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  1. Nice! It's a bit difficult to see but aren't the crosses a bit too high from the floor? They almost touch the floor on a real machine I think.
  2. What about using the plastic tube from a vacuum cleaner? :-)
  3. How are you going to make the accordeon? Or are you going to leave the mechanism exposed?
  4. This is how the middle part looks in reality: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/696bfac317c6d2974c73a472bff713a0/polyp-ocean-king-tunning-set Would be great if you could add some sloped stones on top and on the bottom. It's a very straight cylinder right now.
  5. Looking good! Much better with the large seats. However, still some problems with the scale. The entire middle structure is too big compared to the orginal, but I'm sure nothing can be done about that. The curvature of the arms is also incorrect, but that's how the Lego beams are so nothing can be done about that either. Nice job.
  6. I have the impression the seats and the rotating crosses are too small in relation to the entire machine. It seems the scale is not entirely correct?
  7. How are you going to make the big ball on top and the accordion underneath?
  8. Impressive! I do have the impression the motors are moving a bit too fast and they stop a bit too sudden... probably that will still be fixed? I do think you'll have a problem with the middle structure though. In the real model, there is a diamond shaped structure (de "ton"), I fear your structure is too thick in the middle to replicate this, right?
  9. Ok sorry... Time for a video to see things working and to avoid misunderstandings :-)
  10. Too bad the seats won't rotate. I think using a flex axle might be a good solution for this when motors on the arms are impossible. This is what Faller used as well in they Octopussy model.
  11. I've put it on EBay, if anyone's interested... http://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/-/201677788906?
  12. I've build this 'monster' but it is so big I cannot find a place for it in my house. What is the best place to sell the model (broken apart)?
  13. Have you seen this? Don't look at the crane, but at the ball factory. This seems to be another (improved?) version?
  14. [MOC] MAN TGS 8x4 Dump Truck

    My build is ready! I've created a small video to show the result: My overall opinion: nice to build, good instructions, very detailed model, but... not sturdy at all. A light touch on the truck is enough to make some small pieces drop off. It's even hard to pick up and move the truck! I had to use glue on some elements to reduce my frustration. Several parts are connected with only one or two studs, that's asking for trouble....