as well. Upload the file to dropbox or similar and share the link via PM
  20. Well, that's what I actually did. deeps831 wants: a) a custom part (as he puts it a "base plate") b) use this part in LDD regarding a) there were some answers how to do that in a non-native format of LDD regarding b) I may quote myself: and kangminjie answered the LDD part pretty extensively
  21. MLCad from the LDraw family has a Baseplate Generator: Extras -> Generators -> Baseplates Generates 2D Baseplate with the dimensions you want and of course studs, See for the SW. Re LDD I can't help
  22. freakwave

    LEGO Technic idea - Sailboat

    Wow, I like this trimaran! must be fun to work with it!
  23. freakwave

    Help operating LDraw

    If you used the All-In-One-Installer from the LDRAW Download site, you should have a directory with parts (usually like C:\LDRAW\PARTS) and a number of additional editors, tools etc. Those should also be in the C:\LDRAW folder. One of the editors included is MLCAD, just look for MLCAD.exe on your system. Many of these programs will still ask you for the "LDRAW path" when they start, just set it to the location of your LDRAW directory, e.g. "C:\LDRAW"
  24. Beautiful motions! Looking really nice and smooth!